The taste of Japan at Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia

I’ve been eyeing on going to Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia after watching its feature on Poptalk few years back. I’ve been curious on what their yummy concoctions tastes like, and on how unsafe the place is. (LOL!) I lived in Manila and even though I’m only 2 jeepney rides away from the carinderia itself, I can’t help but to get nervous everytime I went there with friends. (note: Tondo will never be my comfort zone, hindi ako pupunta mag-isa I swear, unless Divisoria area yan! XD)


Good thing my favorite foodie buddy Jayvee is here to accompany me to my not-so-unusual cravings that will surely make our tummy happy, now welcome to our unusual foodventure to Tondo!

As we both arrived in SM San Lazaro, we took a jeep going to Abad Santos-Hermosa and hopped on a tricycle afterwards. The said carinderya is indeed small but not as rowdy as I expected, but I need to be careful on the children roaming around at that time. #betterbesafethansorry

Famous TV personalities went here, take that!


The carinderya is owned by the retired Japanese cook named Toshi, and along with his Filipina wife Edith, they set up a spot where Toshi can showcase his culinary delights for us.

Price List


Prices are affordable, and I’m surprised on their variety of dishes that they can offer. We ordered their bestsellers and good thing they did not disappoint!



I ordered their best-selling katsudon, the serving was just ok and  the food is cooked just right. The mix of the pork and the egg makes it so flavorful, that I want another serving! 😛



Jayvee ordered their Gyudon, the mix of raw egg and thin-sliced beef is cooked just right and not too gooey. it has a strong ginger-like taste (yes, we both like it as well, and nakihingi ako hihihi!)



Their yakisoba on the other hand, is an explosion of flavors in one bite. We both thought that it looks like the regular pancit canton with egg, but as we mixed them up, it’s delicious! we should have ordered two for ourselves hahaha!

 The price for the food is just right for us thrifty foodies, we’ll definitely come back for more and try their ramen offerings soon!


Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia

Hermosa St. cor. Clemente St., Tondo, Manila

Update: Just heard that they transferred to another place! We haven’t dropped by recently because of work, but I heard that it’s more bigger and safer (yay!) they are now located at Del fierro st. Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila. For instructions on how to go there, just ride the jeep from Pritil and drop by to del Fierro st. 🙂 


16 thoughts on “The taste of Japan at Hapon Suzuki Japanese Carinderia

  1. There is actually a deviation in style about Japanese dish, they way the cook and present their intellectual nourishment of their food. How I wonder, a different approach in cooking will take lead to this “CARINDERIA” thingy they have, the customer feed back and all.

  2. It’s just so sad that you had to stereotype the whole map of Tondo of what you think it seems to be. Danger is everywhere in the world.

  3. friends, the have been relocated to a new place at Del fierro st. gagalangin tondo. from their old location ride a jeep going to divisoria at ask the driver to drop you off to Del fierro st. from there you may walk going to suzuki hapon.

  4. Hay! Just wanna know how to go there if you have any idea?

    Maybe from quiapo…

    I really want to go there but don’t know how!!

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