Catching up

I took a leave for work today, and did some catching up.

being a stubborn crazy lad that I am, I went to my blog drafts and finish 3 of them. I’m having my migraine attacks again, and instead of giving myself a day of rest, I went here to this almost-forgotten blog and did some catching up today. Perhaps this has been my only way to give myself a break, and hey I miss doing something like this one.

I realized nowadays that I’ve been selfish in a way that I wanna do something for myself in order to be more better. I’m now religiously running after my shift, tried out yoga, went to The Salcedo Feast every Thursday and  never to talk to people who’s been giving me one helluva bad vibes.

Now what makes me feel so selfish? it’s not that I don’t give a damn about their problems or not giving them a helping hand. It’s just that it’s getting in my nerves already and little did they know that I have my own set of problems too – in the office, at home, my finances, my time and yes recently, my friends. It hurts to see them at their depressing state, but it’s also frustrating to see them not helping themselves to overcome all of this despite the help he/she’s been receiving from me and to others.

I’ve been doing too many things at the time for I want to destress and unwind, not thinking about work and other problems that I’ve been going through right now. I can only rely on God’s plan for me, and I always pray to the Lord to help me overcome the struggles that I am facing right now.

Right now I’ve been thankful for the strength He’s been giving to me. I realized that I am more stronger than my problems that I am facing at this moment. I pray that someday, the people closest to my heart will see and trust more on God’s unfailing plan on them, to overcome their own monsters and to be more stronger in facing their struggles.

Itadakimasu! The Ramen Bar Feast that I got from DealGrocer!

I had my own share of buying from group buying sites, especially if I have my eyes set on the things that I need at a massive discount. And this time around, I can’t resist this amazing deal from one of the most visited group buying sites around, Deal Grocer.

Deal Grocer is well known as a group buying site that offers deals from the best restaurants, wellness centers, places for getaways and much more. Their deals are all standout for me, and their sumptuous and their Ramen Bar deal is so tempting I decided to buy two vouchers from them. Visit their website and sign up to view their lovely deals!

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Perhaps one of the things that truly sets this authentic ramen place apart is the unique way their ingredients are prepared. Here, Tamago is soft-boiled egg marinated for 48 hours! Is it possible to describe an egg as luscious? With Ramen Bar’s version, it sure is. Their Chasyu (pork slices) absolutely melts in your mouth – something you’ve got to taste to believe. Their Tonkotsu or pork bone soup is boiled for 20 hours. The result? Let’s just say if you plan to slurp this broth Japanese-style, it’ll be quite the challenge to put that bowl down.

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Ramen Bar

P 310 (Valued at P 500)
Last June 7, Me, Angela and college classmate Jet went out on a threesome date to try out their ramen at their branch at the Greenfield City in Shaw blvd. We used the vouchers and here’s what we ordered:
The Ramen Bar Special (RBS#1) is so huge and the bowl of ramen can be shared for 3 people. It was raining hard at that time and the ramen is perfect for the slumber weather.
Here are the rice bowls that we additionally ordered:
Gela’s rice bowl
My chasyu rice bowl (forgot to take Jet’s rice bowl boohoo!)
Three’s a company: Jet, Me and Gelay again lol!
I’m glad to see Jet again after some time. He is my classmate in UE and even though we already graduated and work our asses of in this harh corporate world (lol!) we managed to get in touch with each other and catch up with the gool ol’ times. 🙂
We are happy and famished with everything that we ate. I’m also amazed that Ramen Bar’s services are great. I also love the interiors, they were clean and simple and cozy.
I would love to try their other dishes soon, can’t wait to go back!

My week-long affair with yoga

One thing I want to improve on my running is my speed and flexibility. As my evil twin Angela has said to me in one of our runs at the Ayala Triangle, I need to stretch those sleeping muscles and to sweat a lot, which is what we’ve been doing when running. I do admit that there are times that running isn’t enough for me to sweat a lot, and the warmup exercises are bitin. Perhaps I need the help of a professional coach or to get myself enrolled in a running clinic so that I’ll improve my speed and to reach my ideal PR, but let’s see…
Speaking of being flexible, Macci, a friend/officemate of mine is now into yoga. I heard so much about the sport and I was interested to try doing it. Upon searching for yoga clinics near the office and their rates, I think the rates are too much. I do have some second thoughts after doing that.

I was surprised one day that Macci gave me one of her extra the vouchers from CashCashPinoy, and it was the unlimited introductory 1 week pass to the Bliss Yoga! She gave me one of her vouchers for she bought two and the fine print stated that one voucher can only be used per person 😐 (boo!) I was thankful for her that I got to try yoga because of her! So I secured the authorization letter from her and the voucher as well and went straight to the Bliss Yoga in Rufino, Makati. 😀

I went straight to the studio after my shift, handed out the voucher and the letter, and signed up for the 7pm class. Good thing I prepared to have my yoga mat with me (borrowed from my sister) for I learned that I need to rent their may for their classes. I still don’t know what to expect, and Ms Anna, my power yoga teacher at that time is so sweet and accommodating. She told me to just relax and follow her, and she will help me through the class (i’m still clueless at the time lol!). it was a sigh of relief, for I know that I was in good hands.

Boy it was TOUGH. The first thing that came to my mind that yoga is one HARDCORE sport, and I was amazed my those who can twist their bodies like a pretzel. The studio is also hot and sweaty at that time, my clothes are all drenched out with sweat. Being the noob at that time, I watched the students on every step that Ms. Anna instructs us. It was crazy tough, and my body is aching all over the place, especially on the hips and back area. but aside from that I love being sweaty after the yoga session. I felt more relaxed and happy.

