Thank you, 2012

It’s been a year of rough starts, unexpected surprises and happy endings. this is how I describe 2012.

On the first six months of 2012, I resigned, back from freelancing and surprisingly happy with the unexpected surprises that come along the way. I still love to stay at my former office, but things went bad unexpectedly and I’m glad that it was over. My plans of going back to school didn’t went through, my finances went down and I’m back into jobhunting again. What keeps me going is my friends and former officemates who are still there for me despite the difficulties that I went through, and until now, i’m still grateful for everything because of them.

On the remaining 6 months of 2012, there are unexpected changes, surprising blessings, more stronger friendships and newly-found love. I launched my new personal blog in a new domain on my angel sister’s birthday and I’m sticking to it. I found volunteering for a fun run challenging and fulfilling, and I learned a lot from the people behind it. I also met a lot of people who share the same love for running and it makes me want to run for longer distances. I finally found a job here before the year ends and love my newly-found office here in Makati. I went back to the choir and once again fell for the songs from the heart. And lastly, I found love in the most unexpected places. I just hope that this will last.

despite the drawbacks this year has given to me, i’m still thankful that there are some people who stayed and made my 2012 a very special one.

So thank you, 2012 for being awesome. I’m also looking forward for an amazing 2013. Hope that it’ll be more awesome than ever.

2013, bring it on! 😀

What I felt after volunteering for the Rescue Run 2012

(R-L: Me, Amor, Eric and Rowena handling the on-site registration. Image from Running Photographers FB page)

One word – Overwhelming.

I must say, this one has touched my heart to the core. To be part of the Rescue Run 2012 committee is just… wow.

It was organized for only 12 days. Sir Rovic and the rest of the Greentennial Volunteer heads come up with the plan to make the Rescue Run different from other organized fun runs in the country.

And it was indeed one spectacular event to the running community.

One of the things that makes the Rescue Run 2012 stand out is the idea of having Zumba before and after the race. It was a nice change compared to the usual 5-minute warm-up exercises just before the gun starts. Another thing is the recognition awarding for runners, bloggers, photographers and running groups/teams who stand out on different running events.

There are also some perks for runners that can only be seen on Greentennial runs – recognitions for barefoot runners, the N2 ramp and Coach Michelle Estuar’s power challenge. 🙂

But what makes it stand out (for me) is the surprising number of runners who are there for a cause. Since Rescue Run 2012 is a run for a cause for those affected by Typhoon Pablo victims in Mindanao, I was overwhelmed by the number of volunteers who are there to lend a hand on the said cause. Another thing that surprised me is the number of runners who joined in, the amount of monetary donations generated and the in-kind donations that came in for those being hit by the typhoon.

I’m thankful that I’m being part of this historic running event, thanks to Sir Rovic and to the Greentennial team. I’m also thankful for my fellow volunteers who are also present in the event (shoutout to Gelay lol!) and to our dear Lord for making this event a huge success! And for the Typhoon Pablo victims This run’s for you.

News link about the Rescue Run 2012 can be found >>> HERE! 

Changes Schmanges

OHAI there, I’m back on track!

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been hired and I’m still adjusting to my new office here in Makati. I’m still in the process of “fixing myself” in my new office as the ONLY internet marketer in this company.

from the 6-day work to the late morning schedule to the numerous additions to my usual work task to adjusting on using a Mac and to be working independently without having any help with anyone in my field. I need to rely on my own self when it comes to waking up for work and adjusting to the stressful 6-day shift. And in addition, I need to widen my SEO skills,to harness my writing prowess and to learn more about Social Media and ORM, something that is very new to my field.  I usually do linkbuilding and off-page SEO primarily for work in my previous companies, and to work with the SMM and ORM is something that is very new to me.

I also need to familiarize myself in using my office Macbook Air, and I’m happy that it’s more faster than any of the Windows 7 desktop PC/laptops that I previously used.

what stresses me out is the fact that I need to work from Mondays to Saturdays. I’ve no complaints on doing the SEO/SMM/ORM thing myself but having only a day to set my mind off to work and recharge is simply not enough to make myself back on track for work. 6-day work week = less runs, less “me” time, no love life! /lesigh

As much as I wanna quit and sleep my ass off for the whole day just like in my freelance days, I’d rather have this for now. It’s holiday season and I need to save up for my future plans, and hopefully pursue my masteral classes for next year.

