Jordan’s Premiere Beauty Secrets Product Launch

Truth be told, I’ve already heard about the brand for my dad bought some of their products for us (he is an OFW based in Dubai). I’ve tried them for a few times, whenever my mom wasn’t around, lol!

Anyway, it was a surprise that these line of products will be available soon in the country this coming December – and they will also offer a wide range of products that are made from the Dead Sea. Beauty Secrets has been around for 20 years and are available in 65 countries, and I’m looking forward to see these beauties on our local stores soon.

Mud masks from the Dead Sea are known to be used for moisturizing, exfoliating and cleanses the skin. It has mineral properties that will benefit the skin, making it supple, soft, rejuvenated and recharged. The mud used by Beauty Secrets are compliant with the European Cosmetic Standards and ISO 22716 certification, making its line of products the best in the market to date.

Here’s my blogger friend Alice testing their products, she’s one of the lucky ones to try their products firsthand, and we are all amazed at the results! Her skin is much lighter, softer and refreshing! Check out the pics below:

Alice’s before picture
Apply mud mask from Jordan’s Premiere beauty Secrets
scrape the hardened mud after applying for 15-20 mins. Don’t forget to protect the eyes so that there will no mud residue coming to the eyes.
Done! but wait there’s more
Don’t forget the eye cream to lighten the eyes
Done! Look how refreshing her face now 🙂

Went home with these babies to check it out ourselves, the mud is easy to use – just spread a handful of mud mask on the face, wait for a few minutes to dry it off, rub the “hardened” mud to exfoliate and rinse it off, it’s that simple!

Wheat germ oil and Tea tree oil mud mask
grab a handful and spread it on the face
Pls excuse my puffed-up siopao face, the mud itself has no tightening effects on my skin at all. it doesn’t have any annoying odor and it feels so light in some way.
My after-pic 😛 My skin looks alot lighter and surprisingly, it has lessen the pores on my skin. I have a lot of skin problems seen here (baggy eyes, acne/acne scars, discoloration) and glad that the mud mask alone can lessen it., I approve!:)

The process is recommended to be used once or twice per week, depending on the skin condition. A pack of mud mask goes a long way, it’s economical and safe to use. Hope you like my quick review! 😛

For more information about Jordan’s Premiere Beauty Secrets, check out their website and their Facebook page. 😀

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