Dinner date at Gotti’s Ristorante

Dinner dates. This is something Jayvee and I have on a daily basis. But whenever my girlfriends asked for a company even just for a while, I will gladly make way as soon as possible, even if it means changing my scheduled plans in an instant.

After Rubyanne asked me for a date, I immediately said yes. And after checking on my budget and our food choices, I went on foodscouting, checking on different restaurants and establishments where we can talk in private (it’s a must!), that has good food (mandatory) and is affordable (definitely!) I also need to order ahead while waiting for ruby to arrive from FARview, and I’m also crazy hungry.

We both love pasta, and we also craved for rice. And since it was dinnertime, I chose Gotti’s Ristorante.

Gotti’s is located at the 3rd flr Atrium section of SM megamall, where most of the restaurants are located. The place is indeed cozy, but the place is so jammed up because it’s dinner time.

And yay for Rubyanne, the original Hermalditaness! Check out here new blog here.

We’ve already had our orders, and here they are:

Their Chicken Marsala is somewhat ok for me. The meat is fine but it lacks flavor. This is what I ordered btw.

I took a bite of Ruby’s order, the Tuscan Steak. It was all so flavorful, thanks to the herbs mixed in the beef. The meat’s all tender too.

We shared their Classic Lasagna. So tender, so filling, so creamy, just the way we want it! Indeed pasta and pizza are their specialties, I’ll definitely order their pizza and their other pasta specialties next time!

Lemonade for me and iced tea for her.

Me + Her = love love love! <3

We love our dinner date and we love the food. How I wish we have more time to chat and to catch up, but she still had work (boo for graveyard shift sched! >_<) and I still need to go home to rest to get ready for another work day.


I’ll try their pesto and their appetizers next time! 🙂

*** Dear Rubyanne, let’s date again soon! <3


Gotti’s Ristorante

SM Megamall Atrium

EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong






Rediscovering Manila with Jeepney Tours


Having a ride on a jeepney is a most common way to commute around the city, but this one is a different story.


I was introduced to Jeepney Tours – one of the fun ways to tour around the city while riding on a jeepney. Now what makes this usual different from other jeepneys? Here’s what I had to say.

Ms. Clang Garcia of Jeepney Tours giving us information about the company and our itinerary.

While the usual jeepney rides can be tedious sometimes (because of the gruesome heat, traffic and pollution outside) this one is crazy pimped and colorful, fully conditioned, spacious (it can accommodate up to 20 persons) and it has a videoke installed inside for everyone who wants to sing their hearts out.

Our ride while on Luneta. Photo credit: http://jonrun.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/jeepney-tours-goes-intramuros/

We are all smiles while we deal with the gruesome rush hour traffic as we’re heading to the walled city of Intramuros! But before we head straight to the walled city, we had a quick stop at Luneta to stretch our sore muscles, and for others to have quick photo op outside our very own “jolly jeep”. 😛

It was a surprise to see tour guide/activist Carlos Celdran at the San Agustin as he’s now on his last few parts of his “Walk This Way” tour. (I wanna go on his walking tour again!)

And as we arrived at Intramuros, we went around the walled city’s attractions until we made our stop at the prestigious San Agustin. Luckily, Carlos Celdran is also at the San Agustin while doing the final part of his walking tour.

And we went inside Barbara’s, where it it known for their sumptuous Spanish-Filipino cuisines and the much-applauded cultural show.

Angel figurine at the stairs
I find this cash register beautiful, don’t you think?
Was supposed to take a shot at the bass violin when Ivan came, pasaway lang! 😛
What’s inside Barbara’s

What I like about Barbara’s are its interiors and the homey atmosphere that makes me feel like i’m in a different country.

Not our table, but we are all hungry.


Paella, rice and pasta.
Buffet food being served to us. Sadly, How I wish they could offer more food selections for their guests.
They also had dessert…
I adore their salad! 🙂

In a way, i’m a bit disappointed that they had less choices in their buffet. But the food was good though.

