That impromptu getaway

As much as I want to keep this moment in private, I can’t help but to share it.

I’ve been sick and stressed out this week because of my what happened to my Girlfriend Rubyanne and to my other officemates in my former office. Added to that stress is the dreaded news from one of my closest guy friend. Work has been tolerable, but i’m still waiting for the approval of one of my proposal from my boss. That’s why I decided not to go home after my shift last saturday and to cancel all my appointments to stay in my random friend’s crib somewhere in Ortigas.

Truth be told that my friend’s place is one of the most relaxing houses in the Metro. The serenity of the place, the calming atmosphere and the house’s cleanliness makes it a perfect getaway for me. This guy friend (rather not be named just because), who’s been a confidante of mine for quite some time, offered me his place for he sensed my dire need to unwind.

No booze, no radio, no smoke and no unnecessary noise. He just let me relax and share his bed with me. We talked about things and ideas that we both shared, until I just fell to deep slumber.

The next day, we went out to have breakfast and to help him with his groceries. And little did I realized that he also want to go to Tagaytay just to have coffee and to be updated with his readings (such a bookworm!). It’s a good thing that I had a book with me and without having second thoughts, we’re off to the Tagaytay, wee! <3

But before our journey to Tagaytay starts, we made a quick detour to his parent’s resting place in Manila Loyola. We pay our respects and check the area if their family mausoleum was clean. It was like as if I was being introduced to his parents (informally/awkwardly) and it made me miss my sister who passed away before me and my siblings were born. The peaceful moment offered from the Memorial park has gave me this feeling that it’ll be okay in our journey.

As we continue our journey to Tagaytay, we talked everything and anything – our plans on establishing our own business, my plans on going back to school, his plans on having a vacation outside the country, and everything that we see on the road.

Our original plan was to stay at Starbucks Tagaytay and spend hours on our books. But the hour-long travel has made us hungry that we decide to eat at Bulalo Point, one of the best pig-out spots in Tagaytay and is famous for its wide choices of Bulalo Dishes.

We ordered Sinigang na Bulalo and it was heaven! The nipa huts, the string quartet, the chilly air and the sinfully delicious bone marrow soup is perfect for this occasion. The string quartet sang the Kenny Rogers’ classic, “You decorated my life” while we enjoy ourselves with the comfort food served infront of us. Such a sweet serenade methinks, but i’m with a close friend of mine and not with someone special (toinks!) but anyway…

After that awesome dinner “date” to Bulalo Point, we searched for a perfect place to have coffee. Luckily, I found this quaint cafe house, Filibeans. It was hidden behind one of the restaurants across the highway (I forgot the name, sigh!) and they offer different coffee variants from local provinces. They are also well-known for it’s Alamid Coffee, one of the rare and expensive forms of coffee made by Philippine Civet droppings. And since the said coffee costs a lot, we settle for the Finest Blend (for him) and Lolong’s Cappuccino (for me).

For me, Filibeans has this distinct aroma and taste for their coffee variants. Their store also has a majestic view of the Taal and it’s best to come here in the morning. Too bad we went to their store a wee bit late, I’ll be sure to come here again in the morning (I hope). 🙂

Overall, it was an experience that I will never forget. I may cancel all my appointments at that time (sorry guys pero may next time pa!) but it’s all worth it. Still hoping to do this again. And hopefully I can have a reliable camera phone to document everything with pictures.

(Ohai there, if you’re reading this, I miss you and sa uulitin! :P)


It’s official – Run for Juan 2013 at Feb. 24!



In celebration of the 27th Edsa People Power anniversary, the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Student Network- NCR brings you RUN FOR JUAN, RUN FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE.
RUN FOR JUAN is organized by medical schools composed of ATENEO, LA SALLE, U.P, ST.LUKES, UST, UE among others. This national event is NOW powered by The Greentennial Run.
Theme of 27th Edsa People Power celebration is PILIPINAS NATIN, ABOT-TANAW NA!
See you ALL on February 24 @ People Power Monument!
Run for Juan
February 24, 2013
People Power Monument, Edsa cor. White Plains Ave., QC
Organizer: The Greentennial Run
Registration Fees:

