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An officemate of mine asked me to blog about this new restaurant situated in Mandaluyong. I eventually agreed, and asked my fellow bloggers to join me in this restaurant review.

I must say, I had high hopes for Plana’s Pantry. It was one of the new restaurants that is located just infront of the California Garden Square in Mandaluyong. I was informed that it was opened last September 1, and they offered delectable dishes, beautiful ambience and good vibes for their customers.

White interiors with the mix of blue makes the whole place look summer-ish and cutesy. <3
One of my fave wall designs… guess what’s my favorite? πŸ™‚

As I stepped inside the restaurant, I was floored by the summer-themed interiors that are absolutely quaint and homey, as the white interiors complemented the mix of colors in their furniture and the witty signs posted on their walls.

framed tiles as decors
cutesy tissue holder is cutesy

Even their restroom has its cutesy stuff inside hihi! πŸ˜›

Custom-made chairs and mirrors
custom-made cushion chairs are comfy and cute as well.

All interiors are custom-made – the choice of color palettes, the comfy chairs to the mirrors, and even the simple displays are well placed. It feels so comfortable dining in, makes me wanna stay more and just dine in and have a fun chat with my fellow girlfriends (or with leboyf of course! :P)

Homegrown oregano and basil inside the Pantry

They even had their homegrown herbs planted inside! Hello there oregano and basil!

customized place mats

I forgot to ask for place mats as my souvenir! Love the quotes hihi! <3

Another thing that I love is the service. Ms Rachel Plana (the owner) has been hands on in attending to their customers’ needs. The staff is also friendly and accommodating as well.

So we placed our orders, and we didn’t expect that we’ll be loving their dishes as well.

Buttered fish and shrimp with fries

For starters, we had Battered Fish and Shrimp with Fries – perfectly fried battered cream dory and shrimp that is incredibly light and has less breading; the fries is also perfect for these two, as they are less oily and tastes just right.

Mushroom Salpicao

The Mushroom Salpicao on the hand is something that I wanna munch on while at work or watching TV. I love mushrooms, and these are cooked just right.

Dalandan juice

We were served drinks as well. I had Purely Squeezed Dalandan juice served in a mason jar, and it was all refreshing. Fellow blogger Dems ordered Calamansi with Honey (not pictured) and she finds it refreshing too.

Blogger Alice opted to have this Supersized Lemonade, just look at that tall glass!

Calamansi with Malunggay in a dainty mason jar

And just before i’m finished with my dinner, ordered their Calamansi with Malunggay, in which I find it therapeutic in a way. The tanginess of the calamansi and the bitterness of the malunggay makes it an interesting combination. The health benefits of both products is an added plus, and I recommend this to all, especially to the health-conscious ones. πŸ™‚


They had a lot to offer for their main entrees. Note that each dish is served with pesto rice and veggies on the side, so here’s what we had for early dinner:

Angus Rib-Eye Steak

Zheyme’s Angus Rib-Eye Steak is indeed flavorful, tender and succulent. Serving is huge and I think that the steak is good for sharing, and this is best eaten while it’s still hot.

Meltique Steak

Alice’s Meltique Steak is moist and more flavorful than the first one to be honest, thanks to the larding technique that is used to have this marbling effect, making it more delicious and tender in every bite.

Gindara Steak

I had Gindara Steak for myself, and glad that the black cod fish being used is cooked just right. It has a buttery and zestful flavor that is so light and fresh, something that i’m really look forward in my fish steak.

Lamb Masala

Dems ordered Lamb Masala, and I had to say, it was surprisingly good! This dish is somewhat Indian-inspired (can’t figure out the flavor but it reminds me of one of the Indian dishes that I tried before), for the meat is so tender and juicy, and pleasing to the eyes (and on our tummies. )

Hickory BBQ Ribs

Their bestseller, the Hickory BBQ Ribs is a sure hit! Ms Cha’s dinner is a sure hit for all of us, the meat is so moist and incredibly delicious, now this is something that I would love to have on my next visit.

Chicken Teriyaki

I find Sir Bernie’s Chicken Teriyaki a bit sweet and tender, kinda reminds me of the ribs but more buttery.


Ms Rachel recommends some of the dishes for us, and here’s what we had:

I love their Lengua!Β 

Their Lengua cooked in creamy mushroom sauce is a sheer perfection, the ox tongue just melts in mouth and it has a sheer, delightful flavor.

yum yum sisig!

The Plana’s Sisig is a sure hit! Reminds me a lot of the much-loved Bagnet Sisig that I had at the Metro Vigan Cafe. The finely chopped crispy pork bits with their house Laing on the side not only looks appetitizing, it tastes really good as well. Now I know where I can have my favorite sisig when needed.


Plana’s handcrafted ice cream in chocolate and avocado
I scream for (strawberry) ice cream!

While we’re still full on our early dinner, we opted to have their handcrafted ice cream for dessert. The strawberry ice cream has real strawberry bits included, their avocado-flavored ice cream is one refreshing treat, and their chocolate ice cream is a surprising treat that you don’t wanna miss. Their ice cream is sooo good – rich, creamy and beautiful, good to the last bite. Ms. Rachel told us that their ice cream is made by her husband and her daughter.

I must say, their ice cream is made with love. <3

dainty tea cups
pretty teapot with Twinnings
Mrs Potts in real life

and lastly, we had mangosteen tea and Twining’s mint tea, served in an elegant China teapot and teacups.

πŸ˜› (watermark fail sheesh!)

Care for some cup of tea? πŸ™‚

I’m thankful that I had a wonderful time at Plana’s Pantry. The ambience and the good food makes this place a great hangout for all. Definitely a must-try place for everybody!


The Menu

Photo by Dems πŸ™‚

With the owners and fellow bloggers πŸ™‚


Plana’s Pantry

50 Domingo M. Guevarra St. (formerly Libertad St.)

Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City

Contact no: (0917) 630 8256


Facebook page:

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