My plate (‘coz i’m hungry like that.)

As we had our dinner, we enjoyed ourselves with the wonderful serenades of the rondalla group.

gif gif

Then suddenly, the lights has dimmed out, it was time for their much-awaited cultural show!

gif gif2

It was fun to see cultural dancers do their rhythmic moves as they perform on stage, as they showcase different dances now rarely seen as this time. From the fierce moves of the singkil dance to the fun and enlightening pandango sa ilaw and the showcase of our country’s national dance the Tinikling, we are all smiles as we are all entertained by the host’s gleeful smile and his ecstatic moves for everyone to see.


Let the videoke fest begin!

Sadly though, this has come to an end. But I was surprised as I went back to the jeep and my fellow bloggers are now haggling over the microphone, waiting on their turn at the videoke!


Mahaba-habang inuman!

And it’s a surprise for me to find out that they had their own cooler where we can have our drinks be chilled, and in this case, we have bottled water, canned soda and beer! Videoke + beer = fun fun fun!

It was a fun event, and I never thought that riding the jeep is gonna be this FUN! I recommend Jeepney Tour for the ultimate touring experience around the Metro!

Jeepney Tours


Contact no. (632) 994-6636

mobile no.: (0918) 897-4670

email: info@jeepneytours.com


Deliciously affordable delights at the Metro Vigan Cafe

During our stay at the Metro Vigan Inn, we had a chance to try the most delicious of Ilocano dishes being offered at the Metro Vigan Cafe. everything is a feast to the eyes, and we all had a gastronomical feast. I don’t mind getting fat (well, kailan ba?) that’s why I (err, we) indulge ourselves on their wonderful concoctions.

This is only part of the cafe 😛

As we arrived, all of us bloggers and guests ushered inside the cafe and we were greeted by the owners and their staff. the place is quite small, but it looks nice from inside. it is fully air-conditioned, and we are all refreshed as we went inside the cafe.

knowing that we were sorely tired and hungry from our 10-hour bus ride, we were given Orange Juice and Bagnet Burger as our welcome drink and snack.

the Bagnet Burger is so delicious that we can’t help but to have another one to fill our cravings for their oh-so popular bagnet. and this is only the beginning of the heavenly feast that awaits us!


here ‘s what we had for lunch: (my pics doesn’t do justice, oh well… here it goes!)

Spring Roll Longanisa – the skinless Vigan longanisa wrapped in a lumpia wrapper is so good that it’s perfect with or without their signature vinegar, we had another serving of this delectable treat for it’s really that good!

Poki Poki – the mix of eggplant and ground pork garnished with onions, tomatoes and ripe mangoes is a great treat to the health conscious, it’s also best eaten  with bagging alamang to experience the explosion of flavors on this dish.

Kare Kareng Bagnet – it’s a marriage of both my favorite dishes cooked to perfection. the chef used ground rice to the sauce, thus making it thicker and more flavorful than the usual kare kare that i’ve usually had before. this is a must-try for everyone!

Sinanglao – the typical sinanglao uses pork innards and uses vinegar to taste, this one from Metro Vigan Cafe uses slices of beef, and they added lemongrass to taste for their soup. gotta love this amazing dish too!

Metro Vigan’s House Pancit Canton – one of the tastiest i’ve tried, and JV adore their version of pancit canton.

Metro Vigan Chicken – reminds me a lot of Savory or Max’s signature chicken.

Pinakbet na Bagnet – one of the healthier alternatives from Metro Vigan Cafe, only more sinful (because of the bagnet, what else? hahaha!) better try this one too, love this dish!

Steamed Malaga – honestly, i’m not familiar with this one, but there is something in this dish that I like. the fish is cooked tenderly, the sauce says wow and it’s also one of the healthier alternatives from Metro Vigan Cafe’s current offerings.

