Thanksgiving in my mind

Thanksgiving is not being celebrated here in the Philippines, but I think it’s a great way to celebrate things that I’m thankful for this past few months.

I’ve got too much to be thankful for. I’ve been through different places, met a lot of people and opportunities has come along the way. It’s a learning process, as I learn the ropes on the things that I still need to explore.

Anyways. just to give you guys some of things that I wanna be thankful for:

  • Thankful for my friends in the office, for they always making me feel calm despite our boss’ setbacks against us.
  • Thankful for for the wonderful view outside the office.
  • Thankful for my Mom’s delectable home-cooked meal. (deliciously packed baon yay!)
  • Thankful for opportunities to help in different forms.
  • Thankful for lessons and fresh discoveries.
  • Thankful for opportunities to learn something new.
  • Thankful for unexpected blessings.
  • Thankful for the love and support that I’ve got from my family and loved ones.
  • Thankful for the “Big Boss” up there. 🙂

Whatever you’re receiving right now, be thankful. 🙂 Happy thanksgiving to all! 🙂

Midnight cravings at Ying Ying!

It’s one beautiful sunday. Our usual sunday choir rehearsals got cancelled, My evil twin Angela passed the LET exams, Manny Pacquiao won against Bambam Rios and I’ll be having a web design project soon yay! It’ll be great  if I checked on my email earlier though, just found out that I also won passes to the Mobile Festival from When In Manila, checked on my email last monday (exact day of the event) and I wasn’t allowed to be excused (boo! XD).

Well anyway, after I meet up with my web design client, Angela and I decided to travel from Makati to Eastwood to Manila, just to quench our Chinese food cravings one of the known restaurants in Manila’s Binondo district, Ying Ying!

ying ying tea house

I t was a long ride from the my client’s place in Eastwood. After we arrived in Cubao, we were thinking of dining out in Banchetto (or was it Mercatto? correct me if i’m wrong!) along Araneta. But we both want dimsum and soups since we already had our dinner, so we took a jeep going to Quiapo and walked past Sta. Cruz church all the way to Yuchengco St. It was a crazy creepy walk, there’s no one around and it’s almost 12 at the time that we arrived. We’re afraid that the store might be closed…

They're open until 2am yay!
They’re open until 2am yay!

But thank the heavens that it’s still open! hurray!

The people in the restaurant accommodated us, they’re friendly and polite. The interiors are somewhat ok. It has an old feel in it, maybe because it’s been there for years.

ying8 ying11

As we placed our order, they immediately served us their service tea, disposable chopsticks wrapped in plastic and utensils that are soaked in hot water.

We agreed to buy a noodle soup and split it into two, and two dimsums as well. Here’s what we got:

Angela ate it all up, boo! XD (But the Duck noodle soup is delish, I tell you!)
Angela ate it all up, boo! XD (But the Duck noodle soup is delish, I tell you!)

I’ve been a forever Beef Wanton Mami fan, and the Duck noodle soup surprised me, it’s tasty and gamey. The duck meat is yummy too, except that it’s hard to eat because of the bones lol!  For only 120 pesos, the serving is huge. Good thing we decided to split the noodle soup in half to make room for the yummy dimsum treat.

Kutchay dumpling from Ying Ying Tea House
Kutchay dumpling from Ying Ying Tea House

Instead of having the usual Hakao and siomai, we opted for the Kutchay dumpling (70 pesos) and Radish Cake (70 pesos) The kutchay dumpling is stuffed with meat and veggies, the serving is huge and it’s delicious!

Delectable radish cake and the service tea
Delectable radish cake and the service tea

The radish cake on the other hand, is a refreshing change to our dimsum dish. it’s somewhat gooey and reminds me of tikoy that is being friend, but not that sticky. It’s not that oily and it can be eaten with or without the sauce.

Meet my evil twin/alto/runner/foodie buddy-now-licensed teacher Angela!
Meet my evil twin/alto/runner/foodie buddy-now-licensed teacher Angela!
Obligatory selfie shot, forgive me for being pacute!
Obligatory selfie shot, forgive me for being pacute!

Us + food = happiness!

