Mid year goals, v.2014


Hi, I’m Cristal and I write on this blog.

If you happen to read this, thank you very much for taking time to read on my blog post. (I really appreciate it if you click on my ads, lol!) but for now, let me air on what’s going on in my head this past few months.

The first 6 months of this year has been full of surprises. The day I decided to transform this personal space into a mix of review blog of all sorts left me with so many lessons that I learned, on places that I visit, food that I eat, events that I went to and many more. I’m now open to reviews and press releases, and I gained a lot of friends from different networks.

I learned about the technical stuff as well. My blog is under wordpress, and I never thought that it’s tedious to maintain such a blog that keeps on growing. But as my blog progresses, I learned more on my craft.

I’ve been eternally thankful for event invites, complements, freebies, mentions on their respective social media sites, increased readers and more. There is magic in writing that makes me want to hone on this craft, to express myself in writing and on the reviews that i’m making. And yes, I wanna do more.

Though I have some pending reviews to write, allow me to write something on my short-term goals for the next 6 months:

  • go out and explore – as I write this post, I’m busy preparing for my sponsored Vigan trip with Jayvee (my forever sidekick, hopefully for life) along with other bloggers that are invited. As I said, i’m thankful for event invites, and to travel outside my comfort zone is one challenging adventure. This is what I realized after I had my first solo travel in Tagaytay, my thirst for travel and adventure has been unleashed, as long as I’m in my element, within my tight budget and alone/with someone else i’m comfy with. (hoping for more freebie trips soon, I promise that I’ll be giving you a decent writeup promise!)
  • more foodie ventures – i’m such a foodie at heart, as most of my blog post are all about FOOD. It may be from this high-end restaurant that we’ve seen, this odd-looking cafe that sells international cuisine, or that hole-in-the-wall food stalls that sells wonderful food at such an affordable price. I’ll try my best to write more on this reviews and more.
  • Talk more on heritage – this is something that I wanna add in my blog, as there are people that are unaware on out country’s heritage and culture. Old houses and centuries-old churches tells a lot of stories on history, the people who went there, the significance in our history. As long as the architecture and the facade is still intact, then we have a story to tell.
  • Art appreciation 101 – jayv and I were art afficionados, and we love to draw since our high school days. I would love to talk about art and to take up another medium, but that’s another story.
  • Invest on a good camera – my Starmobile D1 has been good to me for the past 7 months, and it has been helpful for me to take good pictures. It’s a no-brainer why I bought this phone in the first place (it has a good camera for a mobile phone, and it’s fast!) but now I wanna have a handheld camera (like this one posted on my IG account, follow me here!) for more stable shots, perfect for this humble blog.
  • More adventures with the ones closest to my heart – i’ve already had blogging dates with Jayv and my mom, and I would like to have my sister, lil bro, papa (if he arrives back home) and my closest friends. Been thankful that the events that I went before allowed me to have someone to tag along, as I would like to share my blessing to them.
  • Still open for better places to work – i’ve been ranting this before even until now. The 6-day job has never been fulfilling as I realized that I don’t wanna stuck in a job where there’s no more opportunity to grow. In addition to other office-related factors that makes me cringe a lot (allow me to be honest at least) it’s time for me to be in a much-better work environment.
  • More dates soon? – Who would have thought of that? As much as I wanna be privy with my personal life, I can’t help but to be happy with my current state. I’m looking forward for more crazy-filled adventures with this guy that I’m dating right now, and that’ it for now.
  • Future plans on having yet another blog soon – how about another blog that is dedicated to food and cooking? Jayv and I wants to have a separate foodie blog soon, and a site for our SEO and web development projects is a good idea. Well maybe in a few months time.

Well that’s it for now, and who knows? I can do all of this in less than 6 month’s time.

That’s it for now, and thanks for reading! till then! 🙂

~ Cristal



Musica Sacra Festival at San Sebastian Basilica


2nd Musica Sacra Festival poster

The San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation Inc. (SSBCDFI) will be holding the 2nd Musica Sacra Festival that is happening on May 29-31, 2014 at the San Sebastian Basilica in Quiapo, Manila.