Crispy Pata – this crazy sinful dish is the star on our table, this “putok batok dish” is definitely a must-try for all. marinated to our taste, evenly cooked to perfection, and beautifully served to your table.

We are oh-so full that our tummies are all sticked out. And as for dessert, we had their honeydew watermelon being served to us to cleanse our palettes and to keep us sane in our next itinerary (we had our calesa tour afterwards after we had our lunch, more on that soon. :3 )


the brunch that we had the next day is the continuation of what we had before. now fully geared and recharged from the amazing calesa tour, we are now ready for the second part of their gastronomic goodness!

Cup of hot choco to wake us up!

While we’re waiting for the food to arrive, we had our daily dose of coffee and chocolate to wake us up. i opted for a cup of choco (and coffee for JV) since i’m still on medication for my now less frequent hyperacidity attack.

Bagnet Sisig – here’s another perfect marriage of both my favorite dishes, their finely-chopped crunchy bagnet made into sisig is so perfect that we devour it in an instant!

Pinaputok na Tilapia – freshly-steamed tilapia with onions and tomatoes wrapped with banana leaves and aluminum foil is a spot-on. this has a special place in my heart, i love how this one is so flavorful that I don’t mind having too much of this for myself, hahaha!

Bulalo – truth be told that the ones that I had before in Tagaytay is more flavorful, but this one has a distinct flavor that we can’t help but to have my own serving. But to me, i love the freshness of the veggies being add to this yet-another “putok-batok” dish.

Metro Vigan Fried Rice – absolutely perfect for the dishes being served to us, that we can’t help but to have another serving, extra rice pls!!!

Bagnet!!! 😀

Crispy Bagnet – OH DEAR LORD we just can’t get enough of bagnet! the trip to the north is never complete without having a bite (or two, or maybe more) of this oh-so-sinful-yet-absolutely-heavenly bagnet, ok fine OA nako. (btw, I ordered a kilo of their freshly-cookedbagnet from the Metro Vigan Inn as my pasalubong, because we can’t get enough of this sinful delight hahahah! XD)

Hito at Talong – I’m not really fond of hito (catfish) actually, but i had a change of heart after having a couple of serving for myself. this one is really tasty.

Chopsuey – this freshly cooked chunks of veggies topped with fresh egg is just so divine! i absolutely love the freshness of the vegetables being used, and the egg being mixed adds to the explosion of flavors of this amazing dish. and as one of the healthier alternatives to their list of sinful concoctions, better have this one for sure!

Love the plating… and the duck itself!

Kalderetang Pato – i’m also not fond of pato (duck), but their version of kalderetang pat is a sure hit for me! since duck meat is not as tender as chicken meat (or pork meat when cooked), theirs si so flavorful and soft, that the meat falls ofd from the bone. absolutely flavorful, beautifully crafted. definitely a must-try dish. 😀

And lastly, we had Buko Pandan for dessert. reminds me a lot of my mom’s version of this known dessert.

We are all so crazy full, but we all enjoyed what it has to offer at the Metro Vigan Cafe! I also love the fact that it’s all affordable, perfect for those who are looking for budget-friendly restaurants around the historical Metro Vigan!

So if you’re in Vigan and you’re looking for delectable Ilocandia dishes, better drop by to Metro Vigan Cafe and have a foodie experience of a lifetime! 😀


Metro Vigan Cafe at the Metro Vigan Inn

Bayubay Norte, San Vicente, Metro Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Tel. no: (077) 674-0448

Mobile no.: (0917) 824-3800

Email: metroviganinn@yahoo.com

Website: www.MetroViganInn.com

Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/MetroviganInn

Metro Vigan Inn – your place to stay in Vigan

I heart Vigan! <3

I can’t help but to fall in love with Vigan. that timely trip to the north has been an eye opener to me, and i can’t help but to be in awe with the surroundings and its heritage. and because of this, i wanna go back again and explore the wonders of this beautiful place that is well-loved by tourist and locals alike.

