My 2 for the Gold Experience

2 for the gold! Concert from the Swingle Singers and the Philippine Madrigal Singers! (Pic from the MADZ fan page)
2 for the gold! Concert from the Swingle Singers and the Philippine Madrigal Singers! (Pic from the MADZ fan page)

I had a chance to watch the world-renowned the Philippine Madrigal Singers and the Swingle Singers last September 8. Both groups are celebrating their 50th anniversary, and I’m so thankful that I got to see them share the stage, along with my officemates who are both MADZ fanatics.

Pic’s from Bill

As I arrived from the CCP lobby, I saw some familiar faces: MADZ alumni members, conductors and choristers from different choral groups and many more. The people are all ecstatic to see the MADZ and the Swingles perform.

The first few songs are from the MADZ. and as expected, they delivered such an outstanding performance from their songs like La guerre and Contigo en la distancia and their last song, the Circle of life. They also sang the “Italian Salad”, and they gave a fresh-but-funny twist to the song that was also sung from the MADZ ’89 batch.

Then the MADZ cleared the stage to give way to the Swingle Singers. And as they graced the stage and do their first song, I was forever in awe from the start until the end of performance.

THEY ARE EXCELLENT! I absolutely love how their vocals can reach the high and low notes with supreme elegance. It was like magic to see and hear them.

I have my own list of songs from the Swingle Singers that I absolutely love, and I’m happy that they sang most of them during the concert, Here they are!

  • Eleanor Rigby – this Beetles classic has been given a jazzy twist to the song. being sung together with the Philippine Madrigal Singers during the second part of the show, i think it’s a great act to remember.
  • After The Storm – i adore the rendition as well as the song itself. it simply gives me hope.
  • Single Ladies – fun fun fun! the mindblowing vocals and the dance steps by the guys makes them fun to watch!
  • Aria from the Fifth Element – mindblowing soprano solo, nuff said. <3
  • Lady Madonna – relaxing cool vibe. Hearing this song makes me want to sit back, relax and just keep it cool.
  • Clair De Lune – Personal favorite. I cried while listening to this. It is close to perfection.
  • Libertango – It never fails to amaze me. I’m so glad that this is the last song (before the encore song) for it was mindblowing. Their song is also an inspiration to our choir’s MADZ Et Al performance 2 years ago.

It was a night to remember. To watch the MADZ and the Swingle Singers perform and to share the limelight at the grandiose CCP theater is something that I’m thankful for. They are both inspiring to watch, and I’m glad that I got the best seats to see them up close. <3

Hope that the Swingle Singers could come back soon, and I’m looking forward for the MADZ’s next concert!

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