The said festival is free for everyone, especially for choristers, music enthusiasts and to everyone who’s into history and restoration of the only steel church church in Asia.

The 3-day event showcases the inspiring talks about church music and the basilica’s conservation project, choral workshops for choristers from Prof. Robert Delgado, and performances from known choirs around the metro.


For more inquiries about the said event, pls contact:

Ms. Javie Del Socorro – 0917-8232766,

734-8931 to 39 loc. 216

Ms. Maricel Gavan – 0905-1091890,

734-8931-39 loc. 120,


Check out SSBCDFI at their Facebook Page: The San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation Inc.



EasyShop.ph Seller’s Night a big success (PR)


I was invited by Easyshop last may 18 for EasyShop.ph.ph seller’s night and website launching.

EasyShop.ph’s pre-launch event called the “Sellers’ Night” drew a huge crowd Saturday evening as online sellers, bloggers and others in the web community joined the company’s officials and partners to celebrate the newest online marketplace based in the country at the Green Lounge Events Place at the BTTC Center in San Juan City, Philippines.

Nelson Liao, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of EasyShop Online Inc; Sam Gavino, web development head; and Jerry Pereda, marketing chief were present during the festivities and took turns in convincing the audience why EasyShop is the next big thing in the online buy-and-sell marketplace.

Also present were online bloggers numbering around a dozen, roughly 20-25 online plus other guests including supporters and partners of the fledgling company.

“The data as of May 16th is that we have 2,000 registered users in our website and around 5,000 products already posted,” proudly shared Liao during a roundtable with the bloggers.

The figures look promising indeed as the website’s official launch is still on June 15, 2014 but more importantly, Liao emphasized on the security of the site—using the phrase “scam-free” multiple times during interviews.

“Other online buy-and-sell sites, it’s just a platform; it is not engaged in the transactions of the buyer and seller so there are lots of scams or it’s open to potential scams. They open the platform and then leave the buyers and sellers to their business; that’s the problem they don’t have any sort of monitoring,” said Liao, a graduate of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in 2009.

“The main difference with us is that EasyShop is engaged with the transactions to assure that the money is secure. Unless the buyer has received the goods it’s only then that we release the money to the seller. On the other hand, sellers won’t have to worry about the payments since the money is already with EasyShop even before delivery.”

In between the discourse by the designated speakers for the night, prizes and freebies—from smartphones, tablets to a big screen LED TV– were given away via a raffle for those who had signed-up in the website and attended the event.

Among the partners for the pre-launch event are SKK Mobile, Mogao BS Mobile, Michaela, CCK Mobile, Yousie and Epson.

 EasyShop.ph has a partnership with Nelsoft Technology, Inc. and PoziHongkong Technology Ltd.—two reliable software development entities that handles the website.

Cups N Cones – Bringing Cosmopolitan dining to Malabon!


As promised, i’ll be posting some detailed reviews from the restaurants and food establishments that we went during our Malabon food tour, starting from Cups n Cones!

Cups n cones are one of the newest diners established within the city of Malabon. We were welcomed by the gorgeous atmosphere that is cozy and homey. Everything is well designed that is fit for all occasion, and for me it was a perfect place to hang out with friends and sometimes, for a romantic foodie getaway.

They offer a lot for everyone – pasta lovers can avail on their pasta selections, dessert afficionados can choose on their cakes and sweet concoctions, coffeeholics can have the taste of their freshly brewed selection, and for everyone who wants to have their own rice dishes or sandwich creations, they also have one available on their menu.


I had a chance to taste everything that they had to offer for their customers, and here are some of them.

Cakes and cupcakes

Their cakes sure is inviting – and it’s all mouthwatering I must say!

Artisan teas – perfectly brewed and this can be perfect for their line of desserts

Carbonara pasta <3

would like to have MY own generous serving of this clubhouse sandwich.

I prefer cheesecakes more than any other cake – I love its richness and freshness of homemade creation. (yes all of their cakes are homemade)

Tacos everyone?

