Time to think twice (or thrice!)

I’ve been in the stage wherein i’m thinking of my current state in my work. I’ve been working on 4 different companies, and somehow I was thinking that working in this particular company is fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.

And then I came at the time that I’m not really happy at work. Why? For very obvious reasons, I’ve been thinking hard for days/weeks/months only to realize that it’s not really working. just like going in a relationship, if you feel like that there is something wrong, you might think on so many questions, and many of them will start with the question, “why”.

I’ve a lot of reasons why I considering on getting out. And here’s something that I wanna share to all: (explanations are based on my personal experience)

  • Unhealthy environment – dirty office space, tables with roaches roaming everywhere, timed office breaks (yes, even restroom breaks are strictly timed!) and even office rooms that makes you feel like you’re in a prison is no good.
  • Intolerable workload – when you realize that the workload is too much to handle and the people is expecting too much on you. We’re no superheroes (me: I’m no Sailor Mercury, cos she’s the more witty one lol!) and people needs to consider that though we have our own strengths, we had our own set of limitations too.
  • No growth – When the work is now boring and repetitive, with no room for professional growth. It’ll be good if they could offer something that could make use for your work, but if there’s none then it’s better to think twice on this one.
  • Work schedule – I’m not having problems in working on a shifting schedule (sooo thankful that  never work on shifting schedules) but if it’s a 6-day job that even forcing/requiring you to work even on holidays, that’s really stressful.
  • No freedom – timed breaks are ok, but to be in the office wherein one requires you to strictly time your breaks (lunch breaks, 15-min. breaks and even restroom breaks) is just plain crazy!
  • No privacy – To check on someone else’s laptops and desktops and to peek on someone else’s personal emails, personal messages on Yahoo and Skype, and work/personal files is against the ten commandments of of computer ethics. (pls see #2 and #3.)
  • Office politics – gossips, crab mentality, favoritism. this form of backstabbing can affect you in all forms.
  • Crazy office management – When you to inquire on something  yet they just keep on chatting, or they don’t want to do their work.
  • Demential bosses – if you know that you’re doing your best in your job YET he/she’s making you life a living hell. #nuffsaid #bipolarmuch

Wanna know what I’m thinking? I’m still torn on filing my resignation. pero ewan ko, I might {consider/reconsider/not considering}  on this one soon.

 (to be continued… つづく)

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