It was a great foodie treat. As we pay for our bills and went outside, we checked on their other dims treats laid down before our eyes:

Assorted dimsum treats from Ying Ying Tea House
Assorted dimsum treats from Ying Ying Tea House
Asado siopao from Ying Ying Tea House
Spareribs from Ying Ying Tea House
Spareribs from Ying Ying Tea House

Everything is reasonably priced and looks delicious! Ying Ying is perfect place for late night cravings. I will definitely come back for their other dishes soon! 😉


Ying Ying Tea House

233-235 Dasmarinas St. cor Yuchengo St.Binondo, Manila

(02) 710-3856



Why should Pinoys bother with Science? – an open discussion from The Mind Museum

In celebration of Andres Bonifacio’s 150th anniversary, The Mind Museum opens its doors to this spectacular event to everyone.

The Mind Museum's Why should Pinoys Bother with Science?
The Mind Museum’s Why should Pinoys Bother with Science?

Why should Pinoys bother with Science?” is an open discussion with the public. Guest scientist includes notable people from Philvolcs, PAGASA and the Manila Observatory.

The event is handled by The Mind’s Museum’s Cafe Scientifique, a worldwide movement to bring science closer to the public through conversations.

Because of the recent disasters happening in our country (earthquake in Bohol and Cebu, typhoon Yolanda), this informative discussion is very timely at this time. The event is free and open to the public.

For sure seats, email:


See you there! 🙂

Enjoy the perks with Enjoy Philippines

I get a chance to visit their booth at the recently concluded Blogapalooza and check on their product, they had this pick a prize feature and I won an overnight accomodation to Tagaytay yay! Thanks so much Enjoy Philippines! 😀

Thank you thank you thank you!  I'll be using the prize that I've won next month! :*
Thank you thank you thank you! I’ll be using the prize that I’ve won next month! :*

Well anyway, I’m amazed on Enjoy Philippines has to offer for everyone, so here it is!

Enjoy Philippines membership card
Enjoy Philippines membership card

Enjoy Philippines is a privilege card where members can enjoy discounts and freebies to different restaurants, establishments, travel destinations and many more. The concept reminds me of all group buying concepts, except that in Enjoy Philippines, you get to use them ahead rather than buying them online, print on the voucher and wait for the specific date to use them. The Enjoy privilege card (and the voucher included) is also easy and convenient to use.

How to join?

Enjoy Philippines
Enjoy Philippines

It’s easy to become a member of Enjoy Philippines via and on participating venues. The 1-year membership is only P1995 pesos and you can pay it via credit/debit card, Paypal, direct deposit to bank account and cash on delivery. Once you become a member. The Enjoy Philippines membership includes vouchers worth over 300,000 pesos, VIP card that is valid for 12 months (and can be used in Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Shanghai) and free mobile app access that can be accessed on IOS, Android and blackberry devices.

Be a member and you can also help!


Because of the recent tragedy that happened in Central Visayas, Enjoy Philippines will donate 100% of membership sales to all An Waray Party List’s relief operations in Tacloban, Leyte. With the membership purchase, not only will you enjoy the maximum benefits of being an Enjoy Philippines member, you can also help the people who affected from typhoon Yolanda.

To become a member today, visit the link here:

For more information, visit their website: You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Businesses and Bloggers unite: The Blogapalooza Experience

My Blogapalooza pass!
My Blogapalooza pass!

It’s my first time to attend in a blogging event and I was only expecting talks from known bloggers and their featured products. But to my surprise, it’s more than that. 🙂

Bloggers and businesses volt in! 

Blogapalooza, Photo from Axl

Blogapalooza is jointly organized by Vince Golangco of When In Manila and Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet. It is an invite-only event that gives bloggers a chance to connect with businesses, and for businesses, more chance to expose their featured products and services online.

(photo by Axl)

Known bloggers and online personalities graced the stage to share their experience. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch Mikey Bustos, Bogart the Explorer and other speakers, but good thing I saw Karen Bordador and the Boy’s night Out trio! 🙂

My camera phone didn’t give justice to super pretty girlcrush/radio and online senssation Karen Bordador T_T #gomennasai (I need a BETTER camera phone SOON!)