I was invited by Powercomm weeks ago as one of the bloggers to review one of the hotels near the heritage site and its newly opened restaurant, to go on a heritage tour and to explore what Vigan has to offer. it was my first time to go there (along with others) and all i can say is that we had a blast! I’ll be posting about the tour on my next set of post.

And on our recent sponsored trip to Vigan, here’s where we stayed:

Metro Vigan Inn is one of the budget-friendly accommodations in Vigan that is perfect for the budget-conscious travellers who wants to explore the wonders of Vigan. everything is clean, spacious, acommodating and comfy, as we had the the opportunity to have a day’s rest here.

here are some of the pics from outside:

The Metro Vigan Inn, shot from outside
signage from inside going to their garage rooms
view from the back of the hotel
Garage rooms

now let’s take a look on our room where JV and I stayed.

Bed 1 and 2 of our room
and here’s bed 2 and 3… we had the triple deluxe room for ourselves lol!not pictured is the LED tv (with cable channels provided for our viewing pleasure.)
Cabinets are also provided for our things, aka our backpacks. 😛 Obligatory mirror shot with roommate JV and Ate Mars. 😛

We had the triple deluxe room all by ourselves lol! the room is indeed spacious and immaculately clean. the bed is ok for me and the pillows are firm but soft, just right for me to have a good night sleep.

clean bathrooms is a must (coz im oc like that), and yay for clean towels and hot/cold shower woohoo!
tissue and soaps are also provided, better make sure to bring extra shampoo and other personal necessities when checking in. (and lol at the photobomb!)

the bathrooms are also clean as well. I’m very particular with bathrooms actually, especially to the shower and and to the towels provided. and for a budget hotel, this has passed the standards. basic amenities are also provided as well, but better make sure to bring extra.

Now let’s take a look at the rooms being offered from Metro Vigan Inn: (taken from their FB fan page, except on the first pic below)

Shared by Ate Sol and Ate Mars 😛

twin deluxe room (where fellow bloggers ate Mars and ate Sol stayed :P)

deluxe double (more pics here)

superior twin (more pics here)

deluxe twin (more here)

superior double (more here)

twin superior (more here)

Room rates, taken from their Facebook page

Here are their room rates.

The only thing that needs improvement is their WIFI connection. And other than that, everything’s ok. I’ve no complaints!

if you’re in the Metro Vigan Inn, make sure to check out their newly-opened restaurant, the Metro Vigan Cafe. Their newly-opened cafe also has delectable food to be offered at such a budget-friendly price. more on the cafe at my next post!

I recommend Metro Vigan Inn for its commendable service, wonderful amenities and affordable prices. so if you’re one of the budget-conscious travelers (like me) who are looking for a comfortable place to stay in Vigan, then Metro Vigan Inn is a perfect place for you. 🙂


Metro Vigan Inn

Bayubay Norte, San Vicente, Metro Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Tel. no: (077) 674-0448

Mobile no.: (0917) 824-3800

Email: metroviganinn@yahoo.com

Website: www.MetroViganInn.com

Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/MetroviganInn


Wasak to the max? #AyosLangYan! *and win prizes from AyosDito.ph!*

if you’re not aware of Ramon Bautista’s Tales from the friendzone, then better watch it on their Youtube channel to learn more about heartbreaks, lost chances, being friendzoned, being a friendzonee and and anything that will make make you say “saksak puso tulo ang dugo”!


BUT if you’re following Sir RB’s amazing tales about love and heartbreaks (and missed them terribly), i’m happy to announce that THEY’RE BACK! The latest of the TFTFZx web series features a new love story filled with pweety sunsets and “love is only real when baduy” moments that’ll make all lovebirds go gaga with each other, oyesh, that’s really LOVE. <3


Wasak? Heartbroken? Friendzoned? Walang extra rice? #AyosLangYan! 😀 (#BeenThereDoneThat #LOL!)

