In Verbatim – Philippine Madrigal Singers’ Trionfo


I always see to it that I’ll be attending every concert from the Philippine Madrigal Singers, and their last concert is one for the books!

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Their Trionfo concert features songs that they performed during their stint in Arezzo, where they bagged the championship and their qualification to the European Grand Prix for this year. I’m glad that I didn’t miss the event with #LeBoyf, and coming from their life streams and recordings, listening to their songs live is pure intimate bliss.

With my partner in crime, #LeBoyf!


The lobby of the CCP Main theater is JAM PACKED! tickets were sold out and it is a night to remember. the joy of listening to the most beautiful sound on earth is heaven on earth, and I am proud of this group for bringing the choral scene to greater heights. they are awe-inspiring, and humble, and heart-felt.

Here’s the photo dump with my favorite MADZ people and my fellow chorister friends!

With #LaKathsera and he friend! and #LeBoyf!
With my favorite MADZ tenor, Itchie!
With my favorite MADZ girlies, Trish and April <3
With Frank! <3


Catch the latest from the Philippine Madrigal Singers on their website, on Facebook and on Youtube!



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