I was able to explore the event to hang out on different booths, and here’s what I saw: (sorry for blurry photos! -me)

Tinio Suits PR Manager Ms. Patty
Tinio Suits PR Manager Ms. Patty
Tinio Suits - handcrafted and customized suits
Tinio Suits – handcrafted and customized suits


Zipmatch site - I find their site helpful!
Zipmatch site – I find their site helpful!
Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Honey - yummy!
Easy Pha-Max Wheatgrass Honey – yummy!
Brownbag Coffee
Brownbag Coffee
fun fun fun Chooks-to-go booth
fun fun fun Chooks-to-go booth

DSC_0000178 DSC_0000179

BYS booth
BYS booth
GrabTaxi Booth
GrabTaxi Booth
The Mind Museum
The Mind Museum
Ambient Digital
Ambient Digital


Megaworld/Line app
Megaworld/Line app
Enjoy Philippines! :)
Enjoy Philippines! 🙂
Lulu Nails
Lulu Nails

DSC_0000190 DSC_0000192

Love their sample treats! Good thing I wasn’t able to have my lunch lol! 😛 (free food ftw! #busog)


Gavino's Donuts
Gavino’s Donuts
Plato Wraps (sarap!)
Congo Grille/Tempura booth – thank you sa food! #burp

I made new blogger friends along the way, yay! 🙂

Say hello to former MetroOfficemate-now-fellow-blogger Hoshi, Axl and Slickmaster, photo by Axl pa rin! 😛

Got surprised by the flash mob crew, thanks to the Project Awesome team! (source)

VID 20131116 191110 from Ivica Rae say on Vimeo.

Not just an blogger’s/businesses’ meet


The #PiggyBankMovement, Pic from Axl

While the bloggers, businesses and the speakers do their own thing, cute pink piggybanks are roaming around during the event. Blogapalooza and Piggy Bank Movement joined forces to raise funds for Typhoon Yolanda victims. All of the proceeds will be donated to World Vision Philippines. One of the typhoon Yolanda survivors (from World Vision Philippines) has shared her story: (source)

Goodies and freebies

Went home with a LOT of goodies from different sponsors: (Thank you very much! <3)

bags and fan from Eagle's Wings Enterprises
bags and fan from Eagle’s Wings Enterprises
Overnight tagaytay accomodation that I won from Enjoy Philippines, thank you sooo much! <3
Overnight tagaytay accomodation that I won from Enjoy Philippines, thank you sooo much! <3
Tumbler from Chooks to go and Tempura
Tumbler from Chooks to go and Tempura
Slenda Capsules
Slenda Capsules (say hello to a sexier me soon!)
from Brownbag Coffee
from Brownbag Coffee (gave these to my mom, can’t drink coffee yet due to heartburn)
that awkward pic souvenir from Chooks To Go
that awkward pic souvenir from Chooks To Go (love the chicken nom nom nom!)
Movie passes from Eastwood Cinemas, complimentary membership from Enjoy Philippines, button pin from Wheatgrass Honey, notebook from Karate Kid, pen from Fujidenzo, GC from Plato Wraps
Movie passes from Eastwood Cinemas, complimentary membership from Enjoy Philippines, button pin from Wheatgrass Honey, notebook from Karate Kid, pen from Fujidenzo, GC from Plato Wraps
Writer's Block
Writer’s Block
Figaro fan
Figaro fan
nail art polish from BYS (love the shade)
nail art polish from BYS (love the shade)
Tinio Suits PR kit
Tinio Suits PR kit
Glutamax freebies
Glutamax freebies
Optical mouse that I got from's pick-a-prize
Optical mouse that I got from’s pick-a-prize
Discount voucher from GraxTaxi
Discount voucher from GraxTaxi (I’ll be having my smartphone soon!)
Wheatgrass Honey and Nice Day Coffee samples
Wheatgrass Honey and Nice Day Coffee samples
I’m one happy blogger! <3

It was a BLAST! It’s a great experience to learn more from top bloggers, interact with businesses and to meet fellow. Many thanks to the organizers Francis Simisim, Vince Golangco and Anton Diaz, the personalities who attended (Bogart the Explorer, Mikey Bustos, Karen Bordador, Json Cruz, Boys Night Out, Comedy Cartel, Philip the Lifestyle Guy, Ana Santos) and to the the following: GoNegosyo, Viewpark Hotel Tagaytay, Eagle’s Wings, Maldita Clothing, Fujidenzo, PRC, Miles & Levels, I Love LULU Nails, NY Theraspine, TRopicana Coco Quench, Gavino’s Donuts, GoNatural, Tiño Suits, LazerXtreme, Richprime Toys, YSA Skin Care Corp., Plato Wraps, Brownbag Coffee Solutions, PLDT, Tempura Japanese Grill, Bounty Fresh, Smart, The Mind Museum, Grab-A-Taxi, Chef’s Noodle, Ambient Digital, Figaro Coffee Company, Wheatgrass, San Miguel Foods, Zipmatch,, Enjoy the Best, World Vision, the #Piggybank Movement, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, SM Aura Premier, Project Awesome and Fantastik Manila. looking forward to next year’s Blogapalooza! 🙂