Smores cake – one of their bestsellers

that oh-so yummy, ohh la la mango crepe!

*i forgot what this one is called* (gomen nasai, but this dessert sure looks inviting!)

smoothies for you and for me <3

halo halo hailoveyah!

Tiramisu latte that my mom tried and tiramisu dark choco – both are beautifully designed, but as much as we don’t want to ruin its appeal, this two is best served hot. The latte has a mix of flavors layered (seen on the left), but when mixed it reveals a much-delightful combo of bittersweetness. The cark choco on the other hand is perfect for rainy days that makes you want to have a good book while having this cup of this delectable delight.

They also offer rice meals like this one – their liempo rice meal is cooked perfectly, and is best paired with vinegar. Definitely good good good.

This one is my personal favorite, and also the favorite of my fellow bloggers – Cups n Cones’ fish salad is a perfect marriage of all sorts. The fish is fresh, grilled and cooked to perfection, the vegetables are indeed fresh and crisp. Added to this delectable dish is their signature dressing to complete this meal. Its huge serving can be shared for two, or better have it for yourself, hihihi!


Us bloggers at the Malabon food tour, Taken from Cups n Cones’ FB page.

I recommend this place for everyone! If you’re looking for a unique place to dine and unwind, this place is for you. I can’t wait to go back! <3


Cups N Cones

247 General Luna St.,

1409 Malabon City

Facebook page: Facebook.com/Cups.N.Cones.Cafe

Twitter: @Cups_N_Cones




Malabon Food Tour 2014!

I’ve no idea what Malabon has to offer for me, until I googled about it after I received an invitation from Mhel and Ken from Certified Foodies. I got excited as I saw lots of heritage houses and food stalls that are so unknown to me, and some of them has branches outside of their city. The foodie in me got excited, as I prepare myself on what it has to offer for the newbie like me.

One of the bloggers backed out the last minute, they told me that I can bring someone along. I asked them earlier if I can tag someone along in the event, and I was surprised that they remembered about it! And since the said food tour is set on mother’s day , I asked my mom if she wants to come with (and i’m glad she did, yay!)


Tara na and let’s explore the wonders of Malabon!

Spotted one of their decades-old houses as we stroll around.

We arrived at around 9:30 and we started on our foodie tour headed by Mhel, Ken and Ms Cleo from the City government of Malabon. We were able to passed by on some heritage houses which dated back to the 1800s, and some churches that dates back to the 17th century. Sadly, the centuries-old churches are such a disappointment, as most of the church are renovated, completely ruined the timeless beauty that once had.

BTW, here’s my take on the foodie tour (in summarized form hahaha!) I’d say that every food stores deserve a decent post in my blog, so stay tuned for my upcoming post!


Dolor’s Kakanin

Dolor’s Kakanin

Our first stop was at the Dolor’s Kakanin. Established in the late 1930’s, it’s been a home for their delicious and bestselling kakanin that is well-loved by the young and old.

sarap ng rellenong bangus nila i swear!

They also had rellenong bangus that sells for 230 (?) pesos, mmmm looking at this dish makes me hungry!

Good thing mom and I didn’t ate breakfast! We are ushered inside for food tasting yay!

Bestselling treats from Dolor’s Kakanin

Everything looks delicious! We tried each and everyone of them and I swear mabigat na siya sa tyan! I love the sapin sapin, maja blanca and the rellenong bangus, the richness of sapin sapin, the creaminess of the maja blanca are absolutely perfect for dessert, and the rellenong bangus is divine! Mom complemented the bangus for it’s flavorful and siksik, hindi tinipid ang ingredients sa paggawa ng relleno.

Personally, I can finish the whole relleno in one sitting, pengeng rice pls? =)))


Aling Mely’s Carinderia

Aling Mely’s Carinderia

No one will ever know that Aling Mely’s carinderia has this classic rags-to-riches story. They started out in the 1960’s offering home-made dishes for all Malabon residents, and still persevered and now recognized in the whole of Malabon. Don’t let this place fool you, they may look like a simple carinderia but it’s better to have a taste of their delicious dishes.