To celebrate TFTFZx’s newest release to its readers and its love for their (heartbroken) fanatics, AyosDito.ph is giving away G-shock watches, G-shock couple watches and GoPro Hero 3+ black edition camera to the lucky winners, starting from June 11 to June 30.


How to join? 

To join, you just have to share why you love AyosDito.ph for buying great deals or selling your pre-loved items. It’s that easy! So if you think you’re not very lucky in love, here in AyosDito.ph, you have all the chance you want to go home a winner!

Still crying in vain? #AyosLangYan! 😛

www.AyosDito.ph, a leading and trusted online buying and selling website in the Philippines, knows how instinct tells you to hold on to things, especially the more sentimental ones. However, there are new stories waiting to be made only if you let go of things and accept that “Stuvvs happen, ayos lang yan.”

By letting go of pre-loved items on AyosDito.ph, you get the closure you need to move on; while also getting the chance to earn a little extra for other exciting things to try. Even more, you get the chance to win exclusive prizes too!

Ayos ‘di ba? XD

For more info, visit http://blog.ayosdito.ph/index.php/ayoslangyan/


SEAIR partners with Muranglipad.com to offer fare comparison to passengers (PR)

SEAIR International (SEAIR) announces its partnership with Muranglipad.com to offer airfare comparison to passengers.


SEAIR, the brand that pioneered commercial flights to Boracay in 2005, is back to offer premium services with fast and stress-free travel to passengers. Part of its thrust to offer innovative services to clients, is the belief to offer the best value-for-money fares to passengers.

Muranglipad.com, a division of Triplestar Travel and Tours Inc, provides airfare comparison to all domestic and international destinations, across all airlines. SEAIR clients can now enjoy expert travel advise from Muranglipad.com’s pool of Travel Specialists.

To avail of specialized travel assistance, passengers may call the reservations hotline at 849-0100 or visit www.muranglipad.com. Office hours are from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Mondays to Fridays and 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays, to accommodate consultations, bookings and reservations.

Triplestar has 11 ticketing offices nationwide, particularly in Makati, Manila Domestic Airport, Quezon City, SM Clark, Cebu City, Cebu International Airport, Davao City, Davao International Airport, Puerto Princesa, Tacloban and Bacolod. All are strategically located to cater to passengers’ immediate travel requirements.

To find out more about the new and exciting service, please like SEAIR Facebook fan page at www.facebook/flyseair and Muranglipad.com’s Facebook fan page at www.facebook/muranglipad.com for updates on promotions.

Product review: Priva Intimate Wash

Feminine hygiene is something that every woman needs to take care of. Being clean and beautiful inside and out gives me the confidence that I need on a daily basis, especially on those dreaded red days.

To all girls, who doesn’t want to have that fresh, clean and comfy down there? Admit it, not having enough protection can give you that icky feeling in our intimate area. I hate it when I feel like I need to be conscious in my movements and on the smells. Being itchy and irritated is another issue, for there are some products that I used before that only gives me that itchy feeling. and yes, using mild soap and water is not helping too in cleaning and protecting me down there.

Weeks ago, I was able to try Priva Intimate Wash, one of Unilab‘s line of feminine wash that is designed to cleanses and cools the intimate area, and more!

Priva Intimate Wash offers two variants: the Skin lightening and cooling variant has Glutatione with natural strawberry extract that is known for lightening the dark skin area, and the Skin firming and cooling variant that contains collagen with KwaoKrua extracts that will help improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Both variants contains Revitacool, a special ingredient that gives an extra cool feeling after every wash.

That review “down there”

Priva Intimate Wash really cools the skin and has the sweet smell! I like it how it refreshes my skin down there, and on how mildly sweet the smell is. It gives me that squeaky clean feeling for the whole day and I never had any problems with the smell. How I wish that the cooling feeling will last for the whole day.

