Realizations, Feb 28th edition

Pimple-infected me lols!
Pimple-infected me lols!


It’s the last day of February and I’m happy with the sudden turn of events. This blog is now in the evolution phase (think Pikachu’s evolvement into Raichu, and yes I’m now playing Pokemon Red on my trusty mobile phone :P), my heart’s now at ease (thanks to you Aka-chan <3), I’m reaching out with my long-lost friends and I’m saving up for more foodie ventures to come.

But life isn’t perfect. There are times that I feel like I’m a complete mess. I can’t keep up on some of blog events that I wanna go to, blame it on my 6-day work schedule. It makes me miss my tuesday-to-saturday work schedule, and my decision to finally close the doors and move on for more adventures. Sundays are solely dedicated to my ever-loving choir, and I’m a huge wreck of a ball because i’m all drained out, messed up and inasmuch as I wanted to rest even just for a day, I need to force myself to move.

I’ve already laid out my plans for tomorrow. I need to keep up with my commitments, to attend rehearsals, to run for at least twice a week, make more time with friends, have a diet plan and to love more. And yes I need a sideline and to maintain this baby blog of mine for more posts.

I always pray that I can find another way to keep up with everything, for I wanna do more than my usual routine. Routine work sucks big time, and the only way to break the cycle is to have a leap of faith, and to trust myself more.


And if all else fails, I’ll try again. 🙂

Cantonese Cravings at Pearl River Cafe

Pearl River Cafe

I write for food. In fact, we (fellow foodie Jayvee and I) braved the crazy stressful EDSA traffic after my shift to get a taste of the newly-opened restaurant in Trinoma.


We meet up with Ate Mars, my fellow runner/blogger and proceed to the Pearl River Cafe. It’s a week-old restaurant, still unknown to everyone about its existence. All I know is that they served Cantonese cuisine to its customers, and as I take a closer look at the restaurant before we went, I thought much naman siyang ok, love the interiors ah!

Well anyway, let’s see what this week-old restaurant has to offer for everyone.

Pearl River Cafe IMG_20140214_214112 Pearl River Cafe

First thing we noticed upon entering the restaurant: simple but sophisticated interiors. Porcelain-like elements like its porcelain jars, and fluorescent lights with porcelain-like design has gave the place an old China feel. everything is nice and comfy, and all the restaurant personel is busy attending to their customer’s needs  as we proceed our order.

Pearl River Cafe Pearl River Cafe Pearl River Cafe Pearl River Cafe

Good thing everything’s priced just right on the budget!


Nom! Dinner date for three! <3


We had century egg as appetizer – love the presentation!

Pearl River Cafe

Ate Mars and I ordered Bergamot (left) and Passionfruit (right) iced tea. I like the fact that it’s all organic, and we had a hard time choosing from their range of organic teas available from their menu. The Bergamot organic iced tea is somewhat bitter for me, while the Passionfruit organic iced tea has a fruity and refreshing feel in it.

IMG_20140214_214219 IMG_20140214_214314

Fried Golden Rice with assorted mushroom and egg white and Fried Golden Rice with barbecue pork and egg white – Both rice treats has a light feel in it, and you can eat it without having a need of any viands.


The steamed specialty chicken is tender, juicy and delicious! pair it up with their ginger sauce and it’s gonna be a great pair. 🙂


Noodles & soup with sharkskin and scallop dumpling – we’re disappointed with the presentation of this dish. We’re all surprised that the soup itself is light, it has a comfy feel in it. makes me want to have one during rainy days, cold nights or whenever I feel like getting sick the next day. 😛


Their steamed chiu-chao dumpling with shrimp, pork belly and vegetables is somewhat different from the chiu chao dumplings that I’ve tasted before. This one is served fresh, for its vegetable fillings are still crunchy and not lacking taste.


Their deep-fried golden roll with seafood is a winner! I like the mix of shrimp, mangoes and vegetables rolled in a light bun. It’s not too oily, and tasted just right.


We had Mango and pomelo Sago for dessert. The mix of mango, pomelo, sago and milk sure is delicious, but I hope that the pomelos being used are the fresh ones and not the dry ones.