I still have high hopes to my office. I just hope that they could hear me (or rather, us employees who are also working in a 6-day work week) in our plea.

But for now, I’m happy that I got to get along with the people here. I’m looking forward for more lasting relationships, opportunity to grow, adapting to changes and many more.

*to be continued


Blessed and thankful

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Words can’t contain how much i’m thankful for another year. 2012 has been a crazy roller coaster ride, but despite failing several times because of some events, I’m still happy that I’m still here – more stronger, more faithful, much happy and so much blessed.

I’m so much thankful for my friends from the Music Ministry, San Lazaro, Coro, UE, VG, USAP, Rednix, RC and to the running community for so many things – they made me feel welcome and made me enjoy life. they also helped me find my passion for music and running, and and I’m so thankful that they stayed with me during the difficult times. They are my strength and for that, I am humbled.

I’ve only had one simple wish for my natal day – love.

To everyone who remembered my special day, thank you and I love you all!

PS/bday wish: I need stability shoes size 9 lol! 😛 – UPDATED-done! 🙂

Rescue Run 2012

*reposting from PinoyFitness

The Filipino Running Community is once again united for fellow Filipinos in Mindanao who are victims of flash floods and landslides brought by super typhoon Pablo.
RESCUE RUN 2012, which is being organized in just 12 days is powered by The Greentennial Run and Bonifacio Global City. Greentennial Run also staged RESCUE RUN 2011 last December 31, 2011 for Typhoon Sendong victims and was organized in just 9 days.
Filipino Running Community’s Bayanihan Spirit is alive! RESCUE RUN 2012: Count me in!
December 23, 2012 @ 5am
Bonifacio Global City
10K and 5K with barefoot categories and Zumba as stretching
Registration Fee:
Donation only. Minimum P200/runner. Racebib only.
No cash prizes. Medals for 24 podium finishers.
Tokens for Best in Rescuer Costumes and Best in Christmas Costumes (solo,tandem,trio & team).
Gun Time:
5:15am – Assembly of all runners
5:25-5:45am – Zumba for all runners (20 mins)
5:55am – 10K Gunstart
6:00am – 5K Gunstart
Registration Venues:
– Trinoma (T.9166495)
– Eastwood (T.4704549)
– Galleria (T.5846174)
– Boni High Street (T.8561432)
– Mall of Asia (T.9151946)
– Alabang Town Center (T.846687)
– Teachers’ Village (T.2384005)
– Ortigas Home Depot (T.9140283)
– GreenHills G-Strip (T.9457856)
A RUNNER’S CIRCLE, Manila (T. 5644786)
For More Information:
Email :
Facebook : Greentennial Run

Twitter: @TheGreentennial

It’s not yet over for Manny

I never had a chance to watch manny Pacquiao’s fight with Morales because of the World choral day celebration, and we are all surprised to learn the he lost the battle on the 6th round TKO. (Was it really TKO? pls enlighten me…)
We’re all like, what happened and why? it was sad that he lost the title bout with another known boxer, but knowing Morales being eager to win against Pacquiao, I think he just did his best to win.
And as for us Pinoys, it was a sad loss for us.
But let’s just think of it this way: even the best can fall sometimes, but for sure he can rise again and I am sure of it.
And despite Pacquiao’s loss, I’m still proud of him. Kudos to Manny for the job well done. Bawi nalang sa susunod na laban! 🙂

Dia Mundial el Canto Coral 2012

I can’t find the words to describe this wonderful event, for I’m still in cloud 9.

(from PCDA’s FB page)
Last December 8, the Philippine Choral Directors Association invited our choir to be part of the World Choral Day celebration at the new Glorietta Activity Center. Along with other choirs, we sing our hearts out with festive carols and well-known songs arranged in choral fashion on all parts of Glorietta.
We created a flash mob scene to capture everyone’s attention and proceed to the activity center for the main festivities. The choirs participated offered songs for everyone’s delight. for all music enthusiast, it was a celebration of love for choral music and a fun-filled event for all choristers.
Can’t wait to be part of next year’s Dia Mundial el Canto Coral! Till next year! 😀