Let’s get lost and happy (and many more misadventures to come)

That smiley's NSFW, don't say I didn't warned you!
That smiley’s NSFW, don’t say I didn’t warned you!

We work, we play, we dance, we sing. We had our own ups and downs (most of them work-related teehee!) but we managed to smile and laugh about it. Despite the hasty environment that we’re having right now, we see to it that we all do our best to roll and to have fun.

Like the one that we had few {months|weeks|days} ago, we sneaked in at one of the loudest bars in the metro. We all drinked, danced and party all night till we’re all dizzy because of the booze, house music and my crazy set of fun-loving friends.

Let’s get lost and happy next time, yes? 🙂

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