Chan Lim family of artists and students exhibit at SM The Block Atrium!

P_20170115_182322The Chan Lim family of artists once again showcases their art as it opens their exhibit at the SM The Block North EDSA last Sunday, January 15, 2017.


The exhibit also coincides to their patriarch’s 80th birthday, Dr. Chan Lim, and with lieu with this event, they will be organizing 8 exhibits around the Metro for this auspicious year. Their exhibit at the Block features hand painted scrolls and porcelain paintings from the master painter itself, his children, grandchildren and his students who took up classes under his tutelage.

P_20170115_155212 P_20170115_161249 P_20170115_165514

The opening of the exhibit has started with basic Chinese painting lessons from his students. I was given a chance to do some simple paintings, i.e. bamboo shoots, leaves, flowers and fruits with simple strokes and the blending of colors. Special thanks to my sensei Ashley who taught me how to paint! 😀

P_20170115_172225 P_20170115_172713 P_20170115_173028 P_20170115_170354

Before the formal opening of the exhibit, there are Cultural performances to celebrate the colorful Chinese culture and its heritage. There are also opening remarks from the members of the Chan Lim family and from the famed actor Robin Padilla, who happens to be a family friend of the family of artists.

P_20170115_175204 P_20170115_174725 P_20170115_175020-edit

The Chan Lim family is one of the few remaining Chinese brush painting artists in the country. Being the most notable in this medium, they are sought after for their remarkable talent and expertise here and abroad. They also offer classes in their family studio situated in Pasig City.

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The Chan Lim exhibit at The Block Atrium will be February 12, so don’t miss it!

To know more about the Chan Lim family of artists, visit their website at and/or email them at

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