I went back for 3 more sessions (2 power yoga and 2 hot flow yoga sessions overall) and I’m now missing everything. It makes me think that every session is all worth the money. I will definitely go back again soon,well maybe after my next race and if my budget permits! ^_^ (hopefully soon! *cross fingers*)

For inquiries and rates, check out Bliss Yoga’s website here!

How amazing is the Amazing Pinoy Run? :)

“Run at the speed of run.”
This has been their tagline, and they are indeed true their word. Days after I found out about the said event, I’ve already made up my mind to join the said fun run. But to my surprise, I also found out that I won arace kit from their Facebook page. Yes I’m that lucky! ^_^ (thank you Amazing pinoy!)
A standout from other running events
I’ve so many reasons why I wanna join the Amazing Pinoy Run – the hot guys from the Philippine Rugby and Football team (namely the Azkals and the Volcanoes), the challenging obstacles and the charity foundation. The first two reasons has made me actually convinced to participate, but the fact the part of the proceeds will be given to the Needy Children’s fund and the Clark Foundation is a good thing. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone – making yourself healthy and fit while helping others in the process. J
So what happened before, during and after the race?
I had my 10k race kit to be picked up by my friend who happens to be one of the event volunteers on the said event. After I got it from kuya Anthony Servinio (Gela handed my race kit to him) minutes before the start of the race I went around to look around at the festival area. It was quite small compared to the festival areas from the Run United and other Runrio races that I previously joined, and every stall is filled with food freebies, giveaways and services that I think it’s worth giving a try. I like the food and shakes being served from 100 Miles Cafe, cutesy stickers from PETA (I managed to get lots of stickers for my officemates teehee!) some giveaways from Schick, The Medical City and Banana Boat. After that I went to the starting area and wait for the gun start.
I know that I’ve been trained enough for the 10-kilometer race, for I just started running at the Ayala triangle 2 months before the race. My fellow runners are fast enough and I think I need to train harder. I’ve been keeping a run-jog phase and rest for a while before doing the challenging obstacles, which is proven to be challenging-but-fun for me and for some (for I know someone who also won a race kit yet that person think the race is just so-so). Water stations and medical stations are available in every kilometre as well, and I think it’s nice not to get their runners hydrated and to attend on their services if ever there’s an injured runner on the road. I went to the finish line and found out that I run for 1:18 minutes, a major improvement from my first two 10k races that I joined!  Yay! ^_^
With my medal!
With Kuya Anthony, Nikki, Moi, Angela and Jef!
The festival after the race is a mix of festive and chaotic, but let me tell you the things that I enjoyed after I’m finished with the race. We (Me, Nikki and Gelay) went to the free massage and all of us were given a back and foot massage, and we felt relieved. Our aching muscles diminished and we felt more alive than ever. We managed to get another batch of freebies from Berocca and Greenwich while we have our eyes set on the Philippine Azkals and Volcanoes’ exhibition game! It was a sight to see them head to head with each other; it was jaw dropping for they were equally hot and macho hahaha!
I heart you Chris Everingham!
And yes I get a chance to have a photo-op with them, so happy! 😀
Fellow hot Volcanoes
Fellow Azkals
The not-so amazing
Of course no race is perfect. I’ve been in the number of fun runs and I saw some bad things and situations so far in some of the race events that I joined (the worst so far is from my second race that I joined, circa 2010) and the Amazing Pinoy Run is no exception.
Here’s the list of some of the un-amazing about the fun run: L
  • The race started out late – the 10k race was supposed to be started at around 5am but we waited for 30 minutes before the gun start.
  • Lack of race markers and distance markers – it is important to have the race and road markers to be placed strategically so that runners will not be lost in the said event, and to see where they are going to. To run at the 10-kilometer race is no joke and I was almost lost in the race. I’m not even familiar in the entire BGC area but thankfully, I memorized the race route itself. The road signs (and the manong pulis) are very helpful in pointing us in the right road. There are no distance markers too, and we don’t even have the slightest idea on the distance that we are running. I just hope that they can improve on this one on their next set of events.
  • Lack of race marshals – Some of them are cheering to the runners and helping them on the obstacles in the middle of the road, but sadly  I saw some of them texting, chatting on the phone, hiding in the trees to prevent the scorching heat and worse, sleeping. Seriously, how can they just do that? It’s really disappointing.
  • Rude volunteers in the loot bag section – As I said earlier, I’m having mixed feelings after the race, and the volunteer’s behaviour are the culprit. They ran out of loot bags and they gave unequal amounts of freebies to the runners by hand. The section itself is a mess and if only they make an initiative to make a line for the runners so that they could have the freebies then it’ll be ok. What makes it worse is that the volunteers on the loot bag section are getting their own share of freebies while they are handling the freebies to the runners, isn’t that unfair? L
  • I ran out of their finisher’s shirt – the medals and finisher’s shirts are available for the 10k runners, and even though I got another running medal, I ran out of the shirt, so boohoo for me! T_T
But despite everything, I’m one happy runner!
Photobomb after I arrived at the office 😛
The errors and the mistakes can be served as a lesson so that they can improve for their upcoming races. It was a uniquely designed event, and for sure everyone who get a chance to be in the Amazing Pinoy Run enjoyed it as well.
Hats off to the Events Logic team to the well-organized race, and to other runners who joined and had fun at the event. I am now looking forward to their second leg!
*Many thanks to Jef Manalo for the pics! 😀