The Secret Behind Better Ingredients, Better Pizza (PR)

Papa John’s offers sumptuous pizzas that will definitely score a high five. Do you ever wonder why  Papa John’s is one of the best Pizza Restaurants?

Here are at least five reasons why:

1) The Dough – When was the last time you ordered pizza, which came with real dough (and not biscuit)? Or when was the last time you ordered pizza that wasn’t oily? Minus good dough pizza isn’t a pizza.

Papa John’s dough is baked fresh. It’s hot, it’s soft, and it’s chewy – nice!

2) Ingredients – Pizzas are topped with generous servings, while pastas and sides ooze with flavor – the merry mix of ingredients feel like they dance on your palate.

They say they are “Better Pizza. Better Ingredients”. Must be. It really does make a difference when ingredients are fresh. You’d see and taste it.

3) Pizza Variety – “Super Papa” is Papa John’s top of the line with the combination of pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, sliced mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives. This one’s “all-in” so it’s the first one you must try.

However, you wouldn’t afford to miss Papa John’s other pizza flavors since it’s different from what other brands offer. There’s Spicy Italian Meatballs, Texas Heat, Chicken BBQ, and Chicken Bacon Ranch. It would be wise to try each one of them and decide what your favorite is later.

4) Pastas & Sides – No pizza is an island. It would be “corny” to just order pizza and not have pasta or sides with it.

Go for a little adventure and order the not-so-typical flavors like Shrimp Oriental Pasta and Mediterranean Seafood Linguine. If you want to stay safe though, there’s Carbonara or Meatball Bolognese. (Tip: Try the Carbonara, it’s my favorite!)

Must try are Drummettes and Wingettes. The flavor isn’t too tangy and it’s not salty. It’s okay to get all your fingers rolled and wrapped on its taste – just lick it after!
Go mix and match your choice with the various pizza flavors on the menu!

5) Promos! – Visiting Papa John’s on Tuesdays mean you can actually you order a 12″ Family Classic Pizzas for Php199 only! The promo is good for dine-in, delivery and take out.

On weekends they also have “Weekends One, Two, FREE” where you get 2 Sides Free (from Friday to Sunday) when you buy One Family Pizza.

Papa John’s also gives discounts on their meal packages – choose from many of their offers and get huge savings.

Find more reasons to enjoy Papa John’s. Visit them or call 887-7272 for delivery. Log on to


*PR Source: Wazzup Pilipinas

Have you tried the Spam Tocino lately? :)

Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 6.29.24 PM
Screenshot from the official Spam page


Oh lookie here, it’s Spam Tocino!

It was a surprise to see Spam Tocino at SM San Lazaro supermarket as i’m doing my grocery shopping. I’ve been looking for them for the longest time actually after I saw this one posted on Spam’s official Facebook page. Food bloggers have been raving for it, others are quite torn, and some doesn’t like the taste at all. And now I’ve seen it, it’s my turn to taste this limited edition Spam.

The Spam Tocino is one of the limited edition Spam delights that are circulating right now. This one is more pricey than the original one, but what the heck? It’s now flashing in front of me, and I still have some extra moolah for this one, so who am I to ignore diba? 😛

Cooking Spam Tocino is different from cooking the regular Spam. Just like the regular tocino, you need to simmer the Spam Tocino in water and wait for it to dry up, pour a bit of oil to fry and that’s it!

I like it a bit toasty, the bland ones are just meh.

And just like what the food bloggers had said, they are indeed more sweeter than the usual Spam that is a bit salty. I accitentally cooked the Spam tocino in two forms: one that is a bit toasty on the edges and one that is fried just right.

I personally liked the Spam Tocino being a bit toasted, for I can taste both the sweetness of the tocino and the saltiness of the usual slice of spam. The one that is cooked just right is bland, the sweetness of is so evident that is overpowering the saltiness, and for that that I need to have my trusty Mang Tomas sarsa or vinegar to keep it flavorful (for me).

So have you tried the Spam Tocino lately? 🙂



AyosDito iBall!


I was invited for the AyosDito I-Ball that is being held at the Alphaland Tent, Alphaland Tower last June 19. Rebecca Ricalde, Marketing Manager of, said the occasion was an opportunity to share with media friends its various activities reaching out to consumers through various events in recent months.

Here’s what happened at the I-ball:

Crazy colorful stage

Guests can write their messages on their graffiti wall

Photobooth! Love the striking design by visual artist Jose Gabriel. (also like the idea of instagramming your pic and having them printed in an instant!)

Guessing game: guess the amount closest to the products.

Yummy yummy food (not pictured is their mobile bar)

Here’s what I had during the event: taco, meat ball, kikiam and squidball combo, siomai and that chocolate dessert that tastes a lot like chocnut, yummeh!

Crazy fun opening dance number by the De La Salle Dance Company.

