How 4Ps helped the underprivileged



Image is obviously mine, posted before when I covered the 4Ps event

I remember the time that I went to the Manila Post Office to cover an event in behalf of Astig.PH about the distribution of the prepaid cards to the recipients of the MCCTs or the modified conditional cash transfer as part of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, or 4Ps.

Started as one of PGMA’s programs, it’s a good thing that PNoy has continued this program to help the underprivileged.

But as the campaign surfaces, various programs from candidates has plans for the said program. One of which is Mar and Leni’s promise of continuity and improvement of such campaign.

I remember during the MCCT event that I covered that there are so many who needs help, and I’ve only seen Manilenyos and Manilenyas benefiting from this program. It makes me realize how this program benefited homeless street families, indigenous people and displaced families so that they could send their children to school and to improve their way of living.

I think with Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo’s plan to institutionalize the program and making it into a law, it’ll be a great thing for sure! I really pray that the poorest of the people will improve their lives through this program and will rise up again.

It is all about continuity and improvement of our way of living. This is one of the reasons why I’m all for RoRo!

Leaders by example: Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo

Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo

I applaud these candidates for the moral stance and leadership. And here they are, slowly-but-surely rising their way to the surveys, especially now that elections are just days away.

So why RORO? I made it clear before that if not for Miriam handpicked BBM as her VP, I would’ve go for her and Leni. Mar Roxas is my second choice, until I realize that he is indeed the best choice along with her running mate Ms Leni Robredo.

On Mar Roxas

I’ve seen personal testimonials on how Mar Roxas is as a boss and a leader – consistent, detailed, meticulously planned. His stint as the DTI secretary is proof, along with the bills that it was passed and implemented. His job as a DILG secretary, as I observed, was one of the toughest that I’ve seen, especially during the Bohol earthquake and the supertyphoon Yolanda, that I think until today, it’s been blaming him on the slow process and not the people from the local government who I think, needs to take action. His visits are mostly unannounced, and I think media is not needed for the much-needed exposure for his achievements imho.

On Leni Robredo

Leni has been a public servant ever since. She is a human rights lawyer since then before she became a congresswoman. Her service has been admired by many, especially now that she’s hands-on in supporting the Sumilao farmers during the campaign.

Both of them are leaders by example

As I observed, they are all for humility and not for grand gesture. For me they are the true leaders by example that doesn’t need any grand exposure from the media. For a true leader is someone who can reach out to everyone and has the heart for all.

My vote, my choice

image is obviously not mine
image is obviously not mine


I had hesitations on blogging about politics and in this coming elections before for it has been a sensitive issue, but I realized that I have the right to speak my mind.

As a digital influencer, I believe that having an integrity and heart in blogging is what makes each blogger unique. This online journal has been my voice for so long, hence this post.

Writing about my choice of candidate takes massive courage and heart. And to be honest, it makes me more excited everytime I write about Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

My vote will def go for Mar and Leni. Not everyone agree on my choice, and the only way to do on my part is to defend my stand and to educate people on their choices. I learned how to fight morally. I choose to ignore the trolls. I learned how to counteract the negativities, the cyberbullies, the photoshoped pictures and the false/irrelevant news and information that is now surfacing online with a more reliable news and information. I choose the truth and to spread the truth.

This is why I will vote for my candidate for he/she is the man of intellect, integrity and respect. I will vote for my candidate for I wanna preserve the freedom that I’m having right now. I will vote for my candidate because of their large-scale, feasible and realistic platforms, continuity of the increasing economy done by the previous administrations, and the implementation of the corruption-free country. I will vote for this candidate for he will have the right judgement and heart to pick the right people for his cabinet. I will vote for my candidate for he is a true leader by example. I will vote for my candidate for he makes more sense than the rest.

I will vote for my candidate for it is my right to do so.

To everyone reading this, I pray that you will also make the right choice. Read. Research. check on their platforms. Make a background check. Make a balanced review. Check on their pros and cons. And by that, you can make the right choice. Make your votes count and your voice be heard. And lastly, Pray that we could have a right president who has the right heart and mind to lead our beloved country.

Home is where the heart is

I love homecomings. It celebrates love and unity amidst the trials and hardships by our loved ones who lived far and wide just to make a decent living and to provide us with a much more comfortable life. It is when we embrace them wholeheartedly because of the loneliness that we felt due to their absence.