Another plus factor on this one is the packaging. The design looks sleek and sophisticated for me hahaha! 😛

so girls, if you are looking for a perfect partner for cleanliness down below, grab a bottle of Priva right now! 🙂


Great news! Priva now offers P20.00 off from from the original price!

Available from June 1-July 31, 2014, so grab your now! 😀


***Disclosure: I received the products from Unilab weeks ago for review. Opinions are solely mine.

Epic Freedom Party Unites Fillipinos with an Ayos Vibe


It’s time to celebrate freedom and show off that Ayos Vibe at the #OneViberPH party on June 11, at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Showcasing the best of the Philippines in music and art, #OneViberPH is the freedom party for the modern Fililpino.

“Music has always been a part of our culture, especially among young Filipinos. So we are supporting OneVibePH to express our oneness with young people. This is a night that will unite us through music as we celebrate Philippine Independence. While OneVibePH offers great music, we at AyosDito.ph can provide the younger generation great online buying and selling experiences. Partnering with OneVibePH  is one way of expressing our affinity with them,” explains Vanessa Lee Cartera, AyosDito.ph Senior Marketing Executive.

Crystal Lee, Viber’s Country Manager, added “After the success of #Viberacay event which dominated the island of Boracay during the Labor Day weekend, Viber wishes to celebrate the Philippine Independence Day since we already have our local office here in Manila providing free messaging to 13 million Viber subscribers. This is an opportunity for us to gather Viber users, enjoy the biggest electronic event and dance to the music of our local DJs.”

Joining the headliners are Filipino Apl.De.Ap, DJ Filipino-Dutch Laidback Luke, Filipino DJs Funk Avy, Mars Miranda and Motherbasss. Foreign DJs will also join the event in support of Filipino talents: HardRock Sofa and Infected Mushroom. Likewise, 12 of the metro’s top party venues will be closed to support this independence day party: Aracama, Dillingers, The Distillery, Haze, Hyve, Imperial, Prive, Prohibition, Republiq, Skye, Time, Prive and UrBn.

Tickets are now available thru SM Tickets at (02) 470-2222 or www.smtickets.com and at Ticketworld at 891-9999 or at www.ticketworld.com. Ticket prices are at Php 1000.00 for Patron tickets and Php 500.00 for students and Viber users, just Viber Message using the hashtag (#OneVibePH) to 0911-VIBERPH to get the promo code when purchasing online.

13 million subscribers… 12 Prime Dance Clubs… 6 Participating Local DJs in 1 Epic Viber Event!

Hashtags: #AyosVibe #OneVibePH
Social Media Handle (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram): @AyosDito_PH @ViberPH

About AyosDito:

AyosDito.ph AyosDito.ph is a buy and sell website developed for Pinoys by Pinoys from 701 Search, Inc. It.s a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Schibsted ASA and Telenor ASA with more than 30 affiliate sites all over Asia, Europe and Latin America. Ayosdito is all about making your online buy and sell experience as worry free and hassle free as possible. One that will make you say “Ayos talaga Dito!” Best of all, they sort buying and selling by region, province and city, so Filipinos can use it no matter what region they are in the Philippines

About Viber:

Viber is a pioneering mobile messaging, voice and video service. Viber lets everyone in the world connect. Freely. Users can send free text messages, fun stickers, photos, videos and doodles, share locations anywhere in the world, make free HD-quality calls and communicate with Push-To-Talk. With Viber Out, users can make low-cost calls to any phone number around the world. Viber is available for iPhone®, Android™ phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry®, Blackberry® 10, Windows®, Windows 8®, Mac, Linux, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. With over 300 million users in 193 countries, Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features. Viber is a Rakuten Group company.

Tanghalang Pilipino 28th Season Lineup (PR)

Tanghalang Pilipino, the resident drama company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, unveils its theater lineup. now on its 28th season, TP displays different stories that will surely makes the theater goers enjoy in their delight.