With Aling Mely

And they had a LOT of choices to offer for everyone.

Aling Mely opens her humble home for us 🙂

Aling Mely opened her house for us bloggers for the food tasting, and here are their bestsellers.

Meatballs, tapang kabayo, binagoongan, omelette and stuffed pusit from Aling Mely’s Carinderia

They had their own handmade meatballs, tapang kabayo, pork binagoongan (tama ba?), omelette and stuffed pusit. Everything tastes right for me and my mom as we had another serving for these babies. It was also our first time to try tapang kapabayo that is made of horse meat, and it has a smokey flavor than the carabao meat (which I tried years ago). The meat is a bit tender though but it’s ok.


Pitstop at M. Flores Pancit Malabon

M. Flores Pancit Malabon

before we proceed to Lucina Luna, we dropped by to M.Flores Pancit Malabon.

recharge muna bago kain ulit 😛

Sadly, we just went there to rest for a while (aww!) but wait group shot muna kami!

Mhel told me that their pancit is one of the best tasting in Malabon, mom and I ordered one for take-out for my big sis and lil bro at home. True enough, their pancit malabon did not disappoint! More on that on my next post.


Cocina Luna

Cocina Luna

Located just in front of M. Flores, Cucina Luna offers deliciously crafted meals and a cozy place to hang out.

Absolutely love the interiors! Their displays are eye-catching, hip and young! Perfect place to chill out for me!

Chef Kat of Cocina Luna

The owner Chef Kat graciously teaches us how to prepare one of their bestsellers, the pulled pork sandwich.

Their bestselling pulled pork sandwich meal

The pulled pork sandwich consists of shreded barbecue pork, bacon, onion rings and cheese. The burgers are indeed delicious in every bite that makes me want to eat more. And yes, this one is perfect with a bucket of fries and it only costs 125 pesos. 😀

Beef tapa flakes – best with their signature vinegar
Tapa flakes meal

we also tried their other bestseller, the flaked beef tapa that is best paired with their homemade vinegar. Rice pa pls! #burp


Cups and Cones

Cups & Cones

Ok I had to admit, this cozy lil’ store has a place in my heart. The shop itself is beautifully designed, food is absolutely divine and the people are very nice that I imagine having a perfect date with LeBoyf (yii!) while we stuffed ourselves with their beautifully crafted meals. (stuffed ourselves talaga, kami na ang gutom lololol!)

They offer a lot from their menu! Cakes, pastries, pastas, rice meals, shakes, coffee… everything is handcrafted and served with care.

I love you fish salad! <3

I personally LOVE their fish salad! nuff said.

photo op after the treat

Photo op ulet! Foodie bloggers unite!
Cooking demo and other delicacies from Malabon

After we bade goodbye at Cups and Cones, we went to Plaza Rodriguez for the cooking demo from two of renowned cooks from Malabon. As we entered inside the plaza, there was a swimming pool that is open to the public. We all arrived at around 1pm and it was scorching hot, sayang lang we don’t have any extra shirts or else sasama kami sa swimming in no time. 😛

Chef Quiel

We were first introduced by Chef Quiel, who teaches us how to make his bestselling Quiron.

Chef Cuiel’s Quiron

Quiron is named for this is Chef Quiel’s version of turon that is made of ube, langka and saging latondan. This special turon has its unique twist and is best for merienda.

Then the representative from Upeng’s Quekiam teaches us how to make their bestseller.

Tadah! Best served with their signature sawsawan, pengeng rice pls!

Yay for lunch! We were served with Malabon’s sgnature dishes, and here they are! (group pic ulet!)

Upeng’s Quekiam yum yum!

My picture didn’t do justice, pero pramis mas maganda siya sa personal.

Judy Ann’s Crispy Pata – one of the best that i’ve tasted.

Nanay’s pancit

Nanay’s pancit – indeed the best tasting pancit malabon that I ever had.