I know how it feels like not having your loved one with me. I grew up not having my father with me because he’s been working abroad until this day. His sacrifice for us to give us the proper education is outstanding, and I will be forever grateful. That is why it is a joy for us all to celebrate with my Dad whenever he’s here. His stay for 30 days is simply not enough. I can only wish that he will retire soon so can be comfortable, coz really, he deserves it.

Same goes to my relatives and friends who went to different countries just to make a living for their families. Sad to say that is indeed heartbreaking to see them go, but the thought of seeing them again after years of absence is indeed a sweet reward.

Good thing that the internet can be a best friend. Technology has helped us reach to the people abroad, save it for the usual telegram and long distance calls. We can now use our mobile phones to skype or viber our family, friends and loved ones. What a way now to connect with them. But it’s much better to have them here. Nothing more, nothing less.

That is why this homecoming video from Lancris Residences has been a hit for me, for it reminds me of those moments of fetching my Papa to the airport to celebrate the homecoming of our family’s personal hero.  Hope you get to view this lovely video. 🙂

Rediscovering history at Corregidor

Corregidor has been in my travel bucket list for the longest time, primarily because of its significance in the Philippine history. I went there last Sunday (March 13, 2016) with my blogger friends (day off ni #LeBoyf lol!) for a day tour and it did not disappoint! This is my kind of travel that I will enjoy the most for a history geek like me.

One will surely enjoy the well-preserved historical structures, the untouched nature, the serenity of the surroundings and its calming sea. Well-recommended for those who travels alone or with a group.

So here are the highlights of my sudden trip to Corregidor!

I woke up early sunday morning and went to Sun Cruises (located at the back of the MOA, just beside Vikings), got our tickets and paid for our environmental fee (25 pesos).

The ferry was on the first-come-first-serve service, whoever pays early will surely get the best seats in the ferry, which is on the top part. The ferry itself was air-conditioned, seats are comfy, the crew was stationed in every corner, with police officer included in order to avoid any mishaps during our ferry ride. in case we get hungry, there’s a canteen stationed inside the ferry. There’s also an opening at the upper deck of the ferry where you can have the view of the Manila Bay and its surrounding islands.

The ferry ride to Corregidor was estimated around 1.5 hrs from Manila. As we arrived, tranvias are displayed and is used on our tour.

Lorcha Dock

We first went to the Lorcha Dock, where Gen. Douglas McArthur exited from Malinta Tunnel to Australia as ordered by US President Roosevelt.

The statue of Gen. Douglas McArthur stands in his honor, with his famous line, “I shall return!”. He actually said that when he was already in Adelaide, Australia.

Vitamin Sea!
Forever morena ini!
Blogger friendships! While I enjoy my solo travels, it’s undeniable that travelling with friends multiplies the fun that you’re currently had.
nanananana…batman! loljoke! it’s actually a man-made cave created by the Japanese hai hai!

As we went to the next destination, we saw caves made by the Japanese that are being used during the World War II.

Japanese garden of peace

Serenity in the garden

Next stop is the Japanese garden of peace that is located at the tail side of the island. The attraction is also known as a praying area for the Japanese war veterans and the families of the Japanese soldiers who perished during the World War II.

It is said that a Japanese tourist etched out the words “brave Japanese” because of what his fellow people did to the country out of shame.

Japanese marker
Fertility Buddha. It is said that whoever touches it will get pregnant.

A 10-ft high stone Buddha, a reflecting pool, a Shinto shrine, various Japanese markers and anti-aircraft guns are included in this area. It is said that the Buddha (inspired by Mary and Child Jesus) is a fertility God, whoever touched the statue will bear a child.

Souvenir shops can also be found in the garden, where you can buy various souvenirs, including Japanese and American currencies being used during that time.

Malinta Tunnel

The Malinta Tunnel is the last stronghold of the joint Philippine and American military prior to the Japanese takeover during the World War II. It is also a bomb-proof shelter being used even before the Japanese came in 1942.

Lights and sounds show

With fellow travel blogger Rona

The said Tunnel is now being used for the Lights and Sounds show created by the National Artist Lamberto Avellana. The said audio-visual presentation depicts the historical significance of the tunnel and its series of events that took place in Corregidor.

Corregidor Inn

This is where we had our lunch break. We had buffet lunch at that time. Their welcome refreshment is a sure relief to the scorching sun. The view outside is great too. As for the food, it was good, not that bad either.

Battery Way

minted, pre-war american coins that our tour guide Armando showed to us.

