Oh-so filling Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties!

I had a chance to taste these treats from Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties in Market Market mall in Taguig. I was supposed to be tasting their patties last month if not for my gastritis/gallstone attacks last month. Well anyway, i’m glad that I had another shot on this one, and we see to it that we’ll be coming in after our work shift.

Ang matakaw na JV, lolz! (I still wub wu anyway xoxo!)

Why “we”? ‘coz I’ll be tagging this crazy gerbil with me, well hello again JV! 😛

We arrived at the Market Market at around 8pm, and I absolutely hate the fact that it took us 2 hours just to get there from Ayala (blame it on the undisciplined drivers in EDSA yo! Esp. bus drivers! XD) well anyway, i’m glad that we saw their store immediately, and I can’t wait to taste their delectable treats! 🙂

their store is strategically situated in the 5th floor of the Market Market mall, where the cinemas and the rock climbing stall is located. Everyone who wants to watch their favorite movies can get their treats easily, now that’s convenient.

The RC Jamaican Patties in Market market is quite small but cool. It has a reggae vibe because of its design. Their yellow interiors looks inviting and cool to my taste.

Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties is known for their well-loved patties that is perfect for snacks and light meals. There are so many to choose from on their menu, but since we arrived minutes before the mall’s closing time, we only had 4 flavors to choose from. (more on that later)

Aside from their best-selling patties, they also has baked mac and baked goods on their menu. I would love to have some pasta for dinner, well maybe next time. 🙂

As for their patties, the crust is light and flaky. All patties are freshly-made, along with their pasta treats and their baked goodies. Their fillings are well-seasoned and flavorful, and some with the hint of spiciness, something that is unique in jamaican and mexican dishes that I tried before.

We tried 4 flavors from their menu, and I had to say that the beef supreme is my personal favorite. the filling itself is really delicious and the crust adds crunch to the patty. JV commended the beef royale for its taste and it has the right kind of spiciness to the patty.

the other two flavors that we’ve tried were the cheese burst and beef jerky, and they are both delicious as well.

note that all Jamaican patties are freshly baked by their trained crew, so rest assured that you’ll be served with deliciously cooked patties.

As for the drinks, we ordered two of their premium drinks: four seasons and mango fruit drink. Love their drinks to bits!

busog lusog me and the RC Jamaican Patties crew, thank you for accommodating us! 🙂

We never thought that we’ll be this busog after going here at Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties! everything is served fresh and everything is affordable, and worth it dayuhin! we’ll drop by again next time!

Royal Carribean Jamaican Patties

5th Floor Market Market Mall, Fort Bonifacio

Contact : 0943 709 0406

Website : http://www.royalcaribbean.com.ph/

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