Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga bitter

I went inside Third Cup Cafe in Katipunan, thinking that I’ll be watching a Palanca-award winning play by Juan Ekis. But why is it held inside the cafe, where the space is limited and the crowd gets rowdy during peak hours?

Taken near where I’m seated lol! Those two are part of the cast, with Playright Juan Ekis on the corner. 😛

I feel like I was part of the play itself. I blended in, as I watched the characters perform, I feel like I can connect with them, especially on their outlook on love and bitterness.

The cast of Kapeng Brako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter

Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter is a play written by Juan Ekis, a filmmaker, playright and a Carlos Palanca awardee. The story revolves on the 6 characters, whos lives revolves on their views on love, lust, bitterness and their love for coffee. Each and every one of them is unique, especially with their coffee choices, and everyone who watched this play can relate to their outlook in life. (I can totally relate to Anna and Sunshine actually. :P)

Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bittter will be held on September 6 at the Third Cup Cafe. For reservations, pls contact 09084328837 and email duane.umali@gmail.com and/or samahanngmgabitter@gmail.com. Seats are limited, so better make your reservations now! (hope that they’ll extend their show, it’s a must watch actually!)

Like Kapeng Barako Club on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/samahanngmgabitter

Vintage Cars Philippines Presents Car Show and Drive-In Movie (PR)

car show

From the movies Asiong Salonga, Rosario and Boy Golden, which clearly portrays the cultural history of the Philippines, the whole nation have seen vintage cars showcased in the Philippine cinematography. On September, Vintage Cars Philippines will hold an event slated to have the largest showcase of classic cars in the country. The event will be held at Esplanade Seaside Park on September 13-14, 2014. An admission free event.

This year, Vintage Cars of the Philippines has decided to share this wonderful experience with the rest of the nation, with an aim to show that multicultural arts can be appreciated with the use of the different car collections. An event that will transcend people from present, back to the glorious olden times. The car collectors will have an opportunity to display their own cars for everyone to see. A chance for every car enthusiasts to witness an extravagant event that would satisfy an enthusiast’s desires and interact with the owners of these prestigious collection.

The event also includes a bazaar, entertainment and other various car-related activities. A short film festival will also be held with the theme of Vintage Cars. As a result of the classy theme of the film festival, the viewers will have the chance to experience the “Drive-in” feel that the short film festival will showcase. The winner of the festival will be announced on September 14, 2014

Vintage Cars of the Philippines is a gathering of different vintage car owners and vintage car groups in the Philippines. For over a year, the owners and the different vintage car groups were able to establish strong relationships and the gathering continues to expound the importance of time and quality of every automobile in the country. Furthermore, the gathering was also formed to promulgate the cultural history of the automobile industry in the Philippines.

For registration, the photos and details of the cars can be sent to: vintagecarsphilippines@yahoo.com 

For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/groups/vintagecarsofthephilippines 

In Recovery

After weeks of stomach pains, headache and not having enough appetite for food, I decided to go to UST for checkup. My doctor decided that I need to have an endoscopy and ultrasound to ensure of his diagnosis, and that’s what I did on the next day.


So I called the HR for my Philhealth form and told them that I’ll be having a procedure the next day, asked JV to picked up my Philhealth form at the office, and processed my documents for next day’s treatment. On the day of my ultrasound and encoscopy, I waited for hours and my systems were down as I haven’t had anything to eat since 8pm (fasting requirement before treatment). It was my first time to have an ultrasound, and I thought that pregnant women must’ve enjoyed the cooling sensation of the gel that is used lol! But on the other hand, the endoscopy process is one of the scariest that i’ve encountered. The tube inserted inside your mouth going through your insides is absolute hell, and that few minutes of torture makes me want to tear my insides just to get that apparatus out of my system.


The cause of this gruesome stomach pains is due to gastritis and gallstones. Endoscopy results shown that there’s this acidic lining inside the stomach, and this has be of the reasons why I’m having some acid reflux attacks since last year. My ultrasound results shown that I’ve already had gallstones, the main reason of my stomach pangs. I am currently under observation for a month to check out if the prescribed meds will take effect on me, or if not I’ll be undergo operation to remove the gallstones to avoid future attacks.


