The Ball Pit Manila is Here! The biggest adult playground in Manila!

Adult playground for the kids at heart? Count me in!
The Ball Pit Manila is the coolest playground to hit the city, and it’s for adults only! It has the first and biggest adult ball pit in the country, with 80,000 balls to play with. The Ball Pit Manila also have trampolines and monkey bars so everyone can swing, jump, and just be crazy kid at heart!


An exclusive playground for kids

Our life as a kid is way different when puberty and reality strikes. We tend to be curious when we were kids, and we are fascinated on what the world has to offer for us. Thus, THE BALL PIT was born, coz we want to be a kid again right? 😀
Studies show that to experience freedom and childhood fun enables one to be creative. This is why The ball Manila can be a venue for conferences, team buildings, prenup shoots and any kind of parties! You can both work and play, or just chill in the COOLEST adults-only playground in Manila!


Promo price is only P299 (from P499) or you can book for this one-of-a-kind experience with free coffee to boot!


Check out their video here!

The Ball Pit Manila will be opening in March 2016 in Makati from 11am to 10pm. For more details, visit their official links:


Amway’s Nutrilite Health Run 2016


Nutrilite, the world’s number one vitamin and dietary supplement brand from Amway, will be staging the Nutrilite Health Run 2016.

Now on its 4th year, the said running event aims to gather more than 20,000 runners from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, as they want to promote an active lifestyle to everyone joining the event.

poster amway


Race Details:

Event title: Nutrilite Health Run 2016

Race Owner: AMWAY Philippines

Brand Presentor: Nutrilite

Organizer: Cosmic Gate Innovations Co.

Race Dates:

  • January 24, 2016 – SM Mall of Asia Grounds, Pasay City
  • February 14, 2016 – ADC CDO, Perla Compania De Seguros Bldg., Don Apolinar Velez Street, CDO City
  • February 21, 2016 – ADC Davao, Unit A Lim Bldg., cor. Quimpo Blvd. and Tulip Drive Ecoland, Matina, Davao City

Race Categories:

  • 10k (350 pesos) – includes shirt, bib and car sticker
  • 5k (350 pesos) – includes shirt, bib and car sticker

** All finishers will receive the following:  free sign-up for non-AMWAY business owners, Nutrilite drawstring bag, Nutrilite pen, P500 gift voucher

Bib Design:

amway bib

Registration sites:

amway reg

Race Routes:

amway-race10 amway-race5k

Race Promos:

amway race promo

Participating Brands:

amway sponsors


I’ll be giving away 5k race kits to 5 winners! I’ll make the mechanics easy this time for everyone, simply follow the instructions below:

I’d like to join Amway’s Nutrilite Health Run on January 24 at the SM Mall of Asia! Check out for more details.

  • Make sure that your post is set in PUBLIC.
  • Post the shared post (from your profile) to rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note that I’ll be verifying your entries ok? 😀 I’ll be posting the lucky winners on January 15!

So goodluck, and see you at the race!





I am ready, 2016

Happy new year!

It took me weeks before writing on my joint birthday/Christmas/new year post, and it’s not really that easy. A lot has been happening and though 2015 has been a great year overall, I’ve been in mourning during the last few weeks before the year ends.

I took a “self-imposed holiday hiatus” to everything (work, blogging, house chores lol!) and it was the best decisions that I ever made. Being reconnected with friends and loved ones are the memories that are worth keeping in this online journal, that it made me realize that I need to organize my online space that is this very blog, that all non-personal posts needs to be organized, and in which I’ll be dealing with it soon. (maybe on the next long weekend perhaps? Maybe next week or so the soonest! Hoping to have more time pls!)

Taken from Certified Bloggers christmas party from last last year (2014)
Taken from Certified Bloggers christmas party from last last year (2014) Posting this pic for I miss everyone included in this pic hihih!

Blogging wise, I’ve taken an on/off hiatus to focus more on my new life at the office. Adjusting has never been easy for I need to cope up with the fast-paced changes and to test my waters as well. I’m thankful for PR companies and fellow bloggers (you know who you are!) for the friendship, for extending their event invites and blogging opportunities, and for trusting my blog for years. Yes I am planning on revamping this online space and making it “more-of-a-me-type-of” blog, and all lifestyle-related posts will be in my sole-lifestyle blog, to be launched soon.

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As for my so-called office life, I’ve been thankful that after 2+ years of being in a group buying company/website with a dead-end job, I got hired in one of the best life insurance firms in the country. I met new awe-inspiring, interesting and awesome people, enjoyed the perks and its accomplishments, went on different places, learned different things that are way beyond what I usually do and had an amazing time with them! And at the same time, I went on three transitions in my first six months in AXA, and the last one is just so hard to handle. But life must go on, and I can always go back and say hi to them whenever I want to.

I’ve been having a hard time during my first few days in AXA PH. Everything is different from what I usually had in the previous office. Added to that is my lil brother’s hospitalization due to appendicitis (and other related diseases). Life has been hard at those times. Life has been much harder in the next few months. I’m thankful that we survived the grueling finances before the year ends.

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I’ve grown and learned and adjusted in my new environment. Everything is just too fast-paced, everything is going to the digital stage. I’m not complaining though, being a digital marketing officer in AXA made me realized that I can go beyond the comfort zones of search engine optimization. I can even go beyond the digital marketing if I wanted to. It was my first time to do QA for a certain program. I re-learned how to code. And with the help of my dearest boyfie (who is also a tech/anime geek as well), I created my own c# code and passed the regression testing project in flying colors, yay! 😀

With the transitions ongoing and with my new boss to help me with the new marketing campaigns, learned the different aspects in marketing. It is way different from the marketing departments that I went into before. Ako ang nanosebleed hahaha! Everything is too “technical” for me (and vice versa for them hahaha!) I think I need to take time to learn more of what they’re currently doing hehehe.

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It was an amazing change in my so-called office life. It was also the year where I spent my birthday with them at the palace pool club (company Christmas party also happens on the same day). As we all didn’t like the food and we envied those who are in the neighborhood bar, It was also raining that we opted to go home after the festivities. The sweetest surprise came when boyfie surprised me with a birthday cake after I got home! <3 It was extremely late and and he waited for me to come home, he’s the sweetest ever. <3

It was on the 23rd of December when my Baby Ashley left without a trace and never came back. I searched for her for the whole night and I was devastated. It could’ve been easy if we learned of her fate. We could’ve taken care of her if she’s sick. Ashley’s a very sweet and lively dog despite her occurring blindness and ear infection. She’s been with us since 1999 and this is the first time what we celebrate Christmas and New Year without her.

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I have taken my time to have my week-long leave on the last week of the year 2015 because of the grueling stiff neck and the scheduled anti-rabies shots. No I haven’t been bitten by my other dog Winwin, but she gave me that massive scratch on my left leg. Inasmuch as I don’t want to have those shots, the doctors greatly advised me to have one, given that Winwin just had her nails cut. Ohwell.

It’s been a great year of changes, adventures, surprises, surprises and discoveries. It is also a year of challenges, and thankful that I conquer them all. I may lost some along the way, but I am most thankful to God for making 2015 an awesome year to me.

Thank you also to the family, Boyfie, girlfriends, blogkada, blogger friendships, past/present colleagues and to everyone who has love and supported me all the way. 2015 was one of the best because of you! J

I am now looking forward for what’s in store for me this year.

I am ready 2016, let’s do this!