It is where the four 12-inch mortars were located. The mortars are capable of a 360-degree traverse, and they are able to fire on land targets in bataan.

Hospital Ruins

The hospital was one of the ruins that are still standing in the island. it is said that all patients of the said hospital were rushed to the Malinta tunnel during the war, as the Japs bombed the whole island.

We were fortunate to check out the ruins as it is not even part of the day tour. Our tour guide told us that the place is used for ghost hunting that is included in the overnight tour.

Much has been said in the said ruins, for it is said to be the training ground of the Philippine military and the elite troops in the 60’s, where the Marcos administration planned to infiltrate the Sabah islands from Malaysia.

Battery Hearn

The Battery Hearn has the longest artillery battery in the island. despite the size, it never played a vital role during the war because of its direction. (it is faced towards the South China Sea) The artillery is famous for the Japanese tourists for its image is used as the banzai victory photo for their fellow countrymen when they captured the island.

Mile-Long Barracks

The picture is only 1/4th of the mile long barracks

it is the most photographed place in the island because of its massive size and structure. It is also the world’s longest military barracks, measuring 1520 feet in length. it was once a distinctly-decorated building where it blends to the look and feel of the island and its its surrounding buildings.

How I wish we could have an existing old photo of the barracks before the war came. The skeletal remains of the structure, though looks old and weary, still looks gorgeous as ever.

Corregidor island lighthouse

It’s amazing how The Corregidor island lighthouse still stands up to this day since its operation in 1853. It is said to be one of the most important lights in the archipelago as it guides the ships to the Manila bay on their way to the port of Manila.

The lighthouse did not survive the World War II. The now-erected lighthouse was constructed in the 1950s, which is now being seen today.

The water tank hill stood at the back of the lighthouse, where fresh water ans salt water are being stored. it is said that there are six water tanks available before, but now, only 3 tanks are being seen up to this day.

The old flagpole is still stands for more than a century. It is actually taken from the Spanish warship that is captured during the Battle of manila in 1898.

Pacific War Memorial

Located at the highest point of Corregidor, the said memorial is erected to honor the Filipinos and American soldiers who joined during the World War II.

Tail end

We went first to the back side of the memorial, where we can see the tail-end side of the island and the faraway view of the Manila Bay.

The Eternal Flame of Freedom

The 40 feet corteen steel structure called the Eternal Flame of Freedom also stands tall at the memorial, also located behind the memorial.

View at the back part of the memorial
Sleep now, mighty heroes. You will be forever honored.

There is also a 6,000 sqm dome with a rotunda, where the circular altar is located. The dome’s open center lights up the altar every May 6 at 12 noon, and all is requested to offer a moment of silence as this is the time when the country fell into the hands of the Japanese.

If you’re in a zombie apocalypse, what weapon will you choose, and why?

The museum is away from the memorial, where different memorabilias were being seen and were used previously by the Filipinos, Americans and the Japanese.

Damaged Cine Corregidor
Brothers in arms
Part of the Mile Long Barracks

I am in awe on how beautiful Corregidor was, despite its massive damage during the second world war.

A lot can be seen near the Pacific war memorial. there’s the damaged building of Cine Corregidor, the bachelor officers quarters, the brothers in arms, the rock force and various artillery displayed in the open field.

Battery Crocket

Mami Lariza just being touristy
The massive artillery can only be seen from above.

One of the artillery battery in the islands that is one of the three “disappearing” gun batteries. it is said to be disappearing because it is hidden behind the concrete parapet.

South Dock

Beach please!

Our last stop was at the South dock, where it is said to the convenient place to park on the boats aside from the Lorcha dock and the south dock. It also has a nice view of the beach and its nearby islands.

So there you have it! Oh how I wish we could avail on the overnight tour, I would love to explore more of Corregidor soon!

***Special thanks to the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) under Mr. Mark Lapid. Thanks so much Sir for accommodating us! 
Now where to go next? ~SailorStarCatcher



Animax premieres ‘Snow White with the Red Hair’ and ‘Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragon’ this April!

Animax will bring you two new shows this April – Snow White with the Red Hair and Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragon.



The anime adaptation of this shojo manga will be about the skilled herbalist Shirayuki, who, after being ordered by the Prince of Tanburn to be his concubine, flees from her country. On her journey, she comes across Zen who, unbeknownst to her, holds an elite position in the neighboring kingdom Clarines. As the story progresses, she trains to become a pharmacist of Clarines and develops a warm relationship with Zen. This lighthearted fantasy revolves around Shirayuki’s quest on curing disease outbreaks and preserving her relationship with Zen despite the difference in their social status.

