Dimsum delights from King Chef

Chinese food has been, and will always been one of my favorites. Our house is only 15 minutes away from Chinatown, and everytime we dropped by to Ongpin, we see to it that we had a visit or two to some of their famed restaurants around.

Few days ago, one of our colleagues treated us on her birthday in one of the known luxury restaurants in Lucky Chinatown, King Chef.

King Chef – Lucky Chinatown

I’ve been doing my research days before about this said establishment and they are known for its sumptuous dimsums and delectable dishes that will surely satisfy our taste buds. This time around, we went there to avail on the 50% discount on their line of dimsums and more!

Table’s already reserved for us, wee!

As we awaited for our order, we were served with their house tea.

It was Ms. Gina’s birthday, and we’re delighted on her birthday treat to us, Thank you Ms. G! <3

And yes, it was a festival of dimsums laid on our table, and here they are!

Their Siopao is one of the most delicious thing that I’ve tried, took home both their asado and bolabola variants.

I’m intrigued on this dimsum called crystal ball dumpling that consists of stuffed chopped shrimps and pork. this is sinfully good!

The generous amount of ground pork and shredded veggies in the kutchay dumpling makes it one of my early favorites.

I’m not a fan of buchi, but my colleagues tried this and it’s yummy daw. 🙂

XO siomai that has a shrimp in top

Pork siomai that is full of awesome.

rice sticks something (forgot what it’s called), i find it meh.

The meatiest lumpia that I’ve ever tried. 🙂

I really like machang, but I find this one lacking of flavor and stuffed meat. 😐

love love love this set of fried dumplings!

Hakao love! <3

I’ll Siomai love for you, yii!

I forgot what this called, pero masarap din ito, especially with soy sauce, calamansi and a dash of chili sauce. 😛

Spare ribs I like!

Also forgot what this called but it’s also one of my favorites. 🙂

I’m never a fan of chicken feet, but its spicy sweet taste (and tender meat) has won my heart.

And to cleanse our palletes, we had this almond jelly for dessert. 🙂

We’re happy to tried all of them, and we all managed to take out some of our fave dimsums for our own enjoyment (in our expense of course!) here’s the menu just in case!

Only available at 3-5pm and 9-12pm

We’ll definitely go back again to try their delectable dishes soon!


2F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila City
Tel. No.: 7208594 / 4665765 / 7209062



Sumptuous delights from Bounty Fresh Chicken (PR)

Who doesn’t love freshly cooked meals? I’m always a fan of my mom’s home-cooked meals, especially if the ingredients are fresh out of the market. We always make sure that we picked the best ingredients that fits our budget, and to ensure our safety, we will buy them in groceries, supermarkets and/or on our suki vendor. 🙂

As for dressed chicken for Adobo, Mechado and other delectable dishes, we see to it that get them at Bounty Fresh Chicken.

The Healthy Chicken

The sophisticated poultry operation behind Bounty Fresh Chicken expertly produces the freshest, safest, and healthiest chickens—and the best, most delicious meals

The freshest, safest, healthiest chickens make the best, most delicious meals.

This simple truth is what drives Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. (BFFI) in its commitment to provide the highest-quality and best-tasting dressed chicken products in the Philippines. The company continues to leverage on its strong industry expertise and state-of-the-art chicken dressing facilities in order to bring delicious, healthy meals to the homes of every Filipino family.

At BFFI, we believe that constant innovation is critical to the success of our company,” says Carl Chung, BFFI AVP for Farm Operations Management. “Every day we look for new ways to develop poultry products of the highest possible quality, and to strengthen our position as experts in dressed chicken.”

Thanks to its modern and robust processing capabilities, the Bounty Fresh Chicken brand has come to be recognized as “Asia’s best chicken”—with world-class products (fresh chicken, Chooks-to-Go, and processed meats) that millions of people have come to love.

Bounty Fresh Chicken is the result of a sophisticated poultry integration that uses the latest technologies in agricultural production and follows a program of the strictest quality control in every step. BFFI’s relentless focus on achieving the highest levels of operational excellence and biosecurity has made the production of healthy chickens an extremely efficient, safe, and organized process.

BFFI’s advanced breeder operation for the production of Bounty Fresh Chicken includes specialized breeder farms, cool-cell hatcheries, tunnel-ventilated broiler farms, and grandparent farms. The company also has a national network of state-of-the-art corn dryers and feed mills to provide all-natural feeds made from quality tested raw materials that are so vital in ensuring the chickens’ healthy growth, proper nutrition, and wellness to make it always safe for consumption.

The breeder operation, which is run by BFFI’s highly skilled agricultural technicians,also provides the ideal environment for chicken growth and healthy egg production.All BFFI farms, hatcheries, and facilities are extremely clean and well-maintained and even climate-controlled, and the breeders are not confined in cages. Systems were also designed to increase farm efficiency while giving the birds a comfortable, healthy, and bio-secure environment.

