Staycation at One Tagaytay Place

During my solo staycation, One Tagaytay Place made my stay comfortable and safe, and here’s why. 🙂


The hotel is just behind 7-eleven and just beside Southridge subdivision, along Tagay-Calamba road. It is only a 5-min ride from Olivares (Tagaytay rotunda) and it can be seen easily (but if you’re commuting, it can be accessible via trike). the road going to the hotel is rather steep for those who has their rides with them, it’s best to park the car outside the hotel.

I was given welcome drinks after the I arrived, and proceed to my room. Since the original plan was to have a companion with me, I reserved for a two-beedroom suite, here’s what I had for myself:


The room was quite small but cozy, just right for a solo traveller like me. it has all the basic amenities that I’m looking for: a flat-screen TV, personal ref, water heater, complimentary tea and coffee, and some other personal necessities. WIFI is fast and reliable too!



Good morning Tagaytay!
View from the balcony

my room has a balcony with the view of the Taal. It’s quite far though but I don’t mind.


The bathroom is also clean and they provided clean towels. Hot and cold showers are working really well, shampoos and soap is also provided.

Pls don’t mind the bed 😛

And the bed is the most comfiest bed that I ever laid! <3 (I should have chosen the one bedroom suite if it wasnt for my friend who backed out on the last minute lols!)

Small elevator is small #claustrophobic

The only thing that I don’t like is the elevators – it’s not that it’s slow (It’s not that slow) it’s SMALL – I’m a bit claustrophobic, small elevators kinda scare me in a way…

They also had a pool that is located at the top floor of the hotel:



The infinity pool is kinda small and it has a view of the subdivision at the back of the hotel. The stationed staff is always around and alert at the guest’s concerns. 🙂


Buffet breakfast is served for the guest. Food is served fresh for everyone who wants to fill in first thing in the morning.

One Tagaytay Place also has a gallery, gym and spa. Perhaps I should check it out when I come back!

I had the most comfiest stay here at One Tagaytay Place, I will definitely go back soon (if my budget permits!)


One Tagaytay Place

445 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Barrio Sungay West

Tagaytay City 4120

** thanks again Enjoy Philippines for the overnight accommodation that I got from you at the Blogapalooza! I enjoyed my stay a lot! <3 

Day 20: The importance of education

I’m proud to day that my parents are college graduates. My dad always tell me that the only thing that he can passed on to me is the education, for it won’t be replaced by anything else.

This one is so true, for I’m now had a stable job, I can travel to places, buy anything I want and now living in a life of a luxury (not really that grand, just right :P). But aside from that, I can share the things that I’ve learned. It’s good to be with my friends and colleagues who share the same passion and career path, and to keep up to date with everything.

I may not be the oh-so lucky ones who took their dream courses (blame it on my dad), but I’m still thankful that I got one of the most in demand jobs in the planet. In a way, I still wish I can share my passions to my friends who sadly, didn’t finish school.

I had friends from college who didn’t finish school because of certain factors. some of them because of their finances, and there are those who can’t finish school because of their offenses and/or grades. Almost all of them didn’t have any stable jobs, and though I had a handful of friends who were very lucky to land on a very stable job (with a bigger paycheck than mine), I still wish that they could get a diploma. It is also their wish to have one for themselves.

Education can take us to places. I’m thankful that I had one. How about you?

*** day 20 of 30-day blog challenge, finally! 10 posts to go! 

Solo soul searching in Tagaytay

The original plan was to go to Tagaytay days before my birthday using my overnight accommodation to One Tagaytay Place that I’ve got at the Blogapalooza with a friend of mine, but she backed out the last minute. Yes I’m furious, but I really wanna go. I made last minute decisions, quick scan on Google, and an overnight itinerary on my solo overnight trip.  


I’m riding solo

No I don’t have a car. I usually go there with a friend who has a car, usually for coffee, Bulalo and a nice long chat. This time it’s different, I went there by bus from Coastal Mall. The ones with the Tagaytay-Olivares sign can take me to the Tagaytay-Rotonda terminal, and it took me 2-3 hours to get there. According to my research, the trike going to the One Tagaytay Place usually costs 40 pesos (that’s on the left side of Tagaytay kasi, though I saw jeepneys passing through the hotel pero bibihira lang ang byahe boo!


One Tagaytay Place

I had to admit, the hotel is quite small and it’s far from the view of the Taal Volcano, but I had the comfiest stay here. The bed and the pillows are absolute heaven! added to that is the accommodating staff and their sumptuous buffet breakfast.  Check on my review here! 

Mini itinerary – Pink sisters

Many of my friends told me that if I want to have my wishes come true, a trip to the Pink sisters is a way to go. Looking at the Google maps, I thought that it’s far from the hotel where I’m staying. Well actually it’s not! It took me about less than 15 minutes just to get there via trike and jeep (I took a trike from the hotel going to Olivares, then jeep from the terminal going to the Pink sisters). After going down to the Eminaroma Garden, I walked past the hotel and Angels’ Hills going to the Pink sisters.

