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I’ve heard everything about Chef Bruce Lim after I watched his segment from Kris Tv. I was hooked as he served his dishes on national TV, and I don’t even mind being crazy late at work at that time (I haven’t had breakfast at that time lol!)

well anyway, more information about Chef Bruce Lim can be seen here. He is also the one behind Chef’s Table and Mise en Plus Foods inc. (both closed). And today, he now the man behind Rustique Kitchen, a new restaurant owned by Tonyboy Cojuanco and Gretchen Baretto located in Arnaiz st., Makati.

Interiors and design

The interiors
The bar counter

As I stepped inside Rustique Kitchen, the old world feel surprised me. They had the old french interiors that is so posh, the classic feel never fails to keep me in awe. Also found out that the place used to be one of Tonyboy Cojuanco’s restaurants named La Regalade French Bistro, and they only did some minor adjustments in the interiors to make it more regal. Glad to dressed up in this event or else… lol!


What’s on the menu?

Here are some of the dishes served to us:

Complimentary Bread

Complimentary bread – they had a lot to offer, and they are all served with herbed butter and coffee maple butter

Some of the cocktails offered

I must say, Chef Bruce has a lot to offer for everyone, starting from their cocktails:

  • Calamansi Fizz – Calamansi, tarragon, clear soda, absolute vodka
  • Hot Mama! – Tomato juice, calamansi, chilli, roasted garlic, celery salt, absolute vodka
  • Femme Fatale  – Ripe mangoes, lemongrass, fundador brandy, absolute vodka, jose cuervo tequila, bombay gin
  • Vodka Mudpie  – Vanilla ice crea, crushed graham, chocolate syrup, chocolate vodka, kahlua, baileys
  • Carnival  – Ripe mango, orange, beet syrup, soda water, popcorn
  • Pumpkin Pie  – Pumpkin, apple, cinnamon
  • Rustique Pear Tea – Pear, pomegranate, rosemary
  • Thirst Quencher  – Cucumber, honeydew, ginger syrup
  • Minty Guava – Pink guava, pineapple, ginger syrup and mint leaves.


The Main treats

Pata Fritters

Crispy Pata Fritters – a delectable starter dish, I didn’t notice at first that this is made of shredded crispy pata at all! It was flavorful yet so filling.

Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Mango jam

Bruschetta with Foie Gras and Mango jam – it was my first time to try foie gras (or duck liver), and it’s a surprise that it felt so buttery. I’m no fan of liver at all but this has changed my mind. The mango jam adds a bit of tanginess to the bruschetta and foie gras, and the mix of flavors is so playful, and I appreciate it a lot.

Ceasar Salad

Caesar Salad – the mix of lettuce, roasted cherry tomatoes, quezo de bola shavings drizzled with their house dressing is a refreshing twist to the conventional Caesar salad that I always had. Everything is so fresh and the presentation is pleasing to the eyes.

Lapu Lapu Ceviche in Citrus Vinaigrette with Danggit

Lapu lapu Ceviche in Citrus Vinaigrette with Danggit – reminds me somewhat of kinilaw in a way, but this is one is more fresh, beautifully executed and pleasing to the eyes. The contrasting features of the Lapu Lapu and the Danggit makes both of them more flavorful and decadent.

Lengua Pastel

Lengua Pastel – I thought at first that it was a soup dish lol! It was one of the newest dishes from their menu. It looks so special, I scooped for a bit of serving and I liked it.

Sizzling Kare kare

Sizzling Kare Kare – the meat is oh-so soft and tender, the peanut sauce makes me want for more! This one is served in a cast-iron skillet to retain the heat and to enjoy the sumptuous aroma of this amazing dish.

Tripe Salad

Tripe Salad – Their alternative to the classic bagoong that is usually paired with Kare Kare. This is made of beef tripe, bagoong and spring onions that is amazingly good to the bite. But I had to admit, this is best paired to their Sizzling Kare Kare.

Tortang Talong

Tortang Talong – the usual take of tortang talong with sauteed pork and salted eggs on top is a sure hit for me, makes me wanna have this one with rice.

Fish Market

Fish Market – I love anything made of fish, and this one is no exception. Baked Lapu Lapu in lemongrass marinara with potatoes and danggit on the side is so fresh, flavorful and light. Good for those who are looking for a healthier alternative, but I had a better suggestion to that.

Grilled Rib-Eye Steak

Grilled Rib-Eye Steak – made from USDA beef, the steak is indeed grilled to perfection. It was wonderful to have this succulent steak that is served with fried onions, cheese, cream sauce and potato pave. This is so seriously good in every bite.

Beef Steak Pasta

Beef Steak Pasta – the unusual take of pasta topped with slices of beef steak, cheese and fried onion rings. I like the ways this is executed, the flavors is just right for me.

Country Pumpkin Pasta

Country Pumpkin Pasta – tender pieces of grilled chicken placed on top of the pasta, with pumpkin blossoms and chesse sure looks appetizing. I’ve no idea that they used pumpkin cream sauce is used in their pasta, until I had a bite on this dish. I was surprised on the flavors on this one.

Salmon Slab – My favorite among all the dishes from the Rustique Kitchen

Salmon Slab – this is one of the special dishes being offered here at the Rustique Kitchen. It was a huge slab of slow-baked salmon wrapped in banana leaves, served with marbled potatoes. I adore this dish overall, no lemme correct that, I LOVE this amazing dish overall! It was amazingly tender and moist, and yes I am in love.



apart from their amazingly crafted dishes, they also had their own line of desserts that is so deliciously good in every bite. Here’s what they had to offer:

Warm Chocolate Tart

Warm Chocolate Tart – chocolate tart with delectable chocolate cream inside, with slices of mangoes and chocolates on the side to give that tart a refreshing twist.

Kesong Puti Cheesecake

Kesong Puti Cheesecake – cheesecake done just right, and the slices of strawberries and mangoes that goes on top of the cheesecake tastes so right.

Signature Buko Pie

Signature Buko Pie – I like the fact that their version of buko pie is served beautifully in a wine glass. This one is beautifully done, and appetizing as well.

Every dish is pleasing to the eyes, and everything is indeed delicious. The interiors are indeed inviting, perfect for dinner dates and for intimate celebrations with family and friends.

With fellow bloggers from Wazzup Pilipinas, thanks for inviting us to the food tasting event Ross! 🙂

Visit Chef Bruce’s Rustique Kitchen soon, you’ll gonna love it! 🙂


Chef Bruce Lim’s Rustique Kitchen

Leelin Building II, 820 Arnaiz Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Contact: 02 7502104, 09153734404

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