Pizza bangus and bechamel bangus
I’m in bangus heaven, and I also raved for this one

I love bangus, and they serve a lot of bangus dishes that are unknown to me. And yes, I fell in love with their baked bangus and calamares bangus!

Eh kung busog na busog na busog na kami? (but wait there’s more!) #burp


Trip to Ozen

After our heartful lunch, we went to Ozen for a Japanese treat. Ozen is the only store that serves authentic Japanese delights to their customers. It is also said to be owned by a Japanese with his Filipina wife.

Takoyaki on the works
tsalap tsalap ng takoyaki yo!

We were served with their bestselling takoyaki that only costs 40 pesos per serving. Oh boy, it was presented beautifully, cooked to perfection and I can taste the mix of veggies and octopus meat topped with their special sauce. Mom and I loved their takoyaki so much that we bought two takeout orders for my ate and lil bro, ganun siya kasarap, pramis.

Freshly-cooked gyoza for me and for me :))

I also liked their gyoza that costs 60 pesos per serving, the stuffed meat is yummy indeed, rich in flavor and I think I can have yet another serving. 🙂

I would love to come back for their california maki, Mhel said that it was the biggest that they’re seen, just wait for me ok? ok. 😀


Last foodie stop – Lady Jeunet’s steakhouse

It’s more fun in Lady Jeunet’s!

we were all sooo full and it was almost 3-ish. We took a different route going to out last foodie stop. Lady jeunet’s steakhouse is known for their affordable steaks, and it was their town fiesta at that timt that’s why they had banderitas all around the place.

Uber colorful graffiti!

If there is one thing that I also like about this place, it’s gonna be the wall paintings and graffiti.

Aloha Mama!

And there’s my trooper Mom with Mr. Bean, Aloha!

As for their food, they offer everything from salads to sandwiches to rice meals and their own pinoy and japanese bento mixes.

poor lil’ lechon… nom nom nom 😛

Here’s what they had for us for food tasting (aka handa na rin sa fiesta :D)

The only plate shot that ever had
Obligatory mom and daughter shot – oo na mas batang tignan nanay ko sakin. 😛

Mom and I had a handful of their dishes that I forgot to take pictures on my own plate, but one thing’s for sure, we are all busog to the nth level, and we are all happy.

guess her age (hint: senior citizen na siya)

Here’s Mama all smiles and happy and busog, hope you enjoy our foodie date Ma! 🙂


San Bartolome Church – our last stop

The 400-year old San Bartolome Church in Malabon

As we bid goodbye to your generous host, we went to the San Bartolome Church for (yet) another photo op and to explore the beauty of this grand 400 year old church.

If you were to ask me, I would like to see the church itself before its renovation and how I wish the people behind the could preserve its old beauty, just like other old churches in Manila (I still adore San Agustin in Intramuros and San Sebastian in Quiapo, who is now planning for the restoration project in order to preserve the only steel church in Asia, ahh will talk about it soon here on my blog).

Last na group shot, we’ll see you soon fellow bloggers! <3

We are all in awe for this wonderful trip, and we are blessed to explore this wonderful side of Malabon. Mom and I also had a wonderful time, and glad that she’s a trooper at all! I love her more for that!

Super thanks to Mhel and Ken (again), to Ms. Cleah and the staff of the City of Malabon for this wonderful opportunity, looking forward for the next Malabon adventure!


*** For more pictures about the said event, check out this link from my Facebook fan page!

AffiniTea unveils new branch in CEU-Legarda


I’ve been a fan of milk teas in all kinds, and I intended to try all milk tea stalls scattered around the city. But that has been cut short because of that dreaded heartburn attack that makes me limit my milk tea intake. 🙁

But that doesn’t stop me from drinking my much-beloved teas. In fact, I just had one last week lol! =))

Reporting from duty lols!

I was invited along with other bloggers for the unveiling of AffiniTea’s 15th branch located in Legarda, near Centro Escolar University. The newly opened store’s location is accessible for everyone, especially for students from the University belt and Mendiola consortium. Lucky for them to have their much-loved drinks from AffiniTea within their reach!