SNOW WHITE WITH THE RED HAIR will be showing this coming April 14 at 8pm, Wednesday and Thursday, 2 Episodes back-to-back.

CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon

CROSS ANGE Rondo Of Angels And Dragon

Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon paints a society well far into the future that finds itself free from pollution and war. Thanks to an innovation called “Mana,” days of perfect peace seems to have been finally found. Unknown to the people who have accepted this, it is but an illusion. Those who have rejected “Mana” have continued to live in oppression and are called “Norma.”Angelise, the first princess of the Misurugi Empire is exposed as a Norma by her own brother, resulting in a backlash that drives her to a far place called Arzenal, where she becomes a soldier and finds herself in one challenge after another, with the ultimate goal of restoring real order in her world.

CROSS ANGE Rondo Of Angels And Dragon will be showing on April 19 at 10pm, Monday and Tuesday, 2 Episodes back-to-back

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 34 and Dream Channel 07.


dealing with unemployment and why it matters to this coming elections


I’ve been working for 12 years now in 5 companies. I ‘ve already experienced the hardships of job hunting and freelancing at the same time. I am thankful on where I am right now, and at the same time, I am worried on my friends’ welfare, for they are 1-currently unemployed, 2-stuck in a dead-end job, 3-just graduated from college, 4-stopped school and 4-just got pregnant. (true story)

While some are lucky that they found an opportunity to work abroad, most of them experienced homesickness and hardships from their employers. If only they were given an opportunity to work decently here in the Philippines, with additional perks, office benefits and opportunities to grow in their chosen career path.

job fair rappler

In relation to this coming elections, one of the things that I am looking for on the candidate’s platform is their solutions in unemployment. what kind of concrete, long-term solution they can offer to the people? what are the pros and cons? is it applicable to all? and does their solution reach those who are from the far-flung provinces?

I observed that most of the top companies are hiring those who graduated from prestigious colleges and universities. There are some companies who are looking for someone who has an extensive knowledge and expertise for their job posts. But how about those who doesn’t have a college diploma? To the fresh graduates? To the PWDs and to those who lacked experience in their chosen field? Statistics show that unemployment is highest here in the country and this problem is in dire need of This is something that needs to prioritize. Check out this link here for source:

I’ve been thankful that this is one of Mar Roxas’ priority sector, to create high-quality jobs for everyone and to provide extensive training and education for job openings in different industries.

Solutions to unemployment


It was President Erap’s time when he was appointed as the DTI secretary, that is continued during PGMA’s term. At that time, Mar Roxas saw the opportunity to reach out to key leaders to promote the foreign investment. The result is now the booming business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, that opens the doors to many of those who are now working in different call center and outsourcing companies. If you want reliable statistical data, here’s one helpful article from Rappler, you’re welcome. 😉

The rise of the BPO industry has also helped my sister before and many of my friends who are looking for a job. There are also PWDs, ex-OFWs, married couples, single parents and people past their age were also given an opportunity to work on these companies without any discrepancies and discrimination, given that they have the right skills and expertise. It also opens an opportunity for them to explore more of their career options and to provide a decent living for their family.

Mar Roxas since then has been creating job opportunities and livelihood programs far and wide, and he has done this in 3 different administrations.His plan to invite more businesses to come in from different sectors in order to create more jobs to many Filipinos is something that I am look forward to.

No other candidate has this strong and clear-cut campaign in lessening/eliminate the alarming unemployment rate in the country. We need this to rise ourselves from poverty, and to live in a much better phase.

I hope you could consider this your choice in selecting your President. And yes, I’ll be posting more on my stand on why I chose Mar Roxas as my president. STAY TUNED! 🙂



**image credit: Rappler, Mar Roxas website

What’s new on Animax: My Hero Academia and Twin Stars Exorcists Simultaneously Aired in Asia and in Japan!

Otakus in Asia will be definitely delighted as Asia’s top Japanese anime channel, Animax, will be airingtwo of this season’s biggest series – Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) and Twin Stars Exorcists, on the same day it premieres in Japan!

