My choice for president

We may have six official choices, but I only have two choices for this coming elections – Mar Roxas and Miriam Defensor Santiago.

They have proven themselves worthy of running for the highest post in the country – they have great skills, qualifications, expetise, wit and charm.

I may be considering the feisty senator MDS, but before you CTRL+W, here are my reasons why I’m also considering Mar Roxas.

There are many who are disappointed on the former DILG Secretary because of the disappointments that the Aquino administration did, and his being in the administration party. But they overlook on the fact that Mar Roxas has done so many things from the start since his stint as a former DTI secretary, senator and DILG secretaty. And the most important of all, his agressive fight against corruption.

No I’m not sugarcoating my thoughts, these are mere facts.

Let me share this series of videos for more info:

I’ll share more on my stand on the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Sea-Ex: The 8th Philippine Boat Show and Nautical Lifestyle Expo!

The Philippines is a well-known archipelago, with natural wonders that is yet to be explored. Though we already have different options to explore the whole country (busses, RoRo, planes, passenger ships), there are also other means to travel and hop-in to different islands. Thus, passenger boats and yachts can be a great alternative.

This myriad display of boats can be seen and more at the upcoming Sea-Ex: The 8th Philippine Boat Show and Nautical Lifestyle Expo.


Sea-Ex: The 8th Philippine Boatshow and Nautical Lifestyle Expo and Conference will be held on February 19-21, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. The 3-day event is co-organized by Headsail Inc. and the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP).

It’s a great place to be to search for amazing deals, especially now that the summer is just weeks away.

The said event will feature a large display of boats (from small dinghies to lavish yachts), boating gear, watersports equipment, diving/fishing accessories, beach apparel and even resort getaways. Everyone who’s getting ready for summer will surely enjoy this event.

With Angelo Alondriz, Owner of HeadSail Inc.
With Angelo Alondriz, Owner of HeadSail Inc.

special activites on this much awaited event will include: the launch of the country’s first motorized surf board, a fishing activity area, boat building demo for the family by Philippine Home Boat Builders Yacht Club, who will also be speaking about building cost-friendly sail boats.

Now on its 8th year, Sea-Ex 2016 aims to be at the forefront, mirroring the slow but steady growth of the leisure boating industry in the country. The event has gone above the traditional trade exposition as it strives to create awareness, growth and change within its field while offering the best deals for everyone’s summer needs.

For more details, visit the website: and their facebook page: Don’t miss this amazing event!

Lakbay2Love: Movie Review

I was given a chance to watch this upcoming movie, Lakbay2Love last january 13. So many feels I must say, so here’s why.

Unlike other movies that has love-related elements, this one will make you fall in love with nature, and with a message that is relevant at present.

Lakbay2Love is the story of love and self-discovery. About longing for love, the one that extends to its surroundings, and the one that wants to come back.

The movie sends a message that is incidentally relevant today: respect for nature and for bikers. This is something that was entirely overlooked right now. With all the megastructures popping up in the metro, we tend to forgot the importance of nature in our surroundings.

To be fair, the story focused more on the bikers and their advocacy. For them, it’s not just for the sport, but also the importance of having an alternate ways and means to commute in and around the metro.

The movie is timely so to speak, after the series of incidents happened such as the single mom who died while biking her way back home at Marikina City, and to broadcast journalist Howie Severino who bikes his way going to his office at the GMA Network Center in Quezon City.

Shot at the rocky terrains where most of the trail biking took place, we can look forward to the majestic scenery of the mountains and have a sneak peek on the adventurous world of trail biking.

Actors Dennis Trillo, Solenn Heussaff and Kit Thompson gave justice in their respective portrayals as they were the trio on this upcoming movie. The Firefly biker group also made a cameo as they share the importance of having a separate lane for bikers and its campaign for the Clean Air Act.

The music has its perfect mix as well in the movie. Kai Honasan’s song “Liwanag” gave color and chill vibes in some of the scenes. Also, don’t forget to look forward to Dennis Trillo and Solenn Heusaff’s rendition of the EHeads’ classic with a twist, “Overdrive”.

So if you want to see more of Lakbay2Love, catch them on cinemas near you on February 3. Make this your valentines date and don’t miss it! 🙂

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