The Musician’s Prayer

The Musicians Prayer

You’ve given me the words,
Lord, and the music,
a song of life that’s new and unrehearsed…
You’ve given me the joy
that makes my heart sing,
even though at times the tears come first…
You’ve taken all my yesterdays of discord,
a clash of cymbals,
meaningless and vain;
transposing all the noise into a love song,
that floods my very soul with it’s refrain…
You’ve taken all the gifts
I once thought mine, Lord,
and changed the composition of their worth;
reclaiming what was Yours
from the beginning,
returning them, transfigured by rebirth…
You’ve given me the theme for my existence,
and I will sing Your glory all my days;
For now, Lord…and forever…
be my Music,
and make my life a symphony of praise….Amen
-B.J. Hoff

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