3K – Php 500

5K – Php 600
10K – Php 600
– Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib and Timing Chip
21K – Php 700
-Inclusive of Singlet, Race Bib, Timing Chip and Finishers Medal
Barefoot categories in all distances
Registration Venues:
  1. Mizuno Branches:
  • Trinoma
  • Robinson’s Galleria
  • Bonifacio High Street
  • Mall of Asia
  • Festival Mall

     2. SECONDWIND Branches:

  • Ortigas Home Depot
  • Teachers’ Village
  • Greenhills G-Strip

     3. A Runner’s Circle Manila

Registration ongoing until February 23,2013
21K – 4:20 AM
10K – 5:30 AM
5K – 5:50 AM
3K – 6:00 AM
Contest for Runners:
  1. FACE PAINT depicting Philippine colors/nationalism/patriotism. Male and Female winners per category.
  2. FILIPINIANA/PHILIPPINE COSTUME – Male and female winners per category.
Contest for Photographers: Best Look Back Shot
Run for Juan – Singlet Design:
Contact Details:

From: PinoyFitness

Waiting to exhale

Last week, I’m in the state of not knowing what to do because of the certain situation that had occurred.

I learned everything by accident. After I heard the news I realized that I need to act as if I didn’t know, while I know everything about the current state that might affect the person’s actions and behavior.

I keep mum for weeks, but I never realized that keeping the thing to yourself is much harder than to speak out and be part of someone else’s journey. It breaks my heart to see this person whose life is now slowly fading away, not knowing when will his sickness will trigger and affect his life and sadly, end its journey here on this world.

As much as possible, I want to be away from my comfort zone and just run away, just to forget the hurt that was slowly killing my heart. I hate it when depression kicks in out of the blue, and there are times that I just cry all of a sudden.

Yesterday as I went to VCF, I talked to my former officemate/close friend/prayer partner Gaby about what happened and I’m almost into tears. Everything just fell into place and she made me realize that our good Lord wants us to realize that whatever happens, we must keep our hearts intact and to rely on him all the time. She also made me realized that this a test of faith for all of us and tells me the the story of Job, that trials may come at the worst situations in our lives but if we keep on loving, serving and praying to our God despite all of these, good things will follow through and God will reward us for having him in our hearts.

I can’t help but to be thankful for Gaby for helping me unload my burden. She’s been one of my biggest blessings in my life, for she has helped me countless times on everything.

Thanks again Gaby, for being there. 🙂

Medal of valor

(Isa akong taong grasa/dugyuting bata! Pic grabbed by evil twin Angela :P)

Definitely one of the many first, again!

It is my first run for this year, my first time to won a race kit (thank you Little Running Teacher!), first run to run outside manila (It was held in Nuvali!) and my first ever medal that I got for a running event. I may be a crazy ‘lil messy gal in this pic but the spectrum of colors during the Live More Run last saturday makes it memorable for everyone who joined in this running event.

It was an afternoon run, the weather is perfect for the event and the evening is festive as Derek Ramsay leads the powder toss and having SpongeCola (and the rest of the performers) makes the night more livelier than ever.

I can say that it’s one of the most memorable fun runs I’ve ever did!

*And I think I need to collect more running medals this time! 🙂

Finding peace

After my first month working here in Makati, I realized that I already found my pace in my current job here in MD.

Despite being the only SEO here, I found peace in my job. my friends are great, my job is not as tedious as before, i have a flexible work schedule (except on saturdays) and i had a lovely view of the Makati Triangle. Commuting is stressful though, but it’s tolerable.

And also, I love to work using my office Macbook Air. (yay!)

I never thought that I’m gonna love it here. Hopefully I could stay longer  and make my mark in the industry. Can’t wait! 🙂

That dream

I went to the church, and I’m a bit early to the next mass. There are few people who attended the mass and I was listening to the priest’s homily when someone sat beside me. I never bother to check who sat beside me, I just focused on the good news from our local priest.

As I raised my hands to sing “Our Father”, this random stranger held my hand as we both sing this familiar church song in unison, and then I looked at this person and shocked.

We came from different worlds, and we never had a shared faith. But it was a big shock for me to see this person beside me during the mass.

And his smiling eyes, his strong hands, his muscular built and his lips still lingers in me….

…and then I woke up.