Running review: Knights of Columbus’ Mission Run

I’ve been envious on the runners who joined in this event, and here’s why:

  • It’s in Manila – Intramuros is only 15 minutes away from my humble home.
  • The race itself is within the city walls – Who would have thought that it we can all run while at the city walls itself? added the cool showers that freshen up the runners (and the race course) before the gun start, I know that It’s gonna be tough and slippery at the walls itself. 😛
  • Yay for the souvenir shirt and medal – it’s rare nowadays to get a souvenir shirt and medal at the same time, especially in a charity run event. I can only see them in major runs, and it’s a privilege that only long distance runners can have.
  • It’s a run for a cause – The knight of Columbus – Padre Burgos Assembly holds a run for a cause in support for the construction of Santissimo Sacramento Chapel situated in Baseco, Manila. I’ve been there many times (My cousin lives there) and noticed that their chapel is small and needs to have an uplift. I think it’s necessary to have a church that is near to the area, good thing that the Mission Run is there to the rescue.
I managed to smile despite lacking of sleep! XD

With only a hour to sleep, I’ve been so down and cranky during the whole Mission Run, thanks to the well-organized Run All-mighty that is set the day before the event and my work schedule AFTER the run. (talk about priorities!) In a way I was a bit pissed on the volunteers from KOfC who came up late, additional task that is not even assigned to me (but as long as I’m ok with the task, it’s ok!) and now the backstabbing issues that came up all of a sudden. (I’ve absolutely no idea what’s happening, been running in circles to make sure that everything’s so spic and span) But despite the turmoil I’m thankful that I’m still in one piece.

The sea of blue <3

I saw runners from different running groups, foreigners, seminarians, nuns priest and even the Knights in fully-clad gear, complete with sabers, hats and all. The children who are part of the programs are also present to cheer with the runners too. The wall itself is jam-packed with people who are ready to run in one of the most challenging routes that can be compared with the Great Wall of China Marathon. (because they’ll be running within the city walls.)

With Anthony Servinio, Mish Maravilla, Runner/Photographer Papajack Morales and Greentennial Run’s Rovic Canono. (Forgot the name of the guy in black and the girl in yellow! sowee! XD)

Hosted by Mish maravilla and sportscaster/runner/blogger Anthony Servinio, they gave the runners refreshing tidbits and information on the race course, the significance of the run and many more.

Pretty medal/shirts girl Marine 🙂

There are medals and shirts to be given away as souvenirs in this momentous event, and the medals are blessed before it was given away.

Inggit ako huhuhu! T_T

If only I could run on this event, I could. When I’m still in college, I used to go here and wander around, especially in the afternoon where the wind is cool and calm. I can only wish for a repeat on this event where I can join! Well going back, the rainy showers went on before the race itself, making the pavement slippery, thus adding an extra challenge in running within the city walls. Ako na talaga ang inggitera, chos! XD

Despite being drop dead tired, I managed to keep myself awake by running to check if all stalls are peaceful and orderly. Upon hearing the reviews, I’m glad that I heard positive feedback on this event and they love the unique race route!

It’s one great race overall. But the experience makes me want to join as well. A job well done for me and the rest of the Greentennial Run team in organizing a back-to-back race! 🙂 Like their Facebook fan page and Twitter page here!

All pics are from Running Photographers, thanks guys! <3

Running review: Run All-Mighty Aftermath! :P

Me and fellow blogger/runner/triplet Nikki, and yeah mahangin talaga sa labas!

I was told about the upcoming Run All-Mighty weeks before the said event. I was thinking that it’ll be postponed because of the upcoming super typhoon that will also hit Manila. But as the organizers has said, God is good, and it’s a miracle that God gave us the perfect weather for this amazing running event.

Now what it’s all about? 