The hosts: internet action star Ramon Bautista, Jojo the love survivor and the Boys Night Out Crew: Sam YG, Slick Rick and Tony Tony. They also showed the preview of the new Tales from The Friend Zone X (TFTFZx) series by Sir RB himself.

Beatboxing at its finest from Beatbox Pilipinas (Beatbox Gor)

Lots of fun and games happened during the event such as the bring me using the AyosDito app, guessing the right amount and their interactive raffle. They also gave away VonZipper sunglasses and GCs, G-SHock watches, LoudBasstards, Instax Mini and GoPro Cameras.

I had fun during the event, and it’s nice to meet fellow bloggers and the people working at Looking forward to their next event soon! 🙂

About is a buy and sell website developed for Pinoys by Pinoys from 701 Search, Inc. It.s a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited, Schibsted ASA and Telenor ASA with more than 30 affiliate sites all over Asia, Europe and Latin America. Ayosdito is all about making your online buy and sell experience as worry free and hassle free as possible. One that will make you say “AyostalagaDito!” Best of all, they sort buying and selling by region, province and city, so Filipinos can use it no matter what region they are in the Philippines.

Visit AyosDito at, you can also follow them at Facebook and Twitter!

Is our water still safe for drinking?

I can still remember the days where I can still drink water straight from our kitchen faucet, knowing that it’s safe for drinking. But that’s the thing from the past.

Nowadays, it’s not safe anymore. Blame it on ourselves for not keeping our water safe for drinking, and because of the changing times, even filtered water and bottled water that we all think is somewhat safe but it’s not, why is that so?

Water is vital to everyone for our daily needs. It is used to replenish ourselves, and to keep away toxins and impurities in our body. Bottled water are considered the safest to drink for it is filtered and clean, but Aquabest does better.


The water for tomorrow

We were introduced by Dante, who introduced us by Aquabest on how water can be safe – and dangerous to our well-being.

pH tests are being done to different water products – distilled water, mineral water, alkaline water… they all the same, but how can they make a difference in our system? Just keep in mind that lower pH level means the substance is acidic, and the higher pH means the substance is more basic.

7.0 and abouve pH is safe on our system, lower than that can trigger our system.

Live test shows that all of them got the high pH levels – except for the granderized water from Aquabest.

The Aquabest Process

Granderized water that is safe for drinking, from Aquabest

Aquabest is widely known for its safe, clean and healthy granderized water. Its water process is unique from any other, utilizing four unique technologies, namely: Grander, Tawning, Nanogen and Reverse Osmosis.

Water Technologies

Tawning Technology and Reverse Osmosis filters water to get rid of contaminants to ensure the water’s safety and cleanliness. Tawning uses two wavelengths of UV radiation te expel biological contaminants, while the Reverse Osmosis filters the water at the nanometer that is smaller than the strand of hair, thus making it sure that all contaminants will be filtered out.

The Nanogen and Grander technologies on the other hand, works at the molecular level to include health-giving properties to the water by affecting the molecular side of the water. The Nanogen technology from Korea utilized nanotechnology to neutralize the water’s inherent acidity, while Austria’s Grander technology alters the water’s molecular structure to improve body consumption.

Overall, the granderized water from Aquabest improves on the inherent cleansing and rejuvenating qualities of water, allowing the cells in our bodies to perform and function better. 🙂

Evee introduces “Lumina White Line”


At this fast-phased environment, it is important to look good and feel good. As for me, it is important to have clear skin, with no blemishes in order to look fresh while facing other clients and on events. Never mind not having snow-white skin, having a clear skin is way fine with me.

But my skin color is not even hereditary, both of my parents are fair-skinned: I’ve been an adventurous lad who’s always out and enjoying the sun, not knowing that the sun is causing serious damage on my skin. For those who’s having the same skin problem as I had, here’s something for you.

The White Line

Evee introduces their new line of products called the “Lumina White Line” that is developed in order to have beautiful, blemish free and bright skin. Designed for filipinas who has dark, damaged skin, the Lumina White Line can sefely lighten skin, eliminates blemishes and rejuvinates skin.

I got the Lumina White Line’s Quick Result Kit, along with the Skin Relax Hand and Body Lotion from Evee.

I got the “Lumina White Quick Result Kit” that I’m still using that consist of a face tonic, day cream, night cream and whitening bar. Each of the products has different effects on skin that when used daily, will have great effects on skin.

  • Face Tonic – gets rid of the skin impurities, bringing out naturally fine and glowing skin.
  • Night Cream – gives you a vital glow onto your skin while getting rid of the skin’s tired cells.
  • Day Cream – protects the skin from the sun, can also be used as a make up base.
  • Cleansing Bar – whitens and tightens skin, making it more youthful and more fine.

Aside from the whitening products Evee has offered for everyone, they also has the body indulgence skin care line, their set of body lotions that are made of natural ingredients helps nourish the skin, making it smooth, glowing and healthy.

Their line of products can be ordered from their website at, and can also be bought at Skinlyn Spa and Wellness Center.