I’ve heard a lot about Affinitea’s unique mixes in their drinks, a friend of mine told me that everything is light and refreshing, and she was right! I’ll tell you guys on my lil’ foodie review so for now here are the highlights on the opening of AffiniTea Legarda’s opening:

The blessing was officiated by one of the priest from San Sebastian Basilica. The parish is just a few blocks away from the area.

Sir Emerson and Ma’am Helen heads the ribbon cutting of the store

blessing inside the store, I don’t have any decent photo of the store’s interiors (the place is jam-packed, opening eh!) but as we all marched inside, it was a refreshing change thanks to its light green and blue motif.

At your service, yes! 😛

The large mirror at the right side of the store makes the store look wider, and that’s me at your service, yes! 😛 (SM lang ang peg, chos!)

They also had free wifi available for their customers, yay!


And on with the food! Here’s my humble review of their foodie treats:

Oh-so yummy Basil iced tea!

The basil iced tea is incredibly light, balanced and refreshing – not too sweet, not too bitter, not too overwhelming. I’m not a fan of overly sweetened iced teas, but this one is something that I really liked. It is made of basil leaves that is brewed and chilled, and it also has a cooling effect on me. This one is best served when chilled, and it’s healthy too. (Basil is said to be useful in treating arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases, can reduce inflammation and swelling, has anti-aging properties and is rich in oxidants. More on that here.)

Frozen Cupcakes! that’s mango cupcake at the top, oreo cookie cupcake at the left and banana cupcake on the right. 🙂

I had a chance to try their newest additions to their menu, the frozen cupcakes! The oreo and mango cupcakes are unexpectedly mild to the taste, and the banana cupcakes are the most flavorful (and surprisingly delicious!) of all three. I’d say that this one can be a great partner to the basil iced tea.

Spaghetti for all ‘yo!

They also had spaghetti on their menu! This one is a must-try indeed. This one is mild but flavorful. This one is also not too overwhelming, it tastes just right. 🙂

Cupcakes for all seasons

They also had cupcakes to offer for their customers

Bestseller drinks

Their bestsellers

That wall on the left

The tea that binds

Le bloggers with the owner

The bloggers: the Sailorstarcatcher, Denise of Pisceanrat, Sol of SolRazo.com, President/owner of AffiniTea Philippines Mr. Mark Anthony Liu and Mars Callo of YourHappyCamper and Astig.ph.


Congratulations AffiniTea for their 15th branch! Looking forward to drop by on your store again!


For more information about AffiniTea, check out their official Facebook page here: Facebook.com/AffiniTeaPhilippines




Affordable and Awesome Burgers at Wham Burgers


Me and my fellow bloggers were invited by Wham Burgers for the food tasting of their newest additions to their menu! 😀

I’ve been a fan of Wham Burgers after I had one from a choir friend. everything is fresh, the beef patties are grilled to perfection, making it a delicious experience in every bite.

without further adieu, here it is!

(L-R: Potato wedges, Jalapeno cheese and Onion rings)

These are one of the tastiest sides that I tried, and we all loved the Jalapeno chesse, the richness of the cheese complements the jalapeno, yum!

Spaghetti Fries

French fries + spaghetti = spaghetti fries! the crispiness of the fries and the sweetness of the spaghetti sauce makes this one a perfect marriage of all sorts. and yes i’m in love. <3

Cross Tax Fries

Another fave – cross trax fries

Sliders Trio

As for their burgers, better try their sliders trio! if you’re still confused on what to order, better try this one to taste each of their best sellers, the Wham! Burger, Wham Burger with cheese and bacon burger.

The closer look at the Sliders Trio (with bacon nom!)

Each slider trio is such a handful for me already, I got the bacon burger that is topped with bacon, burger, tomatoes and lettuce, oh nom nom nom!

Wham Burger with Cheese

and finally their one of their bestsellers,  Wham burger with cheese! the richness of the burger topped with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce makes this baby a delectable treat. 🙂

Here’s the menu btw:

Wham burgers menu
Wham burgers menu

Press release:

When it comes to burger, most people would think about it as a comforting meal and perhaps the safest choice when craving for something fast yet satisfying. However, many will agree that not all burgers are  created the same,  purveyors can be partial over a tried and tested recipe with American appeal coupled with an awesome classic taste that stands out. 