The company’s modern breeder houses also make the eggs free from debris and dirt, with programs in place to help the birds produce eggs which are uniform in size and weight. For improved reliability and efficiency, BFFI uses automated feeding and egg collection systems to allow the eggs to rest before delivery to the hatcheries. Industry standards are set and followed for maximum hatchability; humidity, temperatures, and storage time are always controlled to promote healthy chick development, growth, and quality.

And because of its innovative mindset, BFFI was also the first to introduce single-stage hatchery incubation systems designed to group eggs of similar sizes and source so that they incubate together. Once hatched, the chicks are pulled from the hatcheries then brought to BFFI’s tunnel-ventilated broiler farms so they could grow consistently in terms of size and weight. These farms are always kept clean and bio-secure using a tested disinfection system and strict farm rules where all farm personnel are required to take showers before entering the houses. The result: healthy, strong, uniformly grown chicken that are free from physical defects, with all the qualities that consumers later recognize in the distinct fresh taste and juiciness, and tender goodness of Bounty Fresh Chicken.

BFFI’s award-winning processing plants have always been known to produce the freshest, best-quality poultry products in the Philippines. To ensure that they are free from disease and foreign materials, all chicken first undergo a thorough inspection process with stringent bio-security measures. They are then vacuum-sealed to keep the natural flavors and juices in while also prolonging refrigerated shelf life. These award-winning plants—conferred by the National Meat Inspection Service as among the country’s best and cleanest and stamped with consistent Triple A (expert quality) ratings—enable BFFI to establish Bounty Fresh as the brand made by the experts in chicken.

We take pride in supplying the marketplace with fresh, safe, and healthy chickens that reward Filipino innovation and creativity,” says Chung. “Bounty Fresh Chicken responds to different styles of preparation—from the most basic recipes to complex gourmet meals—and bursts with a unique taste that you wouldn’t get from other brands. It’s no ordinary chicken, produced by no ordinary operation.”

Day 30: the aftermath

Day 30 ends here, and so is this challenge, yay!

it’s been an emotional roller coaster of all sorts, it’s hard to gather your thoughts to write anything on certain days, and there are times where I need let the day pass in order to work, or to unwind and let myself loose.

I’m glad that I went on solo when I went to Tagaytay days before my birthday, that I’ve been in a few dates with friends and long lost colleagues. who would have thought that it would lead into something more special? 🙂

Well let’s see where it leads me in the next couple of days (or months or whatever…)

Despite the stressful encounters, work-related craziness and crazy-ass schedules, i’m glad that everything went well. I still have plans on this blog (as announced in my last post) but I need to make way for surprising changes that’ll come anytime soon.

Hope you guys enjoyed this challenge! ciao!

Day 29: Plans plans plans

  • – revamp the site for good after i’m done with the blog challenge
  • – post drafts and pending reviews
  • – find a more suitable layout for this blog (personal+lifestyle blog of all sorts)
  • – sidelines!
  • – travel itineraries
  • – more food trips? definitely!
  • – school plans in the soonest possible time 😛
  • – watermark all the images that needs to be posted on the blog (for future blog posts!)

…more to come soon!


Day 28: Things that I miss

Friends from work and school – I really miss my dearest USAP and RC mates. I long to hang out with my schoolmates from ESPS and UE. though I love my kikay barkada to bits, nothing beats nostalgic memories from the schools where I graduated and the stress-busting memoirs from my previous workplace.

Running on weekends – it’s never a secret that I miss running for miles, for it has given me the peace and freedom that I’m looking for and at the same time, keeping me healthy and strong in the process. Good thing I can still keep in touch with my runner friends whom I grown to be inspired by them.

Coffee, chocolates, coke and milk tea – I resent to having fruit juices for now due to my recent heartburn attacks. (But I’m still having milk tea and chocolates when no one’s looking, teehee!)

Coffee dates with dearest girlfriends – I really, really miss having customized Lattes from Subspace and its amazingly beautiful interiors, friendly baristas, Kpop vibe and is customized chairs. Guia and Rubyanne, hope we could do this again!

Ortigas – I’ve been at home in Ortigas for years before I worked here in Makati. It’s easy to commute in Ortigas (seriously!) and the traffic is more tolerable, especially during rainy season. Everything’s fairly cheap too!

Beach – That crisp blue waters, pearly-white sands, its tropical vibe that makes me bring back to where I belong. It’s peaceful. It’s perfect.

*** day 28 of 30-day blog challenge


Day 27: schedules and bullies

if there is one thing that I could complain on my current job, it’s because I’m working for 6 days straight from mondays to saturdays. I’ve no more social life. I’ve no more time to relax, to train for my runs, to read manga or to watch anime, and to shop at my favorite divisor outlets every weekends.

But there’s another thing that triggers me: there are bipolar people that I know who keeps on doing the craziest of things at the office that clearly states that it’s office bullying. I’m at the point where I wanna quit my present-day job and just go back to freelancing, while finding the right job (again) where I can have more time for myself and for my other extracurricular activities.