For more about Evee and its line of whitening products, visit their website at Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Moon Pride!


I’ve been a fan since 1995, the year Sailor Moon was first seen on our television sets. And I can’t get enough of it ever since.

Call me crazy or childish (or anything whatsoever) but the latest SM reboot, now called Sailor Moon Crystal is something that I am now looking forward to every 2 weeks. I’m loving the fact that the whole story’s now faithful on the manga storyline, in which I think it’s more serious and  has a great storyline than those from the 90’s anime version.

I kinda miss the comedic factor that the original anime has before, something that is lacking in the Crystal series. Hope that this will be improved though.

BTW, I LOVE THE NEW OPENING SONG!!!!! <3 I will forever miss the Moonlight Densetsu in a way (a modern take on the opening theme looks fine with me), but Moon Pride is indeed catchy and is PERFECT for the OP theme, don’t you agree? 😀

Well anyway, here’s one of the best covers that I’ve seen on Youtube! Here’s Jonathan Parecki’s cover of “Moon Pride”, enjoy!

*** Moon Pride was sung by Momoiro Clover Z, and was composed by REVO, who also did Shingeki No Kyojin’s opening theme, how awesome is that!

Have a selfie at #SelfiEscolta: The Manila Street Heritage Festival (PR)

Young people use the power of social media to raise awareness on Manila’s forgotten but beloved heritage street in this all-day arts, music and food fest.

Manila, July 2 –After its postponement last week due to a bad weather forecast, #selfiEscolta: The Manila Street Heritage Festival will finally hit the historic district as well as our social media feeds this Saturday! Finally, the Queen of Manila’s streets is reclaiming her crown as a relevant and productive district in modern times.

This event will be held along Calle Escolta on July 5, 2014 (Saturday), from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. It aims to raise awareness and help boost local tourism by featuring various simultaneous activities to showcase Manila’s famed district. These include special guided tours that will take attendees to all the heritage buildings in the area.

There will also be an art and food market plus on-site entertainment, among others. Confirmed performers include the likes of Gary Granada, Tres Marias (Cookie Chua, Bayang Barrios, Lolita Carbon), Plagpul, Ukulele Philippines Ensemble, Sanghabi, One Hit Combo, Estribo, Persephone, and more.

Primarily, #selfiEscolta aims to create an online buzz about the district. This is by encouraging participants to post pictures and videos to their respective social media accounts with the official hashtag: #selfiEscolta.

It is organized by The Escolta Revival Movement, an umbrella group composed of property and business owners, public institutions, and organizations from the arts and heritage conservation sectors. They have joined forces for one vision: to rescue and revive Escolta, and make it the country’s premier central business and luxury district once again.

Using this modern form of marketing, the Escolta Revival Movement hopes to promote heritage conservation and history appreciation. The initiative, which counts the Heritage Conservation Society-Youth among its members, aims to promote this among online communities and especially young people.

Should you have questions and other concerns, you may contact our event organizers, Romel Leal Santiago at +639159214334 or Clara Buenconsejo at +639175134961. You may also send an email to or visit the official Facebook advocacy page at



Who’s excited for the Sailor Moon Crystal? :D

No this is not a fanart 😛


2 Sailor-Moon-Crystal-201404292
It’s Sailor Moon, and the inner seishi!

Well, I do! 😀


The new take this lovable Sailor Moon series is NOT a remake from the anime series that we all loved before. the story is solely based on the manga series, so if you haven’t read the manga, start here. 🙂

If you watched the video on the new Sailor Moon Crystal trailer above, the story and the character designs are all based on the original manga designs. for more information about the upcoming series, check this article from MoonKittyNet.

Usako-chan and Mamo-chan, the ultimate OTP!

For more information on where to watch the Sailor Moon Crystal, check out this link here! it will be streamed live worldwide! 😀

That’s it for now! can’t wait for July 5 and to fall in love with Mamo-chan again, kyaaaa! <3 <3 <3



*** Blogger’s note: my blog name is not entirely connected to the anime or the manga series, i only got the inspiration from them (and to the Sailor Starlights lol!) and yes as a fan for so many years, I need to post this. -C

Apocalyptic Alleluia from the Philippine Madrigal Singers

it’s frightening, and powerful at the same. the powerful high notes and the grandiose fortissimos are out of this world. it makes me think that it’s already judgement day, that God is now facing the world, getting rid of the bad,  retaining the good.

And yes, we face this crisis every single day, facing the demons and having inner battles on our evil self.

The first time I heard on the Philippine Madrigal Singers’ Apocalyptic Alleluia gave me goosebumps. fear, excitement, exhilaration. everything that makes me lifted up on high. everything that makes me cry in fear. it’s a mix of both.

indeed, it is a powerful song.


Apocalyptic Alleluia

Sung by the Philippine Madrigal Singers (MADZ)

Composed by Jed Balsamo