So here they are:



28TH THEATER SEASON (2014 – 2015)


Playwright: LAYETA BUCOY

Kleptomaniacs is a rap through musical highlighting the simple dreams of a poor young man who clings on purity of his love for his beloved to keep him afloat the murky ocean of poverty and dejection. Utilizing hip hop’s genres, Kleptomaniacs juxtaposes hope and anger, naiveté and cruelty, love and evil, against the backdrop of a community with its citizens trying to survive nature’s rage at the hands of the bereft of conscience kleptomaniacs.

It features lowly guy Tabo, a certified drifter whose life takes a dramatic change when he falls in love with pechay vendor Vicky. Wanting to prove himself worthy Vicky’s love, he turns his back to his “tambay” lifestyle and takes a job as a “padyak.” Since Tabo is borderline illiterate and not above petty crimes, Vicky’s mom Tisay doubts that Tabo will amount to anything even if he dies of industriousness. When Vicky gets pregnant, Tabo begs Tisay to allow him to marry Vicky. Everyone in Tabo’s circle of relatives and friends doubts Tabo’s capacity to raise a family except for his best friend Ngongo and his kid brother Buchoy whose unwavering faith in him inspires him to rise above his potentials. But then, an earthquake kills Ngongo and though Tabo holds on to his dying friend’s wish for him to prove that lowly people like them can triumph over poverty with decency and a strict moral compass, the disaster unmasks Tabo’s real enemies: kleptomaniacs who indiscriminately steal the simple dreams of the lowly and murder what little hope that shimmers in the pit of squalor.

PLAYDATES: JULY 11, 12, 13 – 18, 19, 20 – 25, 26, 27 (Fridays-8:00pm, Saturdays-3:00pm & 8:00pm, Sundays-3:00pm)

20% Discount on the regular price for senior citizens, government employees,
military employees & Persons with Disability (PWD). Please present valid ID

(Death of a Salesman)

Translation: ROLANDO TINIO

This play addresses loss of identity, an obsession to keep clinging to the old glorious days gone by, a man’s inability to accept change within himself. He is tired of the bigger new world that he is living in now. It underscores denial, contradiction and order vs. disorder.

Veteran film actor, Ms. Gina Pareño plays the wife to the tragic hero, Willy Loman.

PLAYDATES: AUSGUST 15, 16, 17 – 22, 23, 24 – SEPTEMBER 5, 6, 7
(Fridays-8:00pm, Saturdays-3:00pm & 8:00pm, Sundays-3:00pm)

20% Discount on the regular price for senior citizens, government employees, military employees &
Persons with Disability (PWD). Please present valid ID


Filipino Translation: JERRY RESPETO

An expressionistic parable that explores the relativity of truth, the vanity and necessity of illusions. This will be an ensemble work that will underscore our tendencies to live lives far beyond our real lives, farthest from our real, true selves and worth. This will be directed by Floy Quintos.

PLAYDATES: SEPTEMBER 26, 27, 28 – OCTOBER 3, 4, 5 – 10, 11, 12 – 17, 18, 19 (Fridays-8:00pm, Saturdays-3:00pm & 8:00pm, Sundays-3:00pm)

20% Discount on the regular price for senior citizens, government employees, military employees & Persons with Disability (PWD). Please present valid ID

BALANGIGA (Sarswela)
Playwright: RODY VERA

More than a hundred years ago, in the town of Balangiga in Samar, 48 members of the 9th Infantry of U.S. Army were killed by the rebelling townspeople with the help of the Filipino Revolutionary movement. Described as the worst defeat of the U.S. Army during the Filipino-American war, the “massacre” in Balangiga was believed to have sparked American outrage that led to a far more terrible massacre of Filipinos in the whole of Samar, transforming the island into what history books have named as a Howling Wilderness. Part of the American retaliation was the seizing of the bells from the Balangiga church, touted by the American soldiers as trophies of the war against the rebels. Two of these bells are now displayed in former military base in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The sarswela is a reenactment of this significant historical event in the form of the sarswela. Integral, however to the romantic rendition of this story culminates in an impassioned appeal to bring back the bells to its rightful place in the town of Balangiga.