Why did I had this attacks all of a sudden? I’ve already had ulcer. I love spicy and salty food, and ever since I worked I don’t eat on time (due to its strict time tracking, blame it on them!) I know it’s my fault from the very beginning, but after having this I was alarmed, that even my family, friends and loved ones are alarmed on my current state. Of course I don’t want to have an operation (not for now for the love of God!) but for now I need to take care of myself, take my meds on schedule, never let myself go hungry and avoid everything that will trigger my stomach pangs starting today.


Apologies for the people who invited me to attend to their events, I not yet done with my reviews because of my current state, but I’m gonna be fine now as of this writing. But I’ll try my best to work on everything this week!


*** Just a Lesson I learned on the other day that I wanted to share with you dear readers: always choose the lesser evil, or never choose at all. everyone deserves to know the truth, and it’s better not to be associated with crabs who can pull you down when you least expect it. I think this deserves to have a more detailed post soon.



The most anticipated blog event is back! The Blogapalooza 2014 now opens its doors to all bloggers and business alike. this event showcases businesses who wants to make a marketing pitch to all bloggers, online influencers and social media superstars and media practitioners to this one-of-a-kind event.

Just like last year’s event, the blogapalooza 2014 is organized by two of the biggest blogs here on the country, When in Manila and Our Awesome Planet. This will be held again in SM Aura at Sept. 20, 2014. I’m now looking forward to meet and greet fellow bloggers and influencers alike, and to learn from the legit experts in blogging and social media.

I bet it’s gonna be a fun event, just like what happened last year. 😀 (here’s my review on Blogapalooza 2013, where my life as a food/travel/lifestyle blogger has started!)

So if you’re a blogger and wanna join in the fun, here’s the link to sign up! Hoping to see you there! 😀

Clarity Aesthetic launches Bloom Campaign (PR)

Premium body and facial care provider Clarity Aesthetic Medical & Dental Center launched recently its Bloom campaign, which aims to give women the feel of a more beautiful and youthful glow through the “Purity” and “Divine” packages.

The Purity Package includes a session of Laser Hair Removal, Intense Diamond Peel, and Nourishing Facial, while the Divine Package comes with a session of Warts Removal, Spot Whitening, Intense Diamond Peel and Nourishing Facial.

Both the “Purity” and “Divine” are beamed at brides-to be and just about every woman who are after a blooming look with healthier, fairer, and younger-looking skin.

Clarity continues to develop affordable and exclusive beauty promos.”

“Being beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive, so we developed the Bloom campaign to make sure that every woman gets the chance to bring out the best in her,” says Carmie de Leon, vice president for sales and marketing.

“We believe that being beautiful is every person’s right, which is why over and beyond our company’s business goals, we care for our clients by reaching out to their needs.”

These beauty packages are available from June 1 to August 31, 2014, and vouchers may be used until December 31, 2014.

For more information, visit the Clarity Aesthetic and Dental Center at the 5L Wellness Zone, Shangri-La Mall. Call the Customer Care Hotline (02)638-1294 or visit www.clarity.com.ph. Like Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center on Facebook.

Ride a Mini Cooper for a Weekend through Carmudi PH (PR)


Press Release- Ride a Mini Cooper for a Weekend

Carmudi Philippines, the largest online car buy and sell platform, is giving Filipino car enthusiasts a chance to ride a Mini Cooper for a weekend if they could find the winning car product on their website www.carmudi.com.ph. The second prize winner gets a 7″ Torque Droidz Edge android phone from Lazada.

