Dengvaxia – the first dengue vaccine now available in the Philippines

We all know that dengue is an endemic vector-borne disease in the country and it has affected men, women and even children. The government has made efforts to hasten the spread of the disease, which causes the death of many of us Filipinos.


Our conducive climate has been one of the main reasons why Dengue prevails as one of the deadliest diseases, and it’s good that there is now a vaccine available in the country.
The first dengue vaccine in the country

Dengvaxia is the first dengue vaccine that is developed by Sanofi Pasteur as a result of over two decades of scientific research and clinical trials. Our country also took participated in the research, being one of the countries who has the highest cases of dengue. It is said to prevent the four stereotypes of dengue virus stereotypes for men and women, aged 9 to 45.


The dengue vaccine is currently registered in Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Paraguay, and it is approved in Singapore, Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia, Thailand and Bolivia.


Dengvaxia is not recommended for the following:

  • children below 9 years old
  • pregnant/lactating women
  • HIV/immunocompromised patients
  • Travelers
  • Healthcare workers

The role of Philippine government in the dengue vaccine

The Department of health announced last January that 1 million nine-year-old Filipinos who are enrolled in government schools will be the first beneficiaries of the dengue vaccine. And from April to July 2016, 489,000 eligible children already received the first of three doses of Dengvaxia.

Dengvaxia will be available in the Philippine market soon, expect the price to be expensive for Sanofi Pasteur is the first and only pharmaceutical company to create and manufacture the vaccine.

This is a great news for us Filipinos! With the advent of the dengue vaccine, expect the dengue mortality to be reduced by half and morbidity will increase by 25% by year 2020.

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