Steamed bun with custard paste and salted egg yolk – Too cute to eat! we simply can’t eat “pikachu” just because (LOL!), and yes I love its sweet filling as we munch on this one. 😛

If you were to ask me, I will definitely go back to try their dishes, but this time with my mom and my fellow foodie siblings soon! 🙂


*Special thanks to Pearl River Cafe’s manager ms. Emma for accommodating us! 🙂


Pearl River Cafe 

Level 4, TriNoma, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City

0927 688 0206

The taste of Japan at Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia

I’ve been eyeing on going to Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia after watching its feature on Poptalk few years back. I’ve been curious on what their yummy concoctions tastes like, and on how unsafe the place is. (LOL!) I lived in Manila and even though I’m only 2 jeepney rides away from the carinderia itself, I can’t help but to get nervous everytime I went there with friends. (note: Tondo will never be my comfort zone, hindi ako pupunta mag-isa I swear, unless Divisoria area yan! XD)


Good thing my favorite foodie buddy Jayvee is here to accompany me to my not-so-unusual cravings that will surely make our tummy happy, now welcome to our unusual foodventure to Tondo!

As we both arrived in SM San Lazaro, we took a jeep going to Abad Santos-Hermosa and hopped on a tricycle afterwards. The said carinderya is indeed small but not as rowdy as I expected, but I need to be careful on the children roaming around at that time. #betterbesafethansorry

Famous TV personalities went here, take that!


The carinderya is owned by the retired Japanese cook named Toshi, and along with his Filipina wife Edith, they set up a spot where Toshi can showcase his culinary delights for us.

Price List


Prices are affordable, and I’m surprised on their variety of dishes that they can offer. We ordered their bestsellers and good thing they did not disappoint!



I ordered their best-selling katsudon, the serving was just ok and  the food is cooked just right. The mix of the pork and the egg makes it so flavorful, that I want another serving! 😛



Jayvee ordered their Gyudon, the mix of raw egg and thin-sliced beef is cooked just right and not too gooey. it has a strong ginger-like taste (yes, we both like it as well, and nakihingi ako hihihi!)



Their yakisoba on the other hand, is an explosion of flavors in one bite. We both thought that it looks like the regular pancit canton with egg, but as we mixed them up, it’s delicious! we should have ordered two for ourselves hahaha!

 The price for the food is just right for us thrifty foodies, we’ll definitely come back for more and try their ramen offerings soon!


Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia

Hermosa St. cor. Clemente St., Tondo, Manila

Update: Just heard that they transferred to another place! We haven’t dropped by recently because of work, but I heard that it’s more bigger and safer (yay!) they are now located at Del fierro st. Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila. For instructions on how to go there, just ride the jeep from Pritil and drop by to del Fierro st. 🙂 


Ellen’s Aesthetic Center Malate Branch Opening

Ellen’s Aesthetic Center has opened its new branch at the heart of Malate Manila last January 30, 2014. Located at the 3rd floor of Silver Oaks Hotel, the said beauty center offers premium beauty treatments, body contouring and permanent cosmetic services, using state-of-the-art facilities that will ensure their client’s needs.

Clean beds for facial treatments
Machines used for facial treatments


They also had rooms of other treatments to ensure their customer’s privacy while having a luxury to have their treatments.
List of offered services
With Ms. Ellen Lising, Owner of Ellen’s Aesthetic Center
Say hello to my fellow bloggers! Photo Credits: @enchantressnica on twitter!

For inquiries about their services, reservations and more, here are their contact details:

Ellen’s Aesthetic Center

Unit 301, Silver Oaks Hotel

1520 A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila


Contact number: 0917-8556894

Like them on Facebook:  Ellen’s Aesthetic Center

Follow them on Twitter: @Ellens_SkinCare

Paintings for a Cause by Kenneth Montegrande



Image source: GMA News

Abstract visual artist Kenneth Montegrande will have a week-long art exhibit for a cause entitled “JUAN HEART, 1 NATION: Art With A Heart”. The exhibit will be held at the City State Tower Hotel’s Ristorante d’ Amore in Mabini St. corner Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila on February 3, 2014 at 6pm.

Montegrande’s one-man exhibit, a second feat for him, aims to raise funds for the victims of the recent Typhoon Agaton that hit Mindanao and last year’s Super Typhoon Yolanda that devastated Eastern Visayas.

According to him, his paintings are his way to express his sympathy for the people who are in dire need of assistance. His works will be more than just for the enjoyment of art enthusiasts and collectors.

The art show’s proceeds will go to the Antonio L. Cabangon (ALC) Foundation. They, in turn, will also use the funds to help the calamity victims.

D. Edgard Cabangon, owner of City State Tower Hotel, stated that art collectors who will purchase Montegrande’s paintings can enjoy a free overnight stay inclusive of breakfast at selected rooms of the aforementioned hotel.

Truly, a remarkable way to reach out to others while appreciating art at its finest!