Entitled “Win a Weekend with Mini Cooper,” the contest requires participants to log-in to Carmudi’s website and use the site’s advance search filter to find a blue Mini Cooper with a description “Congratulations!” and tweeting “I found the blue MINI! @ CarmudiPH #MINIxCarmudi

The contest winner, which will be determined through a raffle, is free to drive around the Mini Cooper anywhere during the given period. Below is the complete guideline of the contest:


Contest Guidelines

  1. To join the “Find the Mini Cooper” Contest, log-in to the Carmudi PH website and look for a blue-colored Mini Cooper with a description that says “Congratulations”. Share it on Twitter with the words “I found the blue MINI! @carmudiPH#MINIxCarmudi” together with its attached picture. Multiple tweets are allowed.
  2. For Android users, you can use the Carmudi App by downloading it from the Google Play store. For Apple iOS users don’t fret. You can use the regular site to join the contest.
  3. The Promo runs until August 22, 2014, at exactly 6 p.m. Only the people who have completed the instructions above are qualified for the raffle phase. Carmudi Philippines will list all the tweets related to the contest, starting from the earliest to the latest, before beginning the lottery.
  4. During the raffle, all tweet entries will then be counted and sorted. Each entry will be given a number according to the time they were posted on the internet. A Carmudi representative will then pick a raffle number that will correspond to the winning tweet.
  5. Winners will be contacted directly after the lottery results are confirmed.



Claiming the Prizes

1. Winners can claim his/ her Gift Certificate from MINI or the 7″ Torque Droidz Edge android phone from Carmudi’s office: 9th Floor Rufino Tower Building, 6784 Ayala Avenue corner V.A. Rufino St., Makati City.


2. The GC is valid until December 31, 2014. The winner should inform MINI Global City not later than 3 days prior to the preferred weekend drive to check the availability of the unit. Unit must be picked up Friday afternoon and must be returned by Sunday Evening.


3. Kindly call MINI Global City office (02) 856-7555 local 4134 and look for Mae Valdez, Debbie Fuertes, or Via Sanchez to reserve the unit.

Past Winners

Carmudi also gave away a chance to ride a Mini Cooper for a weekend a month ago, during its media app launch at the Big Bad Wolf at Burgos Circle, Makati. It was won by Reggie Ramos, blogger of dronthego.net.






Aquabest Gears Up with Provincial Expansion (PR)

AQ E-Card

GQWEST Inc. announced plans to expand its Aquaquest water refilling franchise outside Metro Manila as part of its plans to drive growth.

A sister brand of Aquabest the country’s premier water franchise and with over a hundred stores, Aquaquest is set to grow in rural areas where potable water access remains an issue. The company’s CEO, Carson Tan, sees tremendous potential in areas outside Manila, which have begun to see rapid development and urbanization. “With the Metro Manila water refilling market getting ever more competitive it would be more practical to look at other areas where opportunities are great and competition isn’t as fierce.”

A single Aquaquest store can offer three different types of water: purified, mineral, and alkaline. While the purified water is the staple product of the store, the mineral and alkaline types of water would appeal most to people who have specific medical needs or those who need water as a health supplement.

More than just providing its franchisees and consumers with more options, the franchise also offers its franchisees a faster return period due to increased sales brought about by the 3-in-1 concept of the enterprise. This triples their opportunities and chances for success with just a single store.

Apart from its flexible marketing options, acquiring an Aquaquest franchise is now made easier due to the financing options offered by GQWEST. Franchisees can also take advantage of the company’s tie-ups with institutions like BPI Family Savings Bank to help secure a Ka-Negosyo loan package for their franchise. The company also offers excellent after-sales support with a store opening package, local marketing and technical support.

Further, with the company’s Green-Mindset advocacy, the Aquaquest water store may be bundled with a Laundryquest store to conserve water and increase the store’s income.

CNA Opens 8th Branch in SM Novaliches

CNA, the #1 accessory shop in Korea finally opens its 8th branch in SM Novaliches.

Fun and games for the Kpop fans

The grand celebration was held last August 2, 2014 at the SM Novaliches Mall Atrium. The celebration features dance performances featuring the songs from famed Korean boy bands, fun and games for Kpop fanatics and raffle prices being given away for everyone.

Dance performances featuring the songs from Kpop boy bands.
With marketing assistant Ms. Jen Nadonga

According to the Marketing Assistang Ms. Jen Nadonga, the opening of CNA’s latest branch is one of a kind, with a lot of things that first happened in their grand launch, and here’s why:

  • CNA – SM Novaliches is their first branch that is being opened in one of SM malls.
  • Their grand opening launch is held outside their store (and is being held at Mall Artium).
  • They also had a photobooth installed in Mall atrium during the grand launch.

