Preciously Precious at the 36th MIBF

At the last day of the 36th Manila International Book Fair, Precious hearts Romances calls for love-struck junkies for their “Preciously Precious” event that is held last Sept. 20, 2015.

Looking at their tagalog pocketbooks took me back when I was an early teen, where I first started to read their line of melodramatic Filipino stories about love, lust and happiness. Reading tagalog pocket books has helped me improve my Filipino writing skills (forever failing subject for me, pls don’t judge me) and the concept of love was very new to me back then, and it’s good to see them again after so many years.

The GLAM squad doing their work!

It makes me remember all the pocketbooks written by Ms. Martha Cecilia. Nostalgic eh? 😀

Going back, the preciously Precious event is hosted by Von and Gayle, and they’ve launched new books from the new line of PHR writers. The activity area is also well-equipped with refreshments and a glam booth for all the PHR patrons.

Here are the newly-lauched novels from different authors:


The Wanderlust Series talks about four different woman, with different stories who agreed to meet in Sagada…

  • Promise by Dream Grace
  • Kiss by Victoria Amor
  • Touch by Dawn Igloria
  • Tears by Belle Feliz

Diary Ng… series

  • Diary ng Chubby by Vanessa
  • Diary ng Broken
  • Diary ng Maganda by Victoria Amor

PHR Gothic Romances Series

  • Cursed Series: A wolf’s Tale by Nikki Karenina
  • Hot Fangs Series 1: Dark Angel by Venus Franz

A Beautiful Heart Series

  • Seven Stages of a Heartbreak by Maricar Dizon
  • My Lock of Love Cannot be Broken by Sofia
  • Of Hugot Memories at Marami Pang Iba by Luna King


  • Loving Sunday By Belle Feliz
  • The Return of a Forgotten Hero by Luna King
  • STAID Trilogy: Unoconventional Love by Kensi
  • The Breakers Corazon Sociedad: Bernard Buenaventura by Venice Jacobs
  • Brak: The Bastard of Agron by Rose Tan
  • Loving Hyde by Sonia Francesca


  • Epic Memories: Maria Jesusa by Lush Ericson
  • Epic Cravings: Maria Carmina by Luna King
  • Epic Satisfaction: Maria Ilumina by Leonna
  • Epic Desire: Maria Athena by Bridgette Marie
yiihee! <3

After the book launch of their new line of novels, a dating game is set to make the audience kilig!

Fans day indeed for PHR book fans!

The event is concluded with the book signing and photo op with the novel authors.

It is great to see that PHR has now a long list of books to offer for everyone. During the end of the event, I was surprised that there are so many bookworms – mostly teens that are buying their trademark novels and also coloring books that are on sale during the Manila International Book Fair. Good to know that people prefer to read and do something colorful with their purchased books! 😀

Again, congratulations Precious Hearts Romances for the success of the Preciously Precious event!

A different kind of humor from Comedy Cartel

Rene Cruz Jr. on stage

Much has been said about Comedy Cartel, as I’ve heard good things about their brand of comedy from my blogger friends. I also heard that there are also bloggers who are also members of this group, but I’ve yet to meet them (maybe) soon.

I haven’t heard of them doing all sorts of comedy until the day I met them. their skit is something that is cannot be seen or heard in most comedy bars. They never trash talk, never put any person in a pedestal or even not making anything discriminatory. Comedy Cartel’s brand of comedy reminds me so much of Saturday Night Live (SNL). If you haven’t heard of the show, go check them on Jack TV. (disclaimer: not a paid ad, just a reco. :P)

More about Comedy Cartel

Pilipinas Got Talent runner-up and Comedy Cartel mainstay Ruther Urquia, showing off his ventriloquist skills with his lolo puppet 😛

I was amazed by the fact that the group has been in the industry for 19 years, giving stand-up comedy skits (the first of its kind here in the country) for everyone to behold. their topics are mostly based on different events here in the country and they see to it that everyone – the rich and the masses can relate. It is good to know that their own brand of comedy is not meant to be insulting for everyone, woohoo!

Despite being a comedy group, Comedy Cartel creates jokes with integrity. They create jokes that are not copied from anyone, as they create fresh ideas to make the audience roar with laughter.

It is good to know that Comedy Cartel is open for everyone who has the guts to perform and has a talent to perform and to make everyone laugh. Yes, everyone can be part of the Comedy Cartel, for they offer free workshops every Wednesday in Katipunan.

Experience wellness at the JAB hauz of Zen Holistic Center

JAB hauz of Zen Holistic Center’s Doc Bong Ramirez

At the end of the show, JAB hauz of Zen Holistic Center founder Dr. Bong Ramirez introduced his line of products and services. Most were alternative medicine methods that were mostly not being seen in most spa services, but I would love to try them out soon.

We all experienced the throat therapy procedure first hand, and surprisingly works! I’ve a lumpy throat for weeks before then and after 10 seconds, my throat feels better. 😀

Try out their services, visit them at @Unit 303, 150 Corporate Tower, Panay Avenue, Quezon City.
Like their Facebook page:
Follow them on Instagram: @hauzofzen
For more info, stay tuned on my blog and you may also contact them on their hotline:(02) 412 3796

ATC Brighten Years: First of the Many Decades to Come (pr)


ATC Healthcare International Corporation firmly believes in the value of health. It is their mission to empower all Filipinos to live life to the fullest by being their trusted life ally in all things health-related. And it seems the public appreciates their efforts as they continue to support ATC’s tenth year of providing products such as Robust, FatOut, Vita-E, Strike and many others.

Through the campaign, BrighTEN Years, ATC Healthcare wishes to acknowledge and welcome the support and patronage of all those involved in making it the Pinoy’s trusted life ally. In recognition of past accomplishments and in anticipation of more years to serve the Filipino people, ATC Healthcare is elated to share this milestone with everyone on October 10, 2015 at the Isabela Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La.

Starting modestly in 2005, ATC Healthcare has grown to become one of the leading healthcare providers in the country. Today, ATC Healthcare continues to progress with their unfailing will to provide safe, effective and innovative products to their Life Ally, the Filipino people.