Right now I’m more than ready to spread my wings and fly. I really hope I could land on a more comfortable place where I could grow more and just be me.

*** day 27 of 30-day blog challenge



Day 26: what to look for

What fascinates me in a person? this question left me with so many answers, but none of them seems so right. Perhaps I don’t have any answers to this one. I’ve been in several dates before, feel in love, got broken and start over again. I’m slowly having checklist on what to look for in a guy, and here it is!

  •  Christ-believer
  • Non-smoker
  • Respectful to everyone, including my parents, siblings, friends and even to my dogs
  • Understands my crazy-ass schedule (in the choir, runs and any of my biglaang events)
  • Foodie!
  • Has a sense of adventure
  • Understands my need for personal space
  • Has a heart for music (especially choral music), running, anime, food and anything geeky
  • Tolerates my stress levels and craziness
  • Downright honest at all times
  • Someone who doesn’t mind me wearing sky-high heels (ergo, the person needs to be taller than me even when i’m wearing one)
  • And the most important of all: must be perfectly single

*** day 26 of 30-day blog challenge


Day 25: that fascination


Whenever I looked into those eyes, I was like “wow that guy’s extraordinary”. He’s always smiling, not annoying, cool and cute.

But behind those dashing eyes tells a different story: a story of acceptance, loneliness, the quest for being free and many more. His instagram page tells his lifestyle (it’s set in private, and yes he’s babaero).

His smile is a rainbow being set after the darkest of storms. it lightens the whole room as he makes his corny jokes to everyone. Reminds me so much of kazehaya Shouta, the cute and charming guy from Kimi ni Todoke who has a smile that can move mountains.

And yeah I haven’t told you guys that he’s really a she. And I find him/her cute. :>


*** day 25 of 30-day blog challenge, sorry for yet another hiatus, need to finish this in 5 days! 

Day 24: The Pianist


Captivating, shocking, moving. This is why The Pianist has been one of the most recognized movies of all time, garnered numerous awards and distinctions after being showed in 2002. It is one of the movies that I really like the most.

The Pianist depicts the life of Wladyslaw Szpilman, one of Poland’s known pianist.   The movie shows his modest life as a radio pianist before the war strikes, his hardships when he became a slave laborer and his struggle to survive the holocaust during World War II.

The movie has moved me to tears, and I find it beautiful. its realistic approach and its drastic destruction has its appeal on me, as it shows the pre-war existence of Warsaw and its destruction, the harsh reality of slave laborers who lived throughout the war and the abandonment of the city itself due to its horrific state. the background piano music from known composers adds grace to the story, especially when the pianist worked on his hands to create such beautiful music. It’s nice to hear them on different scenes, from the carefree and joyous pre-war times to the melancholic, destructive war scenes at that time.

The story, the characters portrayed by the actors (Kudos to Adrian Brody who plays as the famed pianist in the story), the cinematography and the music makes it one of the best ever graces on screen. Truth be told that I’m not fond on movies, but The Pianist has made it as one of my personal favorites. 🙂

*** day 24 of 30-day blog challenge, 6 more and i’m good to go! :D  

Day 23: crushes galore

Day 23 is all about 5 known guys that I find attractive. Well sori nalang, no artistas involved hahaha! >:) I’m more fond on animes and fiction than on teleseryes in general, so lemme share these guys who literally doesnt exists but I find attractive:

mamoru chibaMamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask from Sailormoon – my ultimate childhood crush hohoho! watching him along with Usagi makes me believe in true love (yiii!). His mysterious demeanor makes him charming in a way and he’s always there to save Sailormoon, but his lacking of powers makes him less powerful than his lady love. 😛



Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi (Curious Play) – He’s handsome indeed, powerful, free-spirited, responsible and loving to Miaka, his ojichan and his younger siblings. Being the most powerful of all the stars of Suzaku, he leads the team of warriors in order to save the world and he tries his best to be with the priestess of Suzaku, even if he knows that he’s just a fictional character written in a magical book.


Ryuuji Takasu of Toradora – His character is entirely opposite to Taiga’s tsundere demeanor. But even though their personalities clashed, they find themselves comfortable with each other. Their unlikely story makes everyone (including me) laugh, cry and be smitten on their story.



Kazehaya Shouta of Kimi Ni Todoke – he is a ball of fresh air that makes me puke rainbows all over, his charming and lovable personality is what i like most about him. He makes Sawako the most beautiful person inside out, and I like the fact that he brings the best of her to make it shine.

fitzwilliam darcy


Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pride and Prejudice – who doesn’t like love Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice? his cocky, mysterious, prudish personality is a bit off at first, but he’s such a sweetheart to his lady love. I fell in love with the story’s sweet ending btw. <3

*** day 23 of 30-day blog challenge, few days to go! 😀