Back in 2000, there weren’t really too much options for something one may call an affordable legendary burger—one is left with a choice of either having a basic burger in a fast food or very expensive hotels for something fancy. This was then the beginning for good friends Tony Yap and Dondi Lazaro to profusely experiment for their own concoction, particularly Dondi who is a graduate of HRA at University of the Philippines. After several trials, all signs point to build their own burger brand especially when both of their friends and families gave their seal of approval with their unique recipe discovery. 

Although the evolution of gourmet burger didn’t happen overnight, there was surely a good market for foodies who has grown weary of the typical offerings and go beyond the usual flavors but still affordable. Now, food lovers in the Philippines have long known that good quality burger is a must-have item in a casual-style restaurant. 

Wham was near an instant hit in its first Quezon City branch for capturing the elements of what an outstanding burger should be: huge, hearty, and tucked with impeccably good beef. Celebrated for its never frozen patty perfection, the secret is also in its grilling equipment—a hybrid of electric and gas with pure charcoal on top. Cooking under the coals not only creates a savory, smoky flavor with an invitingly charred exterior, it rounds out an incomparable juicy texture in its strictly one third pound, certified no extender robust beef with 80-20 lean and fat. With its no short cuts, homemade-style formula that’s far from a typical fast food style or too expensive hotel burger, Wham is a bold version that sums up to affordable gourmet quality burger

Prides itself for introducing a 100% Filipino burger brand with outstanding product and service, most people perceive that Wham is an international franchise. “The initial simplicity of the food  and items inspired from my international travels very much worked. Along the way, we had to adapt to Filipino taste, like adding Spaghetti in the menu because kids loved it and wouldn’t eat anything else. And the major draw about our burger is how we cook our patty. We use the old-fashioned real charcoals”, Tony shares. While its standard speaks for the quality of the ingredients, Wham defied all expectations by introducing something far from a mundane category.  

The colorful, comic-inspired interiors of the outlet is a welcoming surprise to the customers from the very beginning since it lends a fun, awe-inspiring vibe which eventually became the signature feel and look of of the stores. Interestingly,  one of its flagship item “Kapow” was adopted from a comic scene to denote a sound effect. 

With no bells and whistles or complicated ingredients such as MSG, Wham Burgers remain on top of mind when questing for a satisfying burger with real beef that one can taste. Another factor that gives this classic favorite a breed apart? Side choices such as potato or bite-sized chicken are satisfying and as flavorful as the mains which amps up the burger eating experience. 

After Dondi and his family relocated to Ilocos, Wham officially became a family-owned business of Tony Yap with wife Camille, brother-in-laws Joby and Kiko with sister-in-law Liza. It was the then the beginning of its expansion, currently with five branches including its first-ever Katipunan QC, followed by Shangri-La Edsa Plaza, Robinsons Midtown Mall, SM North Edsa The Block, Molito Alabang and Mall of Asia. 

With no bells and whistles or complicated ingredients such as MSG, Wham Burgers remain on top of mind when questing for an affordable quality burger with real beef that one can taste. Another factor that gives this classic favorite a breed apart? Side choices such as potato or bite-sized chicken are satisfying and as flavorful as the mains which amps up the burger eating experience. 

Wham burgers are located at katipunan, SM North Edsa (The Block) and Mall of Asia.

Wham Burgers


Wham Burgers on Facebook: facebook.com/WhamBurgers

Wham Burgers on Twitter: @whamburgersph

Wham burgers on Instagram: @whamburgersph

Muranglipad.com signs deal with M Lhuillier Financial Services as Cash Payment Acceptance Partner (PR)

Muranglipad.com signs deal with ML Lhuillier
Muranglipad.com announces its partnership with M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. (MLFSI) to accept cash payments for air ticket issuances. Muranglipad.com, a division of Triplestar Travel and Tours Inc, is an online budget travel portal that provides airfare comparison and real time ticketing for all airlines to all domestic and international destinations.

