What you missed – GameConPH 2017!

What makes GameCon different from other conventions is the fact that it focuses more on games of all kinds – may it be from board games, card games, MMORPG and now the much-compact mobile games.

Spidey wants to play Tekken
That’s Sega Arcade that’s he’s using in playing Street Fighter 😛

It is indeed a gamer’s event for there are games that can be played for FREE! may it be arcade games, card games (with tutorials), newly-launched mobile games and even robotics what will surely amaze every otaku and geeks who graced the event.

free to play board games from the Gaming Library!
Magic the gathering!
There are also card games that are on sale
Pardon my crazy game face, I only learned how to play the MTG card game, thanks to my ever-patient #Leboyf and the guy from the card games booth for the free tutorial and MTG starter deck! *playing it now!*
Classic tetris!
does anyone know how to play the Star Wars board game?
coz i’m a fan of Oatmeal’s series of webcomics
relevant lol!

And like any otaku-related event, there’s cosplay competition where most of the cosplayers played as their loved characters from different games. Notable cosplayer Ashley Gosiengfiao is one of the judges from the group cosplay competition on its second day, here the DOTA group won.

but first, board games competition!

day 2 of the cosplay competition, with Sir Moe from EON and Ashley Gosiengfiao.
With Ashley Gosiengfiao awarding the Team DOTA as winners of the group cosplay competition.

There’s also a competition for board games and mobile games! Mobile Legends is now on hype and GameCon is hosting a tournament for MB groups!

briefing of the groups for Mobile Legends competition

Everyone’s also welcome to take pics with the pretty maids from the Maid Cafe.

Pretty girls from the Neko Maid Cafe

There are also merch that are on sale, like the anime magazine reruns, shirts…

I can’t wait for season 4 of Shingeki no Kyogin!

and retro games! I swear that I want to have that SailorMoon console from the retro games booth!

I still have the original GameBoy, in working condition
Even my Famicom and SNES is still in working condition. I have my own copy of Super Mario and Duck Hunt game, missing that annoying dog though… *duck hunt players can relate*

To those who are interested in the gaming and tech innovations, there are starup booths that are also in gamecon like the one from EON booth (where they revolutionize the banking technology to be more convenient for everyone), Sparklab (for 3d and V-bit carving) and Philrobotics (they also hosted the robot wars during GameCon!).

EON booth
Sparklab Innovations

Special thanks to Sir Moe for introducing me to EON! will try to use my card soon!

I love how GameConPH caters to a different kind of geeky audience. It is something that games of all kinds will love and will be enjoyed for kinds of all ages.

And because of that, I’ll be looking forward for the much bigger and better GameConPH next year!

Local Artists shine at Art Mod Fair 2017


Last independence day weekend, local artists gather together to have their creations showcased at the Art Mod Fair 2017!


Situated at the Megatrade hall of SM Megamall, artists and art connoisseurs gather together to witness their creations in different art forms.

From Art Nebula booth! Check out more on their art materials that are on sale here: https://www.facebook.com/artnebulaph/

While most of displayed art are for sale, there are also arts and crafting supplies that are affordable and are up for grabs!

Here are more pictures for everyone to enjoy! check out the picture spam below!

Live portrait session with the model
My date during the event! and yes he’s now an art convert! (and that’s my dad’s signature pose btw lol!)
live portrait sesh during the event. And here’s my dad being dad, observing the craftsmanship of the artists here.
me as a rebel angel lol! we were at the Art in Island booth BTW!
from Marz Today booth – cutesy stckers, postcards and watercolor portraits that are on sale.

Philippine Pastel Artists
Kitty D.
Amazing creations of Ferdinand D. Sanchez from Ang Buhay at Hugis sa Paete Heritage Shop. Papa is an absolute fan of his works! If you’re interested on his works, don’t forget to drop an email: linodalay (at) yahoo.com.ph and sanchezferdinand40 (at) gmail.com
Faber Castell booth! I just got my calligraphy brush pens here. 🙂 And it’s my go-to pen and art supplies brand! <3
A creation from one of my blogger friends, Tin Garachon.
landscape and B&W snapshots from the people from the Camera Club of Angono.
The Crucifix by William Borja. This is sold by set for this is the artist’ interpretation of Jesus’ death in Golgotha along with the two thieves. (in reference to the bible verses (Matthew 27:44, Mark 15:32)
An antique phone from Guiller’s arts and antiques booth.
Cerveza Negra, also from Guiller’s booth. Kampai!
From Migz Salazar
With Tin and her fellow artists from Feati University.
Portraits from Ronnie Lim
Paps and Ferdie Sanchez from “Ang Buhay at Hugis sa Paete Heritage Shop”.
Japanese Woman and her baby by Joseph Villamar.
L’arc En Ciel
This makes a great wallpaper! Art from Kuta Artists Group.
We should’ve known that the old flatiron would costs this much now.
Gorgeous masterpieces by Michelline Syjuco. Also heard that she’s related to Boboy Syjuco. 🙂
Philippine Eagle portrait, also by Ronnie Lim.
Teeling Whiskey also available here!
Check out Tin’s portfolio here: http://chibiomajo.daportfolio.com/ and her blog too! https://alapaap88.wordpress.com/
Neo Angono Artists Collective
From Feati University Booth
It’s because “generic” is meh!

Boysie Villavicencio
From various artists from Angono, Rizal
I told you, my dad is an art convert!
Sketches from Faber Castell booth

I am so impressed with what the event has to offer for all, good that I didn’t miss it! I’m looking forward for what’s in store for next year’s art mod fair!

Check out http://www.artmodfair.com/ for more details!