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Do you want to have your website optimized and user friendly? Do you want to expand your audience and reach? How about having a catchy content for everyone to read? Or you just want to make your site eye-catching through layouts that matches your blog and your lifestyle?

Let me give you a bit of history about my professional background.

I am a blogger currently working as a Digital Marketing Officer in an Insurance agency in Makati. I am well-versed in SEO, data analytics and email marketing. I am also a SEO/social media consultant and web/graphic designer on my free time. My experience and expertice in SEO and digital marketing since 2006 and I’ve been handling several projects ever since.

In summary, here’s what I can do for you:

  • Digital Marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Data analytics, Email Marketing, Website Optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing – inviting audiences to like/follow your official social media accounts, creating relevant (and sometimes witty) updates, customer inquiries, maintenance, and everything that needs to make the accounts well-maintained as possible.
  • ContentΒ creation, moderation and optimization– product/food/restaurant/hotel/accomodation/beauty reviews (seen here in this website), articles from your niche, seo-friendly content, and more. Articles need to make sure that everything is optimized for faster reach.
  • Graphic design – logos, background covers, layouts, blog headers, social media icons and custom designs.

My portfolio is now on the works, but if interested, do contact me at sailorstarcatcher@gmail.comΒ or fill up the form below. Looking forward to hear from you!

Here’s my professional Linkedin profile for more: (add me!)



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