With this partnership, clients can now enjoy expert travel advice online from Muranglipad.com’s website or through its pool of Travel Specialists through its reservations hotline at 849-0100, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays and 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays and the convenience of paying their booked air tickets through any of the 1,600 M.Lhuillier locations nationwide with almost 160 locations operating 24/7.

To find out more about the new and exciting services, you may visit muranglipad.com, any of Triplestar’s ticketing offices nationwide and M.Lhuillier’s website at www.mlhuillier.com.

Visit their respective Facebook fan pages here:

M Lluiller: https://www.facebook.com/mlhuillierfinancialservices

MyrangLipad.com: https://www.facebook.com/MurangLipad

EasyShop.ph Sellers’ Night Event (PR)

A new online marketplace, EasyShop.ph will have a Seller’s Night Event on Saturday, May 17 in Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines.


The pre-launch event, which is set at 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., hopes to attract online sellers and merchants who want to be among the first to be featured in the website. Freebies and prizes will be given away to those who will attend the occasion.

The official website launch is on June 15, 2014.

EasyShop.ph coming soon!
EasyShop.ph coming soon!

EasyShop.ph is the perfect and safe online platform with flexible and trusted payment options; secured and risk-free on-site business transactions; and most importantly, a free and user-friendly website for all the online shopping needs of both sellers and buyers.

Nelson A. Liao, Chief Executive Officer and President of EasyShop Online Inc, shared his thoughts about his fledgling company and its promise to provide the users a different online experience.

“What we can assure is that the site is scam-free and has a risk-free environment for both the buyers and sellers,” stated Liao, who is a graduate of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in 2009.

“For sellers, we have built-in apps for most smartphones and tablets in the Philippines so the coverage is really extensive. We plan to have a diverse advertising method to help out our sellers not to mention a huge advertising budget every month.”

“On the other hand, for buyers, the android and iOS apps support assures easy access for them. We have a secure payment method which they can use. For now we have Dragon Pay and PayPal available and will have more modes of payment in the near future.”

EasyShop.ph has a partnership with Nelsoft Technology, Inc. and PoziHongkong Technology Ltd.—two reliable software development entities that handles the website.

The opening of the 14th Segunda Mana Charity Shop (PR)

The Donation-in-Kind Program of Caritas Manila, Segunda Mana opened its 14th charity shop last May 9, 2014 at the 5th Level of Metro Point Mall, EDSA Rotonda, Pasay City.


Rev. Fr. Roberto dela Cruz, the Archdiocesan Minister for Restorative Justice, graced and lead the blessing and ribbon-cutting of the newest branch.

Pre-loved items such as clothes, shoes, bags, toys, home and fashion accessories are donated by generous companies, organizations and individuals which are offered at friendly prices in Segunda Mana stalls.

It’s the mission of Caritas Manila to instil the value of giving as a way of life. Through its pro-poor programs and efforts, they help sustain and uphold the organization’s mission to develop and empower the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. Caritas Manila’s flagship program focuses on education for the underprivileged youth under its Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program (YSLEP) which currently supports 4,000 students. YSLEP is an integrated youth development program that develops the youth’s potential in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude and trains them to become leaders. It utilizes training and formation that emphasize not just academic excellence but leadership while cultivating moral integrity and social commitment to the poor.

This is the 14th branch and the 12th mall-based store for Segunda Mana. Other branches are located at Makati Cinema Square, Isetann Cinerama Complex, Harrison Plaza , StarMall-Edsa, StarMall-Alabang, Victory Central Mall, Victory Shopping Center, Victory Pasay Mall, Farmer’s Plaza, Sta. Lucia Mall, Riverbank Center-Marikina, San Roque Cathedral and in Caritas Manila Head Office.

Metro Point Mall’s owners and management granted free space and stall for this program of Caritas Manila.

As Rev. Fr. Anton Pascual, Caritas Manila’s Executive Director puts it, “Buying is the new way of giving.”