SAS Government Forum 2019 – Providing breakthrough analytics solutions across all platforms

Advance Analytics Software (SAS), the leading company providing big data intelligence solutions, spearheaded the SAS Government Forum 2019 Press Conference few days ago at the Garden Ballroom, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza in Ortigas Center.

The forum talks about the importance of analytics and on how the big data being gathered can enhance the public sector service delivery. It also discusses the use of the government data and on how the use of SAS support the decision making and resource allocation in the public sector.

Data being gathered from the public sector can be used on different means – improving healthcare solutions, combating fraudulent payments, improving public safety, among many others. Overall, it aims to improve the nation’s quality of life, thanks to the data being gathered on different sources.

SAS software has been a leader of providing comprehensive studies and solutions using big data. They also offer data mining, statistical analysis, forecasting, text analytics and many more, and the real-time studies provided are being used by small-scale companies to international corporations in order to provide quality services to their consumers.

In loving memory

This post is a personal one, so please bear with me.

I still grieve with the loss of one of my closest college friends, who succumbed to heart failure last Tuesday. She is 40 years old.

I managed to visit her last Saturday. She was on the respirator then, still catching her breath. I still fear the sound of the respirator especially if it becomes erratic all of a sudden, and though she can’t speak at that time because of the tubes, she still has the strength to write her thoughts and appreciate everyone who visited and helped her.

I never thought that it’ll be the last time that I will see her.

I still grieve even if it is days already since she passed. But then, I am thankful to our Lord for her life – for she is now free from any physical pain, that she can now in Jesus’ loving embrace, and she is now also with her Tatay in the heavenly abode.

How I wish I could’ve helped her more, especially on her finances during her hospitalization. But I went back to study again, and currently living on a freelancing budget. All I can do for her and for her family at this trying time is to help them in easing up the pain of losing her.

I am also thankful for the celebration of friendship that lasted for decades. She has been one of the most significant people during my college years, along with our barkada that was formed through school hardships, struggles, friendship, and love.

I will miss our late night coffee sessions, food trips, chikahan and just being there for each other despite the distance, time difference and priorities. I still regret not going to the biglaang meetups because of my previous office work schedule, but I am thankful for the things and the fun memories that we had until the end.

Thank you Jesus, for giving us that moment of having her as our dearest friend, sister and confidante. Thank you for giving her the life well-lived. May you welcome her in your heavenly kingdom.

Until we meet again, Che.