My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia
My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia

First to premiere on Animax last April 3 is Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), the first-ever anime adaptation of the wildly popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga will deliver 13 episodes of superhero action and comedy. Set in a world where a majority of the population possess superpowers, the series is all about the the story of the 15-year-old Izuku Midoriya, who was born without any powers, as he defies his birth rights and joins the hero-training high school in Japan. Will he be able to match up with his elite peers and emerge as the ultimate hero?

My Hero Academia airs every Sunday at 8pm.

Twin Star Exorcists
Twin Star Exorcists

Also premiering on the same day as Japan is the action-packed Twin Star Exorcists. Created by the acclaimed studio that also produced Naruto and Bleach, this supernatural anime adventure is something to look forward to by both the fans and media. Like the manga of the same name, the
series fortells the journey of rival exorcists Rokuro and Benio, as they discover their true destinies and pair up to exorcise all the evil in the world.

Twin Star Exorcists is set to premiere on 6 April, airing every Wednesday at 10pm.

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 34 and Dream Channel 07.

*Photo Credit: Animax Philippines


life update: new blog designs, my stand, finding my heart

Oh hello there, Easter people!

It’s been ages since I posted something about my life in general. I know I’ve been MIA for quite some time, and I apologize for that.

So here I am, still alive, breathing and living the life. I’m in a much-better state now than I was before. There are some times that life gets a bit tough and crazy, but still ok nonetheless.

here are some of the things that I wanna share with you:

Blog design yay!

New blog layout yay!
New blog layout yay!

I say goodbye now to the old and tiring design to the simply colorful template yay! I made the redesign myself – changed the template, redesigned the layout, created the header and voila!

Everything looks so happy now, I just need to change the categories for the menu and that’s it!

Choosing my stand on the 2016 Philippine elections

If you checked on my previous posts, you know that I’ve already made my pick. If not for Miriam having picked BBM as her running mate, I would’ve picked for her. Yes she’s the most qualified of all candidates, but I have to say no to the son of a dictator.

With that I have to say yes to the one who also has the best interest in the country, with no corruption record and has a great track record in and outside the government.

I am for #MarLeni2016!
I am for #MarLeni2016!

Yes I will vouch for Mar Roxas, a fellow ilonggo/Capiznon (my mom’s hometown) and my cousin’s former boss when he was still the DTI secretary. Their testimonials are proof itself that I can rely on this guy in leading the country into greater heights. His platforms are clear and concise, and it tackles all issues that need to addressed, from businesses to poverty to agriculture to disaster awareness to corruption. You’ve seen them in my previous posts, and I’ll be posting more of my stand soon.

As for my VP, I haven’t heard anything great for the candidates except for Leni Robredo. The FOI bill that she did is an utmost importance, especially in our government today. So there.

You can check on my series of posts here, here and here.

Finding my bliss in blogging

I’m at my happiest whenever I posted something that I love. It is a wakeup call for me after reading one of Martine De Luna’s post on finding your passion in blogging (link here). why this sudden realization? it’s because of the lifestyle events that I realized that I can’t write this. This is not me anymore.

It took me months to plan – what do I really wanted to write most? am I comfortable in writing most of the sponsored post? Am I still comfortable with my domain handle or do I just need to let it go? Do I really need to revamp the blog as a whole? all these questions and planning and execution takes time. and the truth is, I can’t do this overnight.

I am thankful for the weekends worth of extra work, especially during holy week where I solely focused on revamping Just the revamp on the menu (categories, which I’m done thinking about it) and I’m done!

Visit my lifestyle portal here:
Visit my lifestyle portal here:

And the other lifestyle blog, FabPinas has a new layout! I’m thankful for #LeBoyf for all the help in coding and design while I’m fixing my main blog.

My heart breaks

…for Courageous Caitie’s passing and for the fire in my beloved alma mater.

Courageous Caitie
Courageous Caitie

I admire Caitie Lucas’ strength and resilience in her journey, and to her parents for being there for her. Their faith is outstanding even after her passing, and Caitie’s message to all netizens following her to trust in the Lord’s plans is something that we need to follow at all times.

My refuge when still in college, the University of the East Chapel.
My refuge when still in college, the University of the East Chapel.

It breaks my heart to see burned pics of the University of the East-College of Arts and Sciences, and Engineering building. I had great memories on those college buildings where I got my elective subjects (where major ones were from CCSS and Education building, also affected by the fire)

So pls bear with me again for some minor changes, as I’ll be blogging more on the things that I love posting the most. Thank you also for sticking up with me and for being there for my post and life updates. So stay tuned on my future posts soon!