Quick preview on their store

CNA stands for “Culture, Nature and Art”. It is a top accessory shop from Korea that offers fancy jewelries, accessories and and albums from most-loved Korean bands. From its early beginings in 1991, CNA is now the top accessory store up to this day.


Cutesy hair accessories
Headbands and colorful ribbons
Stockings in all kinds of designs
Funky earrings! check out that Mike Wizowski earrings, so cute!

Since its opening here in the Philippines last 2012, CNA has received so many followers and fans who loves their uniquely-designed accessories and are fans of anything Korean. All their accessories are affordable, eyecatching and fashionable, perfect for those who are looking for affordable accessories for their #OOTDs.

For more information about CNA, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.


WeChat and EasyTaxi’s Easy Selfie Promo! (PR)

Have a “Lemme take a selfie” moment with your EasyTaxi driver, upload it on Wechat and win prizes!

Aloha to all, especially to all WeChat users! Wanna win prizes from WeChat and EasyTaxi?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Follow EasyTaxi on WeChat: EasyTaxi_PH
  2. Have a fun selfie in an EasyTaxi cab, along with your driver. (the most fun, the better)
  3. Send us your picture on the WeChat account.

It’s that simple! The three most unique selfies will win Php 8,000 worth of prizes from the partner brands!

So good luck! 😀

#EasyTaxi, your taxi one touch away! #EasySelfie

Carmudi Launches Carmudi App For Android Users (PR)

Leading car classified Carmudi has rolled out its global app for Android devices in the Philippines

July 23rd, 2014 (Manila, Philippines) – Carmudi, the world’s fastest growing online car classified, is all set to change the experience of shopping for car enthusiasts in the Philippines. The online car classifieds has officially launched its mobile application which will allow users to browse thousands of cars on the go. Hosting over 20,000 vehicles online, Carmudi’s app will give users an excellent experience of buying cars while on the move, thus allowing them the same sense of ease and comfort out and about as they would experience in front of their PCs at home.

The app is available to Android users in 20 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. For the convenience of customers, Carmudi has made the app available in 9 different languages.

The app features the same usability and filter functions as its computer counterpart www.carmudi.com.ph. Customers can filter searches by any means that they wish, from brand to model and year to price. Users can also share listings on various social platforms to gain opinions from friends and family if they are unsure. In addition, the Carmudi app allows for favoriting of listings so that they get instant notifications on their favorite rides.

Stefan Haubold, Co-Founder and Global Managing Director of Carmudi, commented, “We want to bring the massive choice of cars to the fingertips of our users. This is a huge milestone for Carmudi. The app will allow millions of users across the globe to find their dream car in just a single tap. We already have over one million users visiting our website every month. Carmudi is changing the way consumers search and shop for cars. With mobile phones accounting for more than a third of the internet usage in the emerging world, Carmudi’s app will further strengthen its dominance there.”

The current market behavior and mobile internet usage of the Philippines is perfect timing for Carmudi’s app. Mobile penetration is at 111% – that means that the country has 11 million more phones than people. The Philippines is also the fastest growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia, with Android-powered phones having more than 90% market share. Carmudi.com.ph officially launched its app on July 23 at Big Bad Wolf in Burgos Circle. Test drives with the newest models of the MINI Cooper rides were made available to its attendees and as a finale, Carmudi.com.ph gave away one entire weekend with a MINI Cooper to two lucky contestants!

So if you are looking for that perfect ride, make sure that you download the Carmudi app on the Google play store. The app will allow users to search for the vehicles they want by brand, model and price. If this is not enough, further filters such as age, mileage and even color are available to make sure that customers are able to find exactly what they want. More features will be added to the app shortly.

The business platform operates under a high level of transparency through professional photos, updated listings, detailed descriptions, reports and rankings for 100% of its vehicles in each market. At the same time, vehicle dealers get a trusted online presence through a personalized webpage. The Carmudi platform helps sellers manage their inventory in a fast, easy and stress-free way.

About Carmudi

Carmudi.com.ph was founded in 2013 and is currently available in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Sri Lanka. The vehicle marketplace offers buyers, sellers and car dealers the ideal platform to find cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles online.