PLAYDATES: NOVEMBER 28, 29, 30 – DECEMBER 5, 6, 7 – 12, 13, 14 (Fridays-8:00pm, Saturdays-3:00pm & 8:00pm, Sundays-3:00pm)

20% Discount on the regular price for senior citizens, government employees, military employees & Persons with Disability (PWD). Please present valid ID


LARO SA PANAGINIP (Dangerous Liaisons)

JUEGO DE PELIGRO transports the story of Pierre Choderlos de Laclos’ classic epistolary novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses to 1890s Manila, a few years before the mass uprising led by Andres Bonifacio against the Spanish regime. Señor Victor and Señora Margarita are Spanish aristocrats and former lovers living in Intramuros, then an enclave of the elite in the country. As the power of the Spanish conquistadores in the colony began to wane in the last years of the 19th century, Señor Victor and Señora Margarita remain unshaken in their desire to engage in depravity through their vicious games of conquest. They both decide to prey on the young and virginal Señorita Cecilla, her indio lover Daniel, and the virtuous and recently married mestiza, Señora Teresa. Adapted for the stage by Palanca Awardee Elmer Gatchalian, JUEGO DE PELIGRO explores the themes of desire, class struggle, and conquest in one of the tumultuous periods in Philippine history.

Film actor, Iza Calzado plays the role made famous by Glenn Close in the film version.
Also in the cast are TJ Trinidad and Isabel Oli.

PLAYDATES: February 20-22, 27, March 1, 6-8, 2015 (Fridays-8:00pm, Saturdays-3:00pm & 8:00pm, Sundays-3:00pm)

20% Discount on the regular price for senior citizens, government employees, military employees & Persons with Disability (PWD). Please present valid ID


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Stellar Goes Pop! from Polecats Manila (PR)

Polecats Manila’s Stellar Goes Pop poster, from their Facebook page

Polecats Manila, the country’s first organized pole dancing group, opened our studio doors and have been holding pole fitness, aerial silk and aerial hoop classes the past year. Anyone daring enough to add more spice to their workout was welcomed to the exciting sessions. More than 400 students have enrolled, with a new face popping in every day.

It is Polecats Manila’s summer tradition to stage a dance recital every year. This year “STELLAR GOES POP” happens on June 7, 2013, 7:00 PM, at the AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. The show is Polecats Manila’s 4th Summer Recital and is aimed at highlighting the skills and talents of the students fondly called the Pole Kittens, Tigers and Cougars.

The show will feature our recitalists and guests doing pole, aerial silk and aerial hoop routines to pop songs from the 70s to 2000s. It will be an exhibition of art, athleticism and passion for this newly-respected art form.

We believe that every trick, climb and spin can become strength, grace and art. As a performance group, Polecats deliver fluidity in motion, with performances that fuse ballet, jazz and gymnastics. Every performance is a reminder that the extraordinary is our specialty.

Tickets are at Php 500 available at the event date or at 22nd Floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald), Ortigas, Pasig City.

For Tickets and Inquiries, you can email info@polecatsmanila.com or text +63917 – 701 7653

RSVP on our Facebook Event Page: http://bit.ly/stellargoespop

See you there!


Twitter: www.twitter.com/polecatsmanila

Instagram: www.instagram.com/polecatsmanila

Facebook: www.facebook.com/polecatsmanila

Phone Numbers:

Classes: +63 (917) 700-7653 

Gigs: +63 (917) 701-7653 

Landline: +63 (2) 631-0818

Email: info@polecatsmanila.com

Address: 22nd Floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Road (formerly Emerald), Ortigas, Pasig City