Run All-Mighty is organized by the Capitol City Baptist Church (CCBC) and Philippine Bible Society. The proceeds of this event will go to the construction of the the new church building along West Avenue in Quezon City as well as to distribute more bibles to educate people to know more about God. Powered by The Greentennial Run, it is sure to come up with full of surprises from the said event organizing group.

I was a scaredy cat while the race is being set up!

But somehow, my experiences in this said running event is not about on running, it’s more on trusting HIM and to be more stronger in faith. (More of that here.)

… and yet I managed to be in all smiles despite the strong winds (im not kidding!), check out the RAM tarp behind me lol! XD

The strong winds has made me feel so vulnerable, but it made me feel so free. it was a great weather for runs in all kinds, and I could only wish that I can join in this event. But I need to fulfill my duties as a Greentennial volunteer. I’m happy to say that this is one of the most organized runs that I’ve encountered, except for some glitches in the finish line. (Good thing I didn’t handled that one though.) The event itself came out with few number of runners, maybe because of the weather scare. the on-site registration handled by the organizers themselves went well, same goes with the baggage counter and the setup of the loot bags. The warm-up Zumba moves and the live music has woke up the runners, and they went off as the gun starts.

Envious? Yes indeed. 😛

I admit that I envied all the runners in this event. The crisp, cool winds reminds me so much of Christmas. it was a perfect weather for running! There are also plenty of hydration stations (that I’ve seen being set up), chocolate bars and crackers being piled up as snacks, and banana stations are stationed at the end of the finish line. The runners are well-pampered, with lots of prizes to be given away. I also love their giveaway, it was a small New Testament Bible (in Tagalog) in which I gave to fellow blogger/officemate Hoshi who is celebrating her last day at the office. *sniff!*

The Greentennials at work, job well done guys! ^_^

I’m glad that we made a helping hand in organizing this event. The runners and the people behind the fun run is at all smiles, for they had a nice run and they had helped the organizers for their cause. never thought that I’m relaxed in the whole event.

I’m a bit tired and sleepy though (but I don’t mind) for I still need to report to work AND to help organize another run that’ll be set on the next day!  (more on the Mission run on my next post!)


Rescue Run 2013 – Count Me In!

Rescue Run 2013 - for Typhoon Yolanda Victims
Rescue Run 2013 – for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

It’s Final. SATURDAY, November 16 is RESCUE RUN day! Powered by The Greentennial Run.

Race Categories: 5K/10K @ P150 minimum donation (Race bib only)

All proceeds will be donated to the victims of the supertyphoon Yolanda in Central Visayas.

Registration blasts off on Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013 at following establishments:

  • Secondwind running store – Ortigas Home Depot
  • Secondwind running store – GreenHills G-Strip
  • Secondwind running store – Teachers Village,QC
  • A Runner’s Circle Manila
  • 100 Miles Cafe BGC (Near Fitness First)

See you at 9th Street cor. 34th Street in BGC. Bring your own hydration bottles.

See you all this SATURDAY!

What have you done Yolanda?

While Yolanda (Haiyan) has spared the whole of Manila (and the recently concluded Run All-Mighty), I’m still shocked on what happened in central Visayas.

Though i’m glad that my relatives in Capiz are all safe, my heart breaks to see the massive destruction that has caused by the recent super typhoon.

Power lines down, roads impassable, houses and buildings collapsed, properties being torn down, livelihoods destroyed, people still missing and worse, died. </3 Survivors are in dire need of food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine and medical assistance.

Yes, prayers can really help the people affected, but we can still reach out! Here are some ways to donate: (taken from, click on the link for more)

Donate to Red Cross for #YolandaPH victims

Send money to Red Cross by SMS: Just text RED<space>AMOUNT to 2899(Globe) or 4143(Smart), or click on the image above.

Use vital Twitter hashtags to help locate missing persons, urgent rescue, media coverage and more. Follow for more updates.

Yabu will be holding a Dine for A Cause event on November 13, 2013. 100% of our profits from all Yabu branches will be donated to those affected by the recent calamity caused by Typhoon Yolanda.

From Unicef.

from McDonald’s.

from Aboitiz.

from 1000 Bear Hugs Project.

from Rock Ed Philippines

From Mayad Studios.

From Jollibee. (Check out this link for more ways to help)

For other ways to donate, check out the list of organizations posted on ReliefPH,  Rappler and on CNN.

Let’s reach out and do our part! We can do this!

*Images are not mine