Let’s go SILAKBO 2013!

SILAKBO, (Sikad, Lakad, Takbo) is a fund-raising event for the Save Silang-Santa Rosa River Foundation Inc. (S3R2), a non-profit organization and partner of the City Government of Santa Rosa in the rehabilitation and protection of the Santa Rosa Watershed.

Now in its 5th year, the Silakbo Half Marathon is now powered by The Greentennial Run and will be held at the Greenfield City! (UPDATE: Silakbo 2013 is now organized by Save Silang Santa Rosa River Foundation. *from Greentennial Run’s Page)

SILAKBO Half Marathon

April 21, 2013 @ 4am
The Greenfield City, Santa Rosa, Laguna
20K Trail Bike Race; 2K Walk, 3K,5K,10K ,21K
Organizer: Save Silang Santa Rosa River Foundation / PLLENRO/ City of Santa Rosa

Registration Fees:

20K Trail Bike – Php 750
Inclusive of Jersey, Timing chip, Finisher’s Medal
21K – Php 750
     Inclusive of Singlet, Timing chip, Race Number, Finisher’s Medal
10K – Php 600
5K – Php 550
3K – Php 500
     Inclusive of Singlet, Timing chip, Race Number
2K Walk – Php 300
     Inclusive of Singlet, Race Number

Registration Sites: 

  1. Santa Rosa City ENRO office, Santa Rosa City Hall
  2. MIZUNO Sports Outlet – Paseo, Greenfield City
  3. A RUNNER’S CIRCLE Manilla
  4. SECONDWIND Outlets Ortigas Home Depot, GreenHills G-Strip and Teacher’s Village, QC
  5. MIZUNO Eastwood
  6. MIZUNO Galleria
  7. MIZUNO Alabang Town Center
Jersey and Singlet Design:
For partnerships/sponsorships: Tel.049-530-0015 loc. 4402 (look for Gaze or Amor of City of Santa Rosa, Environment and Natural Resources Office)

From: PinoyFitness

My heart goes out to you

sometimes its not all about work, what you can do and what you can’t do…sometimes we need to evaluate the person’s heart as well in order to understand the true meaning of life on earth…

In order to succeed in corporate ladder, we need to do our best in order to make it to the top, to focus on our work in order to get recognized by the higher-ups and slowly but surely, rise up above the rest.

But hindrances can go along the way – family matters, health problems, financial drawbacks, marital woes… the list goes on and on as we go along through this journey called life. It is either we get away with it by doing something about it while doing our job or just get affected by it.

There are some times that we just need to focus on our usual jobs than to talk about our private lives to other people. To be positive and cling to God on our problems.

I’ve been there before and I learned the hard way.

Just a while ago, one of my seatmates has been terminated because of his performance at work. Knowing him, he has closed so many contracts and he has this optimistic view in life and work.

Until now, his departure has left me with so many questions.

What makes my heart break was when his manager told me some set of text messages from him and his wife from his company phone. I never thought that he’s been through tough times now, his wife has undergone a major operation recently and his finances went down. Their savings went down to zero and they are doing their best to be ok despite having limited resources and problems at work…


My heart goes out to you dear seatmate. Praying that this storm that you’ve been going through right now will pass…

Running aftermath: RunRio’s Battle of the Sexes

I’ve heard about RunRio’s scheduled run, “The Battle of the Sexes” at the Run United 3 last year. I had to admit that I have no intentions on joining the said run for I had my eyes set on joining the OFW Run on March 24th.

Well, that is until I saw this voucher deal at Ensogo:

For only 250 pesos for the 5k run, it’s a steal! Knowing that all of his races are costly (around 600+ and more, depending on the race category) so I bought 2 vouchers from Ensogo and signed up at the event.

I’ve been a fan of Coach Rio’s races, especially the Run United series. Everything’s festive, organized and complete, from the hydrations, marshalls, festival areas and freebies. Well-known personalities in different fields can also be seen in every RunRio races, and the newly-wed celebrity coach Rio Dela Cruz has been hands-on in everything in all of his organized races.

Here are the things that I’ve seen in the event itself: (Note: I wanna be honest in my review, so here it is!)

Things that I like:

It was a run for both genders in different age category – male and female, children, teens, grownups can compete for top prizes. Nice to hear that everyone in their age category can set their eyes on the prize. Of course there are some recreational/casual runners (like me) who are just being there to enjoy the morning drizzle while doing the walk/jog routine, so I leave the competition to them. 🙂

It was a run for a cause – I learned that some of the proceeds to the event will go to the Virlanie Foundation, a non-government foundation who cares for children in need of special attention. Running for a cause is definitely a plus!

Hydrations and trash bins – Water and Gatorade is seen every 1.5k and trash bins are seen in order to minimize the garbage. Volunteers who are assigned wore facial mask and plastic gloves is also a great thing. Looks clean and hygenic for me!

Signages, marshalls and ambulances – Signages are seen everywhere, race marshalls are a big help to guide runners to guide them in their race routes, and ambulances are visible too! (I think I’ve seen 2 during the race methinks)

Baggage area – Since it was placed in the festival area, I never expect that the area itself will be huge! Marshalls assigned are courteous and helpful so they’re ok with me.

Here are some things that made me go… 😐 (so pls don’t hate me!)

Less that 5k route/looping route for 10k – After I finished the race, I was wondering why it doesnt look like a 5k race, and why 10k runners have to run again on the same route. I don’t have a Garmin or any gadget that could track on my mileage, but looking at the route it doesnt look like it. (that’s it for me ah!)

Festival area – Not so festive. It was a surprise that they had few Sponsor’s booths in the area, unlike in other Runrio races before.

Giveaways – Only a bottle of Gatorade and a can of Rexona spray as a giveaway? seriously.

Just a thought on the entire race itself…

Another surprise for me in the race is the number of runners who joined in the event. I think it only has less than 1,000 runners who joined in the Battle of the sexes, and compared to the other run scheduled on the same day in CCP, I think Runrio’s event has the advantage. Is it Runrio’s fault or Sofitel’s fault that the race itself is not promoted well? I think it was less promoted compared to his other Runrio races.

The Battle of the Sexes is originally scheduled as a night run. But asexplained to their post, they need to reschedule it because of the necessary permits that needs to be acquired weeks (or months) before the race. I also think that to have the race rescheduled as a sunday run is a best thing, and they are honest enough to admit their faults and make things right. 🙂

Overall, it’s a nice run. I was expecting more of it but since I only paid 500 pesos for two 5k slots at Ensogo, I think it’s worth the money na rin. 🙂

Till the next race! 🙂