The church sure is pretty and quiet. The mass has just concluded that’s why churchgoers are still there to pray and to have their wishes written.  After I said my prayers, I wrote my petitions and took pictures afterwards. to take pictures inside the church is strictly prohibited, that’s why I took the liberty to take pictures outside instead.


Angel’s Hills

Before taking a jeep going back to the Rotunda, I went to the church beside the Pink sisters, the Angel’s Hills. It holds the church at the center, and at the left side where rooms are located for those who are holding their retreats or recollections.

I remember having one when I’m still in High school (It’s mandatory for high school students from a catholic school :P) , and I enjoyed the peace it gives as I walked through the cobbled pathways.  


Stroll at the marketplace

After I took a jeep from the Pink sisters going to Olivares, I went to the Marketplace to take a look at what’s in store for them. The market itself is clean and organized, malayong malayo sa Divisoria and Quiapo! hope that Manila will adopt this kind of market setup, and I felt safe too, despite not having policemen around the area.


Solo travels again? 

I would love to go back and explore more of Tagaytay again – ALONE! It’s great to have some me-time and learn more on different places to see and visit. It’s more convenient not to have around who is kinda choosy and magastos. Sayang lang I need to limit my time to stay longer at the places where I went. Well there’s still next time! 🙂

day 19: (dis)respect

I admit that my parents are too tad strict on us, but I can now see why my mom and dad’s like that on me.

I was schooled in our neighborhood catholic school that is being run by Dominican nuns, being fetched by my mom almost everyday and doing sunday services like clockwork. I admit that I like the routine, but the strictness is something that makes me stressed out. I do admit that I’d rather stayed at the church than going to our relatives who are living in Mandaluyong.

it’s not that I don’t like my relatives, it’s just that I don’t like the environment at all. people shouting profanity on each other, children swearing on their parents, parents doing the same to their children, the list goes on and on as I watched them (and the people around them as well) doing all sorts of of anything undegrading and all such.

Perhaps it’s the environment that does it to them, added to that is the lack of education that they are receiving from their parents (due to the lack of funds maybe) and their situation that they’re facing. I can’t help but to feel sad and uncomfortable being with them.

Being respectful to everyone is something that my parents taught me, and I’m not at ease on people not respecting to everyone.

*** day 19 of 30-day blog challenge

Day 18: beliefs and more

Growing up, our family are still living on ancient beliefs and traditions. Since both of my parents are both probinsyanas, we are all doing some all sort of things in all occasions based on the age-old catholic belief.

Being born and raised as a catholic, I was exposed on different traditions that I find amazing, indifferent, and made me question its existence. I also had this WTF moments on beliefs that made me ask: why should we need to do this? it’s not even relevant to the occasion?

I know it’s crazy, but slowly and surely, I can find the answers to everything. 🙂

*** day 18 of 30-day blog challenge 

Day 17: My highs and lows

Hello there, I’m back from my Christmas vacation! Lemme start by updating this challenge ok? 🙂

I’ve got a lot of highs and lows this year, one of my lowest points this year is when I almost gave up on my current job, and the thought of leaving my my dearest friends here in the office is heartbreaking…

Perhaps the highest point in my life is when my friends are always there to remind me that there is sunshine after the storm. They are my most prized treasure to date, and I can’t replace them to anything and anyone else. I can’t thank them enough. 🙂

*** day 17 of 30-day blog challenge yay! Pls be patient with me! >_<

Day 16: To mainstream or not to mainstream music?

I do listen to all kinds of music. from pop, to jazz to heavy rock to reggae… ever since, music has been my salvation of all sorts, and i can’t help but to be at ease whenever Ilisten to one. a place with no music is an instant death to me.

But what about mainstream music? I do love OPM and the music at this time, except for the filipino songs that keeps on repeating at different radio stations now. lyrics are not sensible, singers are not even that talented. Most of the singers that are emerging right now are either 1.) they undergo surgery, 2.)making pa-cute on tv, and they just have relatives in the music industry. Didn’t I mention that most of them are only making remixes and revivals on some of the known songs in order to make themselves famous? well I’d just noticed that.

If only the musicians and composers can change this diba? just saying…

*** day 16 of 30-day blog challenge yay! 13 to go! 😀

Day 15: Missing the tumblarity days

Aside from my former WordPress and Blogger blogs, I’m also active in Tumblr. The site is easy to navigate, has cool features and can follow and reblog some of the blogger’s posts.

Do follow me on Tumblr! 😀

I have my share of my favorite Tumblr blogs, and here they are!

Tricia Gosingtian – My girlcrush and fashion inspiration. 😀 Hoping to get her book this Kris Kringle! (if not, I’ll buy one nalang!)

The Angry Therapist – self-help and life posts, a must read!

Sailor Failures – definitely NOT a Sailormoon fail blog, it’s a nerd blog full of insights, geek notes, crazy-ass finds and many more! perfect for Sailormoonies like me!

*** day 15 of 30-day blog challenge

In today’s celebration…

Photo on 2013-12-10 at 13.14
Sailorstarcatcher v.3.0

New day, new decade. And I still have no idea what to expect on the coming days.

I’ve been a scaredy cat as I approached in my 30’s (O_o) but what the heck, the best thing I needed to do is to hope for the best for the upcoming days, to enjoy what life has to offer for me and to be eternally thankful for all the blessings that comes along the way.

(To my dearest friends, thank you sa burpday greetings! Will answer all your greetings sa fb on sunday ah!)

Wanna know how I celebrated my natal day? I started the celebration last friday the 13th, so here’s how it goes! (I’ll be blogging on some of them soon! prepare for my first travel post!)

the last picture taken on my months-old Samsung S3 China ripoff phone 😛

12/13: bought a new phone, hurray! Starmobile Diamond D1 has all the things that I am looking for (well almost!) when it comes to its specs. Front and back cameras are clear, with great settings like those from the actual digital camera (no need for camera 360 btw!) the phone is already quad core, scratch resistant and long lasting! it costs at almost 8k, seems to be pricey (for me) but definitely worth it. 🙂

we (me and my office barkada) were invited by Claudia’s sweet escape to her pad. I went there after I bought the phone from Megamall (frakkk the ghastly friday the 13th payday traffic!)  and had a merriment of all sorts on her pad together with her fiance and her darling little baby boy.

Twin beds for me ONLY!

12/14: Went on a lone trip to Tagaytay! I was actually planning on filing for a hallf day leave at that time but I was not feeling well in the morning 🙁 Went out very late and took a bus going to Olivarez, rode a trike going to my hotel, checked-in at One Tagaytay Place (the one that I’ve won from Enjoy Philippines during Blogapalooza)and planned my overnight itinerary. It was scary (especially for my friends and for my mama, plan’s almost cancelled because of her and was bombarded with so many questions, nyawr!) but it’s a great way to relax and be in touch with myself.

Love my room, the cold midnight drizzle, the comfy little bed and the hotel’s accommodating staff! WIFI’s fast and they had Animax on their cable! I miss watching Anime marathons for the longest time! <3

12:15: Tranquil mornings in Tagaytay is love! Woke up and had a buffet breakfast at the hotel (their buffet breakfast reminds me a lot of the buffet breakfast from Dulcinea, they had more choices nga lang!) found out that there’s a more accessible (and more cheaper) way on going to the Pink Sisters, prayed on their church, went on soul searching at the Angel’s Hills, bought pasalubongs, checked out at the hotel and dropped by at the Tagaytay overlooking before riding the bus going home. But instead of going straight at home, I went to CCP instead to sing with the Madrigals at their Aurum concert.

MADZ’s technical rehearsals with THE Lani Misalucha #FanGirl

We were only the four of us representing Coro at the MADZ Et Al performance at the concert, and since I’m the only girl in the group, Tedon do the honors on beautifying me with his make-up expertise! Love his ultra MAC make up set! <3

12/16: Start of Simbang Gabi! The choir is assigned to sing in the church’s serenade, singing christmas carols before the start of the mass itself. (and i don’t mind being a zombie at work lol! XD)

12/17: Van service’s christmas party! Ate Marian, along with fellow passengers planned on having a christmas party somewhere in Manila. We chose to have it at Pizza Hut, got their Monster deal and exchange gifts. I got a Guadalupe display from Ate Marian (our driver)  and love it to bits! She told me that Our Lady of Guadalupe is a patron for pregnant women (and in my case, I’ll be needing that in the far, far future hohoho!)

Bloggers present!
Bloggers present!

12/18: Unexpected surprises! Been receiving gifts from my boss (thanks for the GC Ralph!) and received a call that I’ve won gala night passes to the Circus Vargas! Went out early after work to meet up with fellow bloggers to watch the premiere of Dukit at the Glorietta. (Thank you sa invites Axl!)

**To be continued until the 25th!


Lupang uhaw sa pag-ibig, naghihintay sa halik ng langit. – Kapayapaan

It’s a fun, cheerful song during the 90’s about peace and harmony. Perfect song for those who wants to enjoy the lush scenery (in a beach) and just be free. It’s been my childhood favorite, it makes me feel like dancing on this song. 🙂

And if you listen closely to the lyrics, it has a simple, fun and direct message of peace to everyone. 🙂

Looking forward for good times ahead!  

(Just the news about the sudden demise of Papadoms, Tropical Depression’s lead vocalist. You will be missed! :’c )