Zenaya Aesthetics: an inside look at the newest skincare center in the Metro

I’ve been very busy with work, sidelines, adulting duties and some personal struggles this past months that makes me really stressed out. it’s a struggle that I have to face on a daily basis, and it shows in my face despite having my makeup on.

ThisΒ  has made me neglect my whole being, let alone having my own me-time in taking care of my own being. My usual derma is quite far from my place and in my work, and good thing Zenaya Aesthetics is just a jeepney ride away from my office, yay!

First impressions

Zenaya Aesthetics is located in Pasong tamo, Makati and is just 10 mins. away from Buendia/5 mins from MRT Magallanes (via jeep). it is also accessible and just a few steps away from Don Bosco.

The clinic’s location is also on a flood-free zone (yay!) and it also has an available parking for clients who wants to avail of their wellness services.


Zenaya Aesthetics may be quite small for an aesthetic clinic, but their interiors has a zen-like feel. True to its name, I love how clean, crisp and lively the interiors were, sticking to their aesthetic appeal.

They also offer refreshments and goodies as well for all their clients, love that they offer different tea variants, +1 for me! πŸ™‚


The clinic offers services for skin rejuvenation, whitening and slimming to make the skin more supple and smooth. They also offer facial hair and warts removal for problem areas. Surgical cosmetic procedures are also available, as well as non-surgical cosmetic procedures too.

The machines being used are new and high-grade, and are also being used on high-end aesthetic clinics. Products being used after the procedure are guaranteed derma-approved, for they also have an in-house doctor for specific skincare needs and recos.

My me-time experience in Zenaya

During my visit in Zenaya Aesthetics, I availed on their signature rejuvenating facial with signature omega light treatment and facial warts removal. Before the procedure, Ms Ana (the one who took great care of me during my visit) interviewed me on my daily skincare routine, explained on my treatment process and its benefits on my skin.

I love how gentle her hands were during the pricking process and she didn’t let me checked on the gruesome gunk that she got on my face (hahaha!) unless I asked raw. πŸ˜›

The mask (Omega light treatment) is somewhat new for me as I stayed there for 30 mins to minimize the pores and to tighten up the skin. I still feel like Iron Man (or woman) while waiting for the treatment to end, hahaha! Para akong nagcocosplay but not! Also it doesn’t harm my eyes a bit during the treatment, surprisingly. (I have sensitive eyes kasi.)

But anyway, the warts removal is an entirely different story. They put on a topical anesthesia on my face 30 mins. before the procedure so that I wouldn’t feel the burning of the visible facial warts on my face. During the first 3 days, My face experienced scabbing and it makes me want to scratch them hard! but it has subsided on the next 5 days until it went back to normal.

This is me before the rejuvenating facial, Omega light treatment and warts removal. You might not noticed the facial warts that is near my eyes and in side cheeks.
My face has been like this after the procedure for 5 days. Scabbing is prominent esp. on my side cheeks and near the eye area. Ganun kalala ang facial warts ko the reason why I need to do this procedure in the first place, for it’ll multiply and grow more on my face, yikes!Β  *Note that I have my usual makeup on in here (no filter), but the scars are still evident despite the mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow and powder. πŸ™
A week after the procedure, the scarring has lessened on my problem areas where the facial warts are most prominent. As of this writing I don’t have any scarring na on my face, just a few facial warts left nalang that I need to go back for my follow-up consultation and checkup. **Also love the fact that Ms Ana (the one who attended to my needs) checked on my status days after the procedure, something that I haven’t experienced on my treatments on other facial clinics that I went before. +1 for this!

Facial warts has now gone! But I saw a few more near my eyes that I need to checked on Ms Ana again to get rid of them for good.

I think I’ll do a full review on my facial warts removal journey on a separate post soon. πŸ™‚

In summary

I love how Zenaya Aesthetics is true to their name. their services makes me feel relaxed and comfy, and their staff are highly-trained to offer different skincare services for specific needs.

I also applaud their after-service, for My Ana (the one who attended to my services) messaged me days after my visit if I am satisfied to the services that I availed and if there are any problems happened after the procedure. Looking forward to visit again for my follow-up procedure on my facial warts removal.

Prices are reasonable too for such an amazing services, so book an appointment now and experience a zen-like pampering like no other! <3

Zenaya Aesthetics CEO Jamie Alviar. Thanks so much for taking care of me! <3

For more details about Zenaya Aesthetics, here are some deets below:

Zenaya Aesthetics
Address: Unit 102 G/F Citimotors Pasong Tamo, San Lorenzo Village, Makati (beside Kia Car Dealer)
